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> So one will be the effort, is white attack was underway to get a few people have changed, and that the five men lying on the ground twitching of the body has basically stopped, including the bodies of those who were killed later that monkey face three has been turned into a dark color, apparently in an extremely violent poison, injured died almost an instant, any toxic symptoms even after death is still apparent. WWw. qUanBen. COm previously headed the reason why people are very frightened, but also because they do not understand what the white light in the end is what things? Exactly how to kill these people, to know that these people are all comprehension of its own people's physique is very comparable, if repair is far beyond their comprehension shot, otherwise impossible to easily kill them, the unknown is the most terrified. Now he has been known, and these people actually are is poison to death, but this made him more uneasy fear up his physique and dead, but those who are very similar, allowing the base building comprehension toxic died instantly , there is that can not see the white light, which no doubt will be able to kill him. Today, he has felt a little desperate. "Who?! Give me out!" With the hoarse shouts, slightly crazy look, but it is with the eyes of despair! Big mouth breathing heavily, a pair of frightened eyes looked looked suspicious, apparently because of the fear of these attacks, even if that person is a leader has lost a loss. Led by this man in tight guard, when suddenly he heard movement behind the sound, this time he has refused to take a demeanor, and stature quickly sprang forward, slightly embarrassed the whole person, and the command of the shield-shaped The adder rushed to resist the past behind. Although the eye can not see, but he soul is clearly know what happened, that road, "white" light suddenly appeared in its wake, so he was shocked in the "white" temporary body before his vigilant to soul actually did not find. If it were to dress him is a rare top-level instruments. This full adder spirituality. Autonomously in time starts approaching danger defense blocked "white." Otherwise it would be like if he now has his men to attack the same poison the body died. When clothes instruments issued by blue light Dangxia "white" ground after the attack. Allowed to slow down in time. W. He also finally get to see the "white" true face. But also in the death of the last one to see things. It was a snake. Looks very ordinary. If he usually will not even look fancy one place. This can be is "normal" to snake through the instruments used easily on defense against light. His death is also full ground face to face unbelief. Instruments used in this dress, but it gathered countless treasured material. And pay big bucks to find the end of Dan refining refining device to master. Some jealously material inside the ground but can be used when refining magic land. It relied on this defense instruments so that he at the same level comprehension for those who are rarely able to hurt him land. Even defeat the enemy in time to save their lives can ultimately. Unfortunately, this time he found that life insurance is only slightly to block the baby snake moment not to. That even the delays have no way to do it. His hands to additionally a buckler defense instruments that have not had time to go to the ground behind his neck had been attacked to. Following him in the hands afterwards. So easily it caught his way of life. This snake is naturally cut after the "Bai Ling." The Luo Ming no shot, but has been looked on, in fact,Air Jordan 11, just that people find "Bai Ling" after the horrors of the subconscious has already began to despair. Simply do not emit attack adder trying to fight back, but just thinking about hopes and best defense instruments used in the defense can block attacks, so he spared their lives. For the "Bai Ling" attack Luo Ming is obviously very satisfied, but some unfortunately each other in strength is not very high, and therefore no chance to fully show its strength. Here until the end of the battle all Luo Ming was coming out, a few people of the storage bag which he unceremoniously away, scattered around the instruments is certainly no exception, and even the clothes of the people, led by closing off good. So long see more fratricidal comprehension, comprehension of life and death, it has become common. He did not pedantic to not move the dead relics to the point, not to mention the clothes really good at attacking ground when Bai Ling Luo Ming had asked her not to let it ruin. For this "Bai Ling" was consuming some hands and feet, or one of its five instruments used in the defense to Wicked body strength, the best instruments is nothing impossible to stop living in the "Bai Ling" in front of the instruments used defense and a tissue is not much difference. Get rid of these people here after Huishimieji Luo Ming is also pretty good, and make sure no missing before he took any evil out there. Looking for a nice place to start looking at this harvest, pretty good. In addition to a lot of musical instruments and began to get there is actually got three secluded bamboo and bamboo are these secluded valley this mine produced a special secluded bamboo. No wonder these people want to rob crossing the disciples, which acts really able to get great benefits, so many of the instruments used is obviously not the normal way to get there is a secluded bamboo, Luo Ming means to thunder valley in a long time this plus there is nether stone matrix arranged as bait before they get and the number of these similar, but these people just by virtue of the snatch can get these! Although to the later because of fear of causing other people's attention, and then there he has got most of the secluded bamboo to the back he was no longer dedicated for secluded bamboo bite. But this time it is white got these things. Luo Ming is naturally good mood close up. From the mouths of those who have just Luo Ming also learned a number of other useful information, it is surprising that they recently were robbed over two Xuannv disciples. However, Luo Ming has not seen in stolen goods were dedicated Xuannv items, but from those who talk on it is that they should be able to see really attacked each other. However, a look that is well hidden and do not leave any handle, apparently this gang of robbers was very professional, those who would cause trouble items have been disposed of. But it is just a pity they met Luo Ming. Ever since the windfall after he move the mind, a disciple of those other legitimate Luo Ming can not move, but these people are looting is worth his shot. Needless to say after the shot to get a good harvest, secluded bamboo would not have said,Jordan UK sale, the man who robbed the hands of the instruments can be also a good thing, the original Ming Luo high repair after not very concerned about these instruments, but since went to a mysterious mountain, let his ideas has undergone great changes. That mountain can be is in a place not far from here, these instruments is simply nothing here, but if those who got in that mountain value will be different. Luo Ming and therefore got the idea on the matter up to become able to profit can not say so much right way to escape some of his disciples, to do this kind of thing naturally, Luo Ming know this thing, and he has a great relationship , if you want not to be hidden in a large number of suspicion is necessary in ordinary disciples. Right now the situation has resulted in a large number of disciples of the damage, if the team again because they robbed the right way and thus make disciples of injury more serious, then the above does not want to thoroughly investigate this matter is immune. Here's disciples many of which are not involved in the battle, and some solitary disciples, they are the main target of attacks, Luo Ming attacked those who robbed the people, so that more people can naturally solitary disciple went out, when he hidden in the middle of where the single disciple Hao do disguise. Since there is no hurry hurry target Luo Ming, and from time to time to check around four weeks to start looking for the goal, if the person who robbed the mantis stalks the cicada, he is to do one at the rear of the oriole . To further test "Bai Ling" strength he does not intend to sell, thinking further observation, "Bai Ling" progress. On such a Luo Ming next time they continue to walk in this valley mine, and did not rush out of the valley from the air, but slowly advancing toward the thunder valley Taniguchi. There is such a plan but also because of the special circumstances here, than anywhere else rich clouds, lightning appeared from time to time but also as a cover, it is suitable to play ambushes, so this is robbery team more thunder valley one of the sites along the way traveling alone this time to Taniguchi he has put out two teams robbery team. Get a lot of benefits, but not many secluded bamboo,air jordan sale, two add up to only got four. He found that the number of those robbed of the team usually is not a lot, are a few people, almost always find a solitary disciple attack. This is not a long time he had met two gang robbery, this is because he was not sure if they are the result of robbery cases, under normal circumstances is difficult to find the real intention of marching troops, unless it is really true that they saw commit robbery, or Luo Ming is not good temerity shot. But added more to the team encountered Taniguchi traveling more frequent occurrence here though fighting each other, but the real blatant robbery is barely seen, it should be because there really is a lot of disciples, the chance encounter each other has been very Great, just let things like robberies occur rarely. With the original Ming Luo repair if you experience other people can always be found in advance, the first step to avoid further observation or hiding in the dark, but here's disciples chance encounter is too, so that he may not several times do not run into the upper ranks of trials. These teams have also been seen Luo Ming, surprised to see him mostly in the majority, there are some showing obvious greed, but did not direct his hands robbery. It touches a lot of people see him only a first insulted some people want, but Luo Ming very smart not wait for them to open play on the first step of the road out of Italy, and then do not delay the immediate detour left. ! ~! . . <

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