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> When Luo Ming received communications Yufu, when, from where to get the message to let him really surprised that the contents of communications operators turned out to be terminated on the last part of the trial, which is good and evil sides against the disciples of the will be canceled. wWW, QUANben, cOM this time period has been close to six months, appeared to be the final trials did not expect such a thing. Luo Ming Yang before and after all evil were Montien Yin black gentleman talked to know that this is not just the right way trials factions may have the final say, but good and evil mutual organization, you want to unilaterally terminate this last Trial of the part is not so easy to do. This is obviously just the right way disciples because friction losses in the trials, they want to terminate this trial, I believe that those who have always lawless Magic is not easily agree, and want to come out of the valley fog situation now probably not stronger than here on how much. External situation is not that they should be concerned about these disciples now. The next test of time as long as the disciples to live out of the valley fog even completed the trial, the seemingly simple task but it is difficult to accomplish, because now the whole valley fog Masamichi disciples feel insecure, mutual the occurrence of attacks often the case, we can say now the whole valley where the fog is not safe, believe it could be attacked. At a time when most of the disciples because the original final trials to be carried out, have been the innermost depth of the valley, you want from here bears the risk could be attacked at any time, this difficulty can be imagined. Therefore this message once passed in, a large number of disciples all want immediate exodus, which was found under crowded during this time became enemies, conflict inevitably occur, which also implicated in a number of innocent disciples, the result is after several melee conflict, no one impulse away from the air immediately. Relatively stable on land walking, so security is assured, but the traveling speed is slowed down. These are cases that female students came Xuannv. Communications Yufu now but to be very valuable,Coach Kristin Online, naturally can not just pass over two simple words, each pass over the news quite detailed, Luo Ming practice involving almost all occurred during this time big or small. So much information that some things even the disciple is not generally known manner. But also because the other side is Xuannv disciples were to reason. Be able to get such detailed information. When Luo Ming learned to chaotic situations outside now also a bit surprised when. Did not think would be so confused right now. Although the beginning is really due Buddha Temple altar was caused land. But it was only an incentive. Today almost all the sects into the valley of the disciples are involved. That right and wrong is not very important. Now entirely Trial disciples did not happen to have very little friction battle. Many local teams and even his disciples were scattered. These people scattered distributed throughout the valley. Even some places gathered from a large number of his disciples robbed from crossing to his disciples. During this time simply can not distinguish right from wrong. Many land battles are inexplicable occurred. This led to the right path, even among his disciples are also incredulous. In a certain period of time you want to withdraw from the valley is undoubtedly very difficult. It looks chaotic situation will continue for a long time it may stabilize. Luo Ming originally did not intend, like others, on time and the Valley. He and the other disciples to trial different. There are many important things that need to be addressed to. Most importantly, stay on the sinkhole in the ground Metarhizium. To recover its prohibition must re-enter the job at that. If there are other places where the disciples obviously not so openly enter. It is because of this reason. He had to intend that such trials are completed after all think of ways to go places. After all, he come to head this just to quiet bamboo. As to pass a test of whether he did not care about this. Luo Ming past six months, no doubt, the biggest gain slightly by Thunder finally into practice, not only "true positive Lei India," the first three parts of the law tactics are able to exert. Although the power of the third part remains to be improved, but this is a very bold score. Luo Ming most happy thing is that he wants to lightning and trying to combine some progress finally, to say that there is a lot of lucky things ingredients in them, had spent a lot of time Luo Ming no attempt is successful, it can be said no progress on the outside is that lightning can not understand how the fusion. Although there are fire-hyun beads on the outside to help make him a lightning established close contact, which regrettably is lightning or make him right blend of theory there is no way. This seemingly can not imagine it is so completely an accidental lightning incident a turning point, and finally let Luo Ming finally been realized. After the original fusion purple lightning are split into small flat at the summit that place, and therefore try to contact Luo Ming purple lightning when most of the energy is concentrated to study how the purple lightning fusion section. Their own lives because this time he has the multi-channel lightning have a deep understanding. Just use a small part of the soul does not maintain lightning hack into his body would not have to ask. But he did not think an accident happened. In his standing position over a small range, while suddenly came to a group of three large mine, mine so intensive because each group when the accident occurred too close integration, so in that small mountain outside the scope of even the formation of a very thick purple lightning, which is the Luo Ming for the first time outside the scope of the summit saw purple lightning formation, but unfortunately this is just from the top of his head to form close. Because this purple lightning powerful, even faster pace in many. Attention placed elsewhere Luo Ming discovered mutation, when huge purple has come into his head, he did not even have time to react, it was split up one behind. Because until and lightning contacts. Luo Ming virtually have a very strong electrical resistance. But in front of purple lightning lightning can be different from other,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, its power is immeasurable. Also thanks to Luo Ming too late to resist. Body in the most natural state, was a huge purple lightning struck paralyzed but it is actually just not been substantial damage, not only escaped unharmed, in one sense in some Hune personally but rather let him therefore attempt After a bit of lightning fusion bring the feeling, which is carried out after trying to play a huge role in fusion. Without this unintentional accident Luo Ming believes he did not succeed, because then he also wanted to tried this approach. Purple lightning just thought it looked dangerous, but also want to then try to hit feeling, but fortunately he did not come up with a rash safety first lightning magic tested under real power, the result is just a plain purple lightning magic on Therefore destroyed, hearts somewhat sad at the same time the results also let Luo Ming secretly glad. To let him know that the repair is now simply can not afford this kind of lightning, this level of attack I'm afraid of the master Yuan Ying also dare not take. Prior to that he was able to lightning wounded simply because no better luck. Not only failed to hand in his death or serious injury purple lightning therefore have a new experience. And as an opportunity to finally barely grasp blend of know-how,Nike Jordan After Game UK Sale, although there is the difficulty of integration as soon as you want, but the hardest part has been done to overcome him, took just need to keep skilled on it. Know that trials will begin the final stage, he also intends over time to go to that final showdown at the good and evil sides of virgin forest, and now it is not necessary. He also wants the original insight that office under the primeval forest, but came from the earth can be seen on the message, which is situated outside the martial art master fear is not open last ban it. Luo Ming on mine now practicing law basically reached his request, the following remaining constant practice. Achieve proficiency release method formula. Those outside the chaotic situation did not affect him, still in constant daily practice. This Day in Luo Ming is trying to control two vastly changed pixia purple lightning angle, although his current strength can not do more than starting two purple lightning. But it is at this summit has many lightning can provide to his familiar attacks. At this time a long-lost feeling in Luo Ming hearts. It is "Bai Ling" unique way of expression, because it has been absorbed before that blue beads in pure natural spiritual power, has been in a slumber of state, the issue of induction is that it is about to wake up, but also indicates that it is about to cut this time to express. Wicked cut but not sloppy, must not be interrupted midway, there may be a slight mistake promotion failure, ranging from serious injuries greatly reduced repair, heavy and may even be life-threatening. Wicked and therefore qualify to time in order to prevent being disturbed. Usually find places off the beaten track, and this point of the "Bai Ling" it is not because it is the Lord Wicked, there Luo Ming in the self-protection in the next, in general, as long as through the most evil critical period of undisturbed will be able to have a great opportunity to qualify, a master-protected or not too difficult to qualify for Wicked, which is a primary Wicked and other natural growth out of the Wicked different. Just let Luo Ming did not think that "Bai Ling" will be necessary to cut so fast, he has been obsessed with the practice will actually ignore something as important as the general Wicked Aura refining the ball but it is easy to The. Perhaps because of that ball itself is comprised of numerous snakes spit Reiki together, and "Bai Ling" is in itself evil snakes, this can quickly absorb refinery that blue beads. Originally it was a gratifying thing, after Luo Ming Ma adds a powerful boost, but unfortunately it is now the environment is not conducive to its promotion, surrounded by so many lightning raging very easily will be on "Bai Ling" The promotion cause interference. Luo Ming remorse at the moment it was too late to find another place to make it stable and secure cut it, "Bai Ling" is obviously passive stimulated awake, Luo Ming obviously able to appreciate it at the moment, anxious and eager emotion. Know that time is running out, he ran straight down the hill. Right now only the first out of this small mountain to speak. Because lightning is in the mountains and other places several times or even several times the power, if the cut in the mountains so that Wicked is very unwise. Luo Ming hurriedly came Yamashita arranged a large defensive battle. The main role is to prevent a lightning storm disturbed. Busy all this he would put out Bai Ling, Bai Ling at this time or only pediatric arm thickness, eyes closed, lying on the ground motionless, and did not fall asleep before the other differences, but it is Luo Ming know at the moment it is extremely intense mood fluctuations, just because a critical juncture in refining the body can not move it. Luo Ming anxiously guarded at this time only at the edge of evil, but it is not helping, "Bai Ling" and even communicate with both sides are extremely cautious, fear to disturb it. Although blue balls before refining Reiki has a lot of presence, can not be aware of these Reiki Luo Ming adequacy of the required cut it, Ray aura surrounding valley fairly abundant, Luo Ming hurriedly arranged matrix come from poly-Ling, so that when the time is good in case of insufficient Reiki supplement. ! ~! . . <

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