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underground ban has been sixteen antworten

\> In the patch of the vast swamp Luo Ming stayed a total of three days, the continuous change of a number of different places arranged traps, received a total of thirteen secluded bamboo, but the resulting secluded bamboo body is only the initial that. wWw, quaNBen, COm behind to capture the secluded bamboo is growing for a long time, and each also has a thumb minimum thickness of the thickest trees that are as thick as a fast, and it exhibits very cautious, Luo Ming for a long time before allowing them to fall into the trap, really spent a lot of twists and turns, it seems that this secluded bamboo with the longer growing perception of danger and judgment ability is stronger. Although only a dozen roots look, can such a harvest has been quite good, said a former disciple of capturing secluded bamboo disclose if it can get thirty-two is considered good luck, most of which can only be Baipao an even times, and finally go home empty handed. In fact,oakley eyeglasses sale, this swamp there are many secluded bamboo, but three days of the time those disciples on their way to the side can not be so fast to reach, Luo Ming reason for such a hurry to leave here, mainly because of the number of secluded bamboo has, however, left alertness under already high, and then again it will be more difficult trapping. There is his to make time heading to the next location arrest more secluded bamboo, or is likely to be pre-empted. Three secluded bamboo haunts the trials of the disciples, but are aware of, many people are selected directly go that far at even the farthest place. As a result, relatively speaking Luo Ming is not very dominant, though he is in detour, although he had Wicked travel much faster than others, you can place as he walked the more it takes to capture the the more time. As a kind of comparison with others accumulate up using the speed advantage is gradually being narrowed. Although previously been to seize the opportunities that Luo Ming is not at all to relax, sit directly above the bald eagle quickly rushed to the next location. During this period he passed a few relatively dangerous place. Are two small valleys and a barren, Yu-Jane his hands to indicate in these places are sealed with powerful Wicked. The existence of evil is not a two. Are three or four more to senior Wicked, had just come out in order that they do not jeopardize these trials was only sealed in a disciple location. The reason is not directly get rid of these evil, and also to part of trials. For some disciples that can leapfrog to defeat evil words. These prohibitions are unidirectional, trials disciple can enter the ban hunting evil, and this behavior is naturally very dangerous. Not many people do. However, some teams traditionally always relied on sophisticated instruments used to go Chuyao power in numbers, there came out winners received a good reputation. But also as a failure, since disappeared in the valley. This leapfrog challenge evil, death has always been more disciples. Luo Ming want to be famous, for those who did not challenge dangerous Wicked interest all the way around the ban of these dangerous, but also spent nearly three days of time to come to this second place secluded bamboo haunts, a deep and bottom edge of the sinkhole. Here is the exterior looked a rare valley plains region, surrounded by growing it into a piece of green grass. From time to time there are herbivores infested period, if not here, and the usual fog over the grassland is not much difference, the only noteworthy that in the middle of a plain ground nearly ten miles long to place several hundred feet widest The narrow width of cracks there. See the surrounding land animal seemed afraid near here, even with the edge of the thick grass rift still not been infested animals. The whole huge rift Not all places are deep, only the most middle of the radius of a few hundred feet the size of a bottomless pit is the most bizarre. Looking down from above this sinkhole, only to see the most at a very short distance, and then look down is the dark one, and some eerie feeling. Throughout the sinkhole is above the smaller, more down to the more extensive the surrounding area. Yu-Jane on this place to do a lot of explanation,Air Jordan Outlet, it is not even how deep sinkhole specific detailed records. Only be very deep to describe. Initial exploration here is that senior expert with other aspects of the record. It is said that even the original master OBE no exploration in the end, only one has a fit of high absolute absolute master repair alone enter. Beheaded inside Xiongshou all powerful, he came out even injured. Wicked Xiongshou and different, they are as powerful physique with Wicked, and even some Xiongshou strength more powerful than evil, but their IQ is very low, simply can not be as advanced as thinking Wicked activities, but by virtue of the instinct to stop the killings, and therefore Xiongshou more terrible than the Wicked. Because this sinkhole chi bottom heavy, which focuses on a number of underground chill, this underground chill of the air and even a hint of the accumulation of falling Yinhui magic resistance, although suitable for cold chill here attributes of the beast and the Wicked In this practice, but the perennial evil is that wire control, they are slowly being negative thinking which are all controlled by the killing of emotions, from a terrible evil beasts. Fit of the master who had beheaded those evil beasts, they deep from the ground where the layout of the ban, after which there will be a sinkhole bottom, although it has also deep comprehension for those who may be able to reach common, where the cold is not heavy, Beast and Wicked are also no longer be controlled evil becomes cruel Xiongshou. That prohibition is very powerful place can stop the beast and trials to enter is no problem, but it is no longer such a secluded bamboo, but can not stop the ban is not secluded bamboo into virtual body, even entities secluded bamboo can also be free access ban reason for this is because the original arrangement when the ban has no arrangement of metallic consider the prohibition than before and therefore here that although much smaller swamp, but it is secluded valley where most of bamboo. The reason why free access to secluded bamboo purpose of doing so is also taken into account here because the location is rather special, even below the lowest point of exit is much larger than this is limited, in such a small space, secluded bamboo chance no place to escape, if not quiet refuge ban disposable bamboo will be a clean catch. This comes on the back of some people is unfair, so those seniors came up with this method, secluded bamboo spiritual high, hiding in danger know, you will not be caught and all the people first. But not always quiet bamboo ban, the psychic after all, it is then plants need a certain time or is the sun, can not always dodging. To be fair though predecessors thought of this approach, the reality is almost impossible to be completely fair, that's definitely a first-come the upper hand, which also determines the fastest previous trials will be the first time the disciples Select here, and are often able to get a lot of secluded bamboo. For those who later had a great chance that they will follow the general strength of the separation of different sizes in different regions occupy, once quiet area below the bamboo from which the ban comes out, then that party will have the opportunity to get troops, of course, inevitable that this period occurred about conflicts of interest, but it is not related and Luo Ming. Luo Ming, he is confident the speed of advance by virtue of Wicked arrived here after all bald eagle speed but more than the end of Dan and have faster heart of the master, who build the base of his disciples can not be compared, this assured first went to that swamp delayed a few days before coming. Sure enough, this did not come here half the figure, there is no more to stop, the Luo Ming will immediately go to the dive, although proscribed after the sinkhole bottom but this also has a few Baizhang depth, the more light, more dark to the following the. Space around more and more, and here also have been able to see the figure of a secluded bamboo, bamboo is a single quiet at this time appear. So close naturally can not be like a swamp that lineup, stature rapid Qijin screen and then quickly seal hands spread out, this time he is the only one who naturally do not need to hide the strength, knot late Dan repair natural than to build speed faster than the base period, at this speed arrest secluded bamboo is naturally easily succeed. So Luo Ming has yet to place underground ban has been sixteen secluded bamboo, which are also very cunning ghost, immediately after turning around to take refuge in the nearest cliff, Luo Ming's side is not even close, not said the dead into his hands holding the stone. So that he could not help a little disappointed, though, that this secluded bamboo plants can not just think is completely relying on instinct to act, so they do not have to escape after the other secluded bamboo tidings. Otherwise, if there is a secluded bamboo fled down, I'm afraid Luo Ming has not yet arrived, following those secluded bamboo ran the light. So goes a secluded bamboo on the shot found the arrest until to the bottom part, Luo Ming Choi trouble. Bamboo quiet place are no longer there is a single, two very close distance, the distance is more than the instruments used and the area covered, so come to arrest one that is bound to disturb the other. While he can mobilize the instruments used, while launching metallic magic, but this is inevitable distractions, there is great potential to be its slip. Luo Ming thought for a moment not to disturb these two then only go to those below appear alone secluded bamboo to arrest,Air Jordan 4 Sale, this has been supported by a twenty after he had arrived in the bottom layer. Here is the largest number of bamboo quiet, bright surface of a distributed way there over twenty strains, this time he did not hesitate to gather directly at the place where the most intensive release of a wide range of intermediate trapped enemy spells, which that he was able to release one of the most powerful spells, while the other side two Zhao Xiang Qian mesh together the secluded bamboo. The result is fairly good, although it did not seal his personal control to a screen-only network, here is a rare spell trapped four. He received a total of two locations doing nearly forty secluded bamboo, this is definitely a very exaggerated score. Estimated that such a result is able to in the previous trials the top row, not to mention there is a place behind Luo Ming have yet to go. ! ~! . . <

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