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04.06.2013 04:40
by his ability to store this antworten

> when entering the room, everyone knows, this is the transmission to the next layer. WwW, QUanbEN, coM thought that things may appear under a layer of gold, Wanshan these people are very excited. "Blue sun. He was able to control the blue sun. No wonder they dare to come in. View person, very not easy." Green light in thought. Attack leaf maple their blue sun fire, because strategies exist, and could not be forced to collect. To charge it, only to break the law. But to break the green stone on the front,Coach Online Outlet, is not an easy task. Enter the transmission, light flash across, Ye Feng et al. Once again appear in a large room. This room and a room almost. There are also many wooden shelves, and some closed box. In the frame, a magic weapon, is shining very attractive light. But here whether wood shelf, or a closed box, than a lot less. And this room, there are some places have already lose one's beyond recognition. The center of the room, and no stone, no stone steps leading to the underground. But only a transfer matrix. The transfer matrix, transfer matrix and leaf maple they just use the same. Transfer matrix is surely to the floor below. Ye Feng they just see what this room. We heard a metal friction sound. There were heavy footsteps came. Dozens of metal puppet in the room. They are taking heavy pace they toward the leaf maple coming here. "These should be guarded in here. When a layer has a lot of. But because the time is too long, the strength is reduced a lot, so easily. I see here these, much better than the above. We do not necessarily their opponents." Green Ping before near the puppet, he said. "Then we will directly toward the transfer matrix, and then transferred to the next layer." Jin Wanshan said. "The next layer? If the next layer and more powerful puppets,Coach Bags Sale, aren't we will die very miserably?" Yi Anping said. "Is this possible. But we have come, should go to have a look. And we have here, you can not go back empty-handed. We all try, have a look for something. The puppet may be of any help." Green Ping said. They thought, it is so. In the puppet is close to the moment, Ye Feng et al are dispersed, by his ability to store this magic weapon everywhere, a place to go. No one and the puppet head, all with guerrilla tactics dodge. When Ye Feng near a shelf, reaching out to the shelf is caught,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, was easily the fly sword on the shelf, to catch the hand. When the grab, Ye Feng did not feel Feijian exist outside the protection strategies. He thought it very secret protection. Didn't think it would be no protection. When the sword to get the hands, leaf maple surprised. Ye Feng's heart was surprised at the same time, it

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