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04.06.2013 04:36
Or what clothes are golden? antworten

> footsteps sounded, from the restaurant, slowly into a man. He was very inclined long, wearing a gold s è Vincent robe. A square big face dashing eyebrows star. From his clothes,Coach Madison Bags, he gave Ye Feng the feeling, is an upstart. Or what clothes are golden? From the appearance, look is there righteousness. But Ye Feng is in his body, feel a evil. When he came in, went to see that he was a slap hands, then laughed to see to the leaf maple. With a slam, the name Hong Zhi hand, facing the leaf maple got down on my knees. The kneeling, even the stone floor, all to crush. And the leaf maple repeatedly kowtow. "The younger generation damn it, please our anger." Hongzhi constantly kowtow, said the repeated these words. He before the body of the ground, and soon was stained with blood. Leaf maple leave in the hands of food, lick his fingers, then flush that is kowtow people waved, quickly will it is young people to kowtow to prop up. "Thank you for senior!" Hongzhi stood up hurriedly bowed. Even the bleeding wounds on his forehead, all too late to tube. Wearing a gold s è clothes man shouted at him and waved his hand, make them back, and then he smiled and said to Ye Feng: "Ha ha. Road friendly gas. This R ì to see friends, it is a gold luck. Don't know Kim can and friends drink several cups?" Ye Feng glanced at, the king thought, if you don't name, you are sorry those clothes. This person, leaf maple is no good, do not want to waste time on him. "The friend. Now that you are here to eat, but also added to pack here. I just watch the money paid. Yemou does not do more to stay in this place, and said goodbye." Ye Feng said, he stood up. Change slightly as the man's face, seems not like leaf maple words, but did not immediately say. Remained just smile, said to Ye Feng: "it is Ye Daoyou, really sorry. In the golden hill, here are the ceremony." Saying this, gold Wanshan salutes smartly. After ranging from leaf maple act,Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses, he continued: "the so-called meet people, how can cross arm and loss. Don't know Kim is lucky, and Ye Daoyou drink a few cups?" Jin Wanshan at the time of speaking, have been watching the expression change of Ye Feng. He wondered,Oakley Holbrook Online, when he say my name, say Ye Feng should also be a little reaction is. But who knew that Ye Feng didn't know Jin Wanshan is what position. Don't say a golden hill, even if this piece of the region, the fairy door is the most famous, leaf maple is not know. He's a real alien. "It is no problem, just Yemou has to drink a lot. Really don't fit to drink. As another day, another day and how they talk to Jin Daoyou?" Ye Feng smiled and said. In fact, Ye Feng in the heart to, don't think I don't know your boy is specifically directed at me. Your few men can't see I am monk, can't you see Ye Miaohan who has spiritual power fluctuation? Whatever you want to do, I don't talk

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