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> Chapter 22 dinner next few days, Luo Ming felt off soon. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm work during the day and practice correct, every night he would meet in the store and a few younger explain some things. The next day still is, but is slightly different faces come into the other. Tomorrow is the birthday date, although they knew that no good feast feast, Luo Ming did not intend to escape. If the other party has the ability threat to his safety, Luo Ming might also consider early escape. But no one is at home Luo Luo Ming opponents, martial arts slightly into the Luo Ming this point there's confidence. Moreover, he has the token as the last trick of life insurance, but not life-threatening moment when Luo Ming is not exposed to this most important secret. But it also allows Luo Ming had enough confidence in life insurance, for tomorrow, he did not worry too much. Estimated birthday on Lee is up to the verbal insult him nothing, these are children stuff. Over the years, even those servant apprentice all day called him "a fool", as he came through the day. Birthday will be on their own experiences, Luo tomorrow morning there is mental preparation, the reason for knowing humiliation will go to dinner. Because Luo Ming has his own ideas, even Luo Ming longer want to admit, but his body is always flowing Luo family blood. If you do not personally solve Luo Ming, a clean break this thing, choosing instead to say nothing gone, it is inevitable in his heart will not leave shadows. Look forward to the coming birthday Luo Ming is not only one person, the next morning, the treasurer rare to prepare a common Luo Ming's new clothes. After all, is to attend the birthday, where guests congratulate numerous exchanges. If Luo Ming wear and beggar went, would not throw Luo family in the face. Are not only clothes, but also the treasurer of the authorized official, Luo Ming rare half-day holiday. Do not work during the day, which makes those apprentices in the eyes that hate and jealousy. These apprentices because lowly impossible to dinner, this time with the same people who go Luo Ming, in addition to the treasurer and the blacksmith is that there is a lackey Ma brothers. Luo Ming had either because the relationship, he is not eligible to participate, but few people do not trust Lee, this take him. It's a pleasure to this day no lackey corpuscles. The hour just after noon, party of four to go to the town of BOC, the other three were talking and laughing, high spirits, obviously looking forward to tonight's banquet. And a few people do not mean to speak Luo Ming, Luo Ming the humble bow mouth, chest followed just keep walking, without a word, no one knows what he was thinking? Father Guo Luo sixtieth birthday, this is a major event in the town alerted the county almost all the row number of wealthy celebrities all in the subject invited. I heard today down to know the state of inspections adults, let Luo old man's relatives, Li know the state will be in the magistrate when accompanied by an adult person banquet. As for the adults who know the state is not there to give his daughter the backing of the suspects, which is only a few parties themselves know it. Adults know the state visit, which Qinglin town, but the not the event. Although the adults, formerly the location is from the magistrate Qinglin going up. But now each other's identity out there, pomp and influence is quite different nature. Luo Fu today where this street, really can be said that busy. Several people arrived, there is a time from the banquet. However, there have been numerous guests arrived. Of course, with their identity not be eligible to go the main entrance, and was a servant from the side door into the reception hall to a dedicated. In the reception hall, Luo Ming saw a lot of people have already come. Most of these people are some of the Luo family own the treasurer of each store, the master or agents. Luo Ming did not see here in particular the identity of the person, it seems that people of different status was led to a different reception hall. These people are familiar with one another hall, we met a courtesy endless entertainment and ears, one to the treasurer to leave here with the other two together Luo Ming, Zhao Shuren reminisced go. Here Luo Ming also saw an acquaintance. Shop Ge rouge dispensers are these people, to see Luo Ming also blinked at him like a joke. Luo Ming also no one noticed it back to the other side with a smile. GE dispensers from time to time and look at this person hellos, Luo Ming and looked around the hall, see also constantly coming guests. It made him feel out of place here, and could not help but admire from this Ge dispensers perseverance, and some can Xuyuweishe dispensers such as blacksmith and polite hypocrisy of people constantly. It seems Luo Ming Luo home in the presence of these middle backbone is no secret, Luo Ming went so far as to see in here, so that the presence of these people are very surprised, all have whispered talk together. These people are savvy generation, have now come Baihun achievements are not, as a club affiliated to the idea of ​​good and speculation, in order to live in peace. They do not know these people, and his wife Grace Lee Luo trouble now bee, these things are not at home in the Luo few people know. That is, even instructed to Luo Ming brought here dispensers and blacksmith shop, also do not know the specific reason. It is because of this, do not know the owner of the mind in the case of these days they just no longer too embarrassed Luo Ming, today it is also specifically put to him for a long holiday. Buzz around, though small, may have had some strength heat, a little attention can vaguely hear talk about content. These people are also guessing out of thin air, which is what have said. But there are still some people speculate,Kristin Coach Cheap, may be Luo family to admit him to give him an identity it. Luo Ming listening heart sneer, these two days of his change in attitude treasurer he guessed a little reason. But unfortunately, it's probably considered futile treasurer, and perhaps only in this hall Luo Ming know, today, why he will appear here. Ignore stop someone over here around the eyes, and a mess of buzz. Luo Ming went ahead to find a table with refreshments, sit at the table, just keep eating up. This is indeed the Luo family rich family, and even entertain the ordinary subordinate fruit, pastries, is not usually eat. Luo Ming will not be polite, did not care about other people's eyes, eating very contented. Wait until the banquet began, Luo Ming almost full. The birthday because too many guests arrived at the scene, banquets organized venues are located in the middle of the hall Luo Fu Wai house, and left and right Pianting three places. Such a long night genius just outside sky has darkened. Within the government but can Luo *** brilliant, formatting lamps decorate the four weeks like daylight. Hand side under the uniform clothing colored dishes, shuttling between with many guests, the whole house seemed Luo bustling. There are also some full-time servant,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, will guide guests to the provisions of good position. Guests are able to sit in the Chamber is not Luo family's immediate relatives, and even states that some counties have a certain celebrity status, and placed in the most prominent position banquet table, like other seats around as Zhongxingpengyue This banquet tables, is to see at a glance the status of tonight's birthday and most noble people prepared. Lee well prepared, the treasurer of the master blacksmiths left three people were taken to room, and he was taken off the Luo Ming Luo people into the main hall nephew immediate family feast. This detail for some caring people in the eyes, the heart suddenly. Some face expression is really the case, but there are some who face becomes unnatural, and there is there is the treasurer of the trio, as these people think inside Luo Ming do not know, do not want to know that some villain only. Compared with those who do want to know the identity of Luo Ming "off" in front of the Luo family nephew to barely know him, and no one then note Luo Ming, to make him feel clean a lot. Luo home in front of these few promising younger generation, these people all day under the aegis of the father's misdeeds, indolent. In the Luo family descendants, the little success and only the grace of two sons Luo,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, Luo wind, Luo clouds. But this time the two men are not here, but the grace of being with his father Luo welcoming entrance. Grace's daughter Luo Luo smoke to be at the table, this time is a good sister and her daughter magistrate weeks together, not far from the location of Luo Ming chatting what no one else. It seems they are also fierce name outside, around which no one would dare disturb the eldest. Now owners are yet to come, looked around acquaintances guests are looking to pass the time chatting. Luo Ming also noted that some young people around him, but to see Luo Ming dressed in ordinary, I thought he was Luo family which door Cengfan poor relatives come here to eat, did not pay him any heed. Just when everyone was in full swing when the happy talk. Outside only heard screaming welcoming housekeeper shouted. "Lee know the state, to know the state of his wife!" "Zhou magistrate, the magistrate to his wife!"! ~! . . <

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