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> One hundred and ninety first day in this chapter Luo Ming lost three in a hurry on the way encountered a team led by Buddhist Temple disciple team, this team is consists of ten members, led by two men have the highest repair is the heart of the cultivation, the two men Luo Ming they are not familiar, it is sent to the temple of the members of the batch of disciples. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm it seems that the two arrived early, and now are out on assignment executed task. Although Luo Ming unfamiliar with them, you can get along the way for so long, even if not spoken to each other, has also long been mixed Lianshu, not to mention the crowd shortly before it can be considered in conjunction experienced a catastrophe. Naturally mixed feelings after seeing this team of people responsible for the task of perimeter security, patrol the area around it, of course, there are also shoulder the collusion of these have not yet returned their disciples task. Aside from two Buddhist Temple disciple remainder apparent comprehension for those who are immortal, these people are generally repair is not high, the most powerful one is the end of Dan, and the remaining seven are all built the base of the repair is,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, all the disciples two by two, led by Buddhist Temple. Luo Ming, who after seeing these people seem very happy, obviously they know the identity of the three, especially those low disciples to see if they are the envy of many eyes, compliments constantly. Especially to treat two brothers and four senior sister apprentice, they are all pro-disciple Venerable Wade, now is not in the comprehension of weight low, future success may be even higher, naturally, is subject to two and the Disciples flattery, as you all know those disciples low measured with no mess openings. These people see the three direct messaging to report back, and immediately decided to turn directly in charge of the whole road escort three. In fact, that is to escort lead the way as it is more appropriate for some, these people are very, very passionate way, even to the Venerable Ming Luo secret disciples are a good courtesy. Luo Ming three will be on the way to understand the situation after some of them apart, just as they encounter each other in the same block, not just this time they dispersed groups of disciples have experienced interdiction, which also makes this temple sent to aid approved the loss of his disciples, there were many. Fifty people in the safe arrival to only thirty people, including Luo Ming (phone reading 16.n) (phone reading 16.n) three of them, including nearly a dozen people unaccounted for, in addition to ten people have been found not to be killed on the prisoner fell into the hands of each other. Luo Ming heard the news just slightly surprised. Do not be too amazed. After all, they encounter blocking situation, this is clearly against each other their actions, we are substantially the same as the direction of travel. But in the speed and distance are some differences, the other team will encounter blocking enemy this is normal. In fact, Luo Ming hearts estimate this loss even greater. From their experience to see the level of comprehension that team, according to his estimate of the losses may be greater, but did not think although some loss of manpower can not yet appeared the worst case, which has been pretty good. After all, the other party has an OBE was a great master. There are at least two Yuan Ying and numerous men behind to catch up, and there in front of almost equal strength in the intercept to flee to so much manpower is already very easy, but this time FENG Zong and clear Xuchang Lao rear of the four responsible for green house of the master also has a return. Trio ring to clear the elders who are hurt the most weight, short period of time estimated to be unrecoverable. Although Du Shou Lexie varying degrees of damage, these days at least all peace back. They also do not know, in fact, before most people still worries Luo Ming, the three of them, precisely the people were more concerned about the two brothers and four senior sister apprentice two safety, after all, the two men to superior qualifications are being to develop the temple as a genius, and if really what had happened on the road, which is not only Venerable Wade is a heavy blow, I am afraid that will be wrath Buddhist temple. This also allows the safe return of all very worried to see the safe return of Ming Luo three times. The first time these people go back and messaging so there assured. And this was also encountered this team to escort them insist PSU reason, after all, to take back the pro-disciple of His Holiness made no small contribution. I heard that this has been out a couple times before Wade Venerable sought. Also, and that during the emerging battle over OBE expert, but also save a few disciples, but has not seen them Luo Ming. This is not surprising. Wade Venerable go Chu territory in the north would find that they can not imagine how the three of them would Luo Ming a big circle around the country from Huanchu diverted back to hear the master so worried about them, indeed, few people moved to explain the three populations was good to hear him say these days if they do not come back Luo Ming, chief must go directly to the police station looking for someone to save the other nest! Although this detour before I came back, and may secure the return has been pretty good, as others who have not yet returned disciples, until now has not come back is probably not somewhere to escape is encountered intercept it. Although only patrol team who know the news is not very detailed, many of which are two disciples heard to the temple, but come from different directions fled after telling his disciples also understand the other side rough layout. Whole also gradually clear. As Luo Ming will let go of each other even wonder so many disciples? According to Luo Ming troops they encounter it, to the strength of the team in front of such a force it is impossible to cross the border. The reason for this is the other side before the elders did not think would be so decisive team spread out before the other men just arranged a very scattered surveillance personnel in the monitoring of the border, most of the staff are concentrated together, ready to concentrate on dealing with Their team of people. Luo Ming until the other found them scattered break when the temple Some repair to advanced disciples have long been out strength is not high pursuers crossed the border. Upon arrival, Chu does not occur again after the ambush on the road, and that makes the most of the high-level flight speed fast disciples are able to smooth the passage of the border, unfortunately, because the three of them took Luo Ming reason,Oakley Monster Dog Online, the speed is not fast, etc. rushed to the other side of the border when the arrangement has been made an adjustment, and that makes them a good team strength encountered a volley team. Now left in the heart of more than thirty disciples took up most of the remaining places are also late Dan knot or individual escape Faqi Te super-fast to his disciples, and those losses are some of the only means of ordinary mediocre disciples. Said as he walked on the road, and soon opened to the destination area. Wade Venerable row seat location is very strange, it was in a vast expanse of marshes, and the bustling scene before seen differently. A pedestrian into the swamp after no occasion to see some activity. Along the way, used to see the bustling, no one would have thought in the Lan Cang plains will have such a desolate place. This vast marshes is a ghost town after the state of Chu called swamps, marshes and elsewhere is slightly different. Mortals can not go through them, where not only often have Wicked infestation. Swamp is a miasma appear from time to time, but deep under the ground almost all mud, once they caught them standing above. Only able to fly comprehension passage in the swamp, which is the ancestral mountain swamp Pie gate lies. Flying in the swamp in front of the big crowd half-day there appeared a small hill, rare is this mountain actually has not weak aura fluctuations. Obviously here is a spiritual pulse lies. In front of the hill is the ancestral mountain, and watching this mountain, but it has a little martial art has been brilliant, ancestral mountain camp. Wade Venerable ancestral mountain camp is the gate where friends Qiuruo Yun, she just had sects were destroyed and more than subglottic disciples fled, wait until after Wade Venerable and other places a few friends. This recaptured from the new gate. Just because the last place Daughter amulet let sects great loss of strength, resulting in a serious shortage of staff is now, and is surrounded not safe, when adversaries still haunt comprehension, in case of shortage of land only to the Venerable Wade gate for help. Office buildings on the mountainside above the Luo Ming saw no master for several years, so many years have not seen the faces of Wade Venerable not changed a bit, see a few disciples to reach peace is naturally very happy. At this point in two people standing next to the master is also very extraordinary magnanimity, FENG Zong Yuan Ying there are several Qingxu master are automatically standing in three half-step behind, apparently the respect of these three . Which is a glamorous standing tall lady. Stunning natural face showing elegant gentle. This man is the master who should be friends Qiuruo Yun,Oakley For Cheap, ancestral mountain camp too much on the elders. Generational scary high. Venerable Wade is left to see Luo Ming trio face revealing a rare kind of smile, looks very happy, but still be able to find his next look slightly tired demeanor, it seems these days has been the master In order to run around with the things they have been trying for them to worry about, or thought he was the repair is categorically not so tired. Forefront Youshou location is an old costumes, lanky body, long face one pair of sharp eyes, head beam has topped the most notable is the back tied with a dark sword, scabbard with the hilt quintana dark, if not look thought it was a black truncheons. Who reveal a slight hint of coercion, people can not be taken lightly. At the moment these people are interesting to see a few people Luo Ming, meticulous looked two two brothers and four senior sister apprentice, it touches on the Luo Ming who swept away, then mouth slightly cocked. "Weed brother several good Christians really extraordinary, but the successors ah you buddy." Finery light old man stroked his beard short, laughing, just look at the expression does not seem real, "the 2nd back that three Daguisi But the disciples experienced the attack, Jiangchuang over, injured most of that up to now have not yet healed. "said a trio looked faint smiles:" Lingtu so long to come back, presumably also met blocking, the two disciples, even with a low-level none were injured, there really is worthy of your disciples ah! "speak somewhat interesting, with a false smile. Sounds like praise, can this man mouth and say it is somewhat sour, but why has always been to maintain the indifferent smile. Ming is a compliment, but it is suspected to be hiding Luo Ming trio set up to be so long to come back, they do not have the slightest injuries. "Humph!" Venerable Wade had a very happy occasion to see the disciples now returned safely knowing that the old man in irony, and did not argue, just snorted dissatisfied. "Just come back!" Simply ignore the words of the old man, Wade looked pleased Venerable several disciples, laugh really laugh. It seems that between the old man and the master Venerable Wade seems to be somewhat contradictory. Middle Meifu strange costumes looked angry old one, effeminate voice sweet and melodious. "Less two, boys just got back, this way not that hard but suffered a shock, the kids worked hard." Gentle eyes looked trio "There is nothing to go back again Syria." Said forward pull with four senior sister apprentice Qingxin hand, whispered comforting. ! ~! . . <

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