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> One hundred and seventieth IX returnees now has entered the depths of Han Shan Mountains, soon to be over the mountains again, "Purple Centipede" is still unhurried at your back, one does not intend to give up the way . wWw, QuANBEn, Com although life seems temporarily worry, you can always have a dangerous situation which is really bad, the way Luo Ming has been going all out in their lives, and this situation has no room for him to save power, you can see behind that huge a hassle-free way Wicked Wicked apparently useless effort, much faster than that. This road is not just blindly Luo Ming escape, taking advantage of the flight when the mouth Luo Ming rough check sodium ring in things, hoping to find a way to get rid of as soon as possible after hot pursuit "Purple Centipede." But something inside the ring is satisfied very complex, mostly unknown material, look at these materials at amazing spiritual power fluctuations, although most of the Luo Ming did not recognize, but he also knows the rarity of these materials alone, Luo Ming To know the kind of material would be without several senior Wicked not from precious part of the body, are the refining of precious materials, presumably other precious materials that do not recognize the degree worse than where to go. Luo Ming, so many things they have no clue, do not know what things behind Wicked value, you want to immediately find undoubtedly very difficult. Luo Ming just no way to focus on the Yu-Jane, hopes with which, however sodium ring of light jade Jane had more than ten, time urgency Luo Ming impossible careful research, only quickly understand Yu-Jane contents, hoping to find useful content. Fortunately, Luo Ming idea is correct, he finally took fifth in the Yu-Jane found a relationship "Purple Centipede" content, and this is related to the Wicked Yu-Jane still a lot of content. See that this is satisfied, the lord of the ring Wicked great deal of research, Yu-Jane from feeding to how to control this beast, which has a comprehensive introduction, Luo Ming after reading only a little relieved, in accordance with this Yu-Jane recount Introduction least now he will not be life-threatening. "Purple Centipede," a Wicked insects in the presence of an extremely powerful, shell defensive ability, is highly aggressive, the strongest attack is physical collision and huge mouthparts shear, also can spray Even the mere mention of comprehension for those who are highly toxic, in many species is famous Wicked tough. Introduced by Yu Chien Ming Luo found in control "Purple Centipede," the centipede hemin, take a closer look at this like a jewel in the hands of the general dark red crystals. This centipede hemin is Wicked Wicked in infancy or two, when forced to use their own sperm under the control of blood concise formed crystals, its concise costly process not only evil but this thing is "Purple Centipede" life door lies. This thing is not only necessary when Wicked advanced materials,oakley sunglasses sale, but also "Purple Centipede" natal wafer, once destroyed this centipede hemin pretty soon "Purple Centipede" will die. Luo Ming Wicked This know why this should have been followed him, just because centipede hemin in sodium ring, as the Wicked natal Epistar this Zijin centipede centipede hemin natural to feel the presence of such an important Wicked stuff of course has been followed, although Luo Ming is not the owner of the Wicked, but for some reason, the hands have a centipede hemin that Wicked can not hurt holders of. Yu-Jane describes the original owner of this material is manipulated when the refinery, "Purple Centipede" is not this material into the body, this is easy to control with a centipede hemin "Zijin centipede." And other control Wicked in different ways, most of comprehension and control methods are Wicked Wicked control at an early age when signing mysterious method to control the Wicked, Wicked itself, and this use of condensing out of the fine The method of controlling the blood Wicked undoubtedly more advanced way. However, this approach also has a lot of limitations, not all can be so evil, only a handful can be condensed out fine blood Wicked, Wicked young body and this is also difficult to obtain. At this time Luo Ming This pleasantly surprised to find, as long as he was able to refining hands centipede hemin, behind the terror bird "Purple Centipede" will be able to control him, so that he can not help it excited? ! To have such a powerful evil is undoubtedly big and good, a strong boost, but also the kind of powerful Guards help think of all kind of excited. However, Luo Ming just happy for a moment his face was depressed up to control these powerful Wicked is all very good, and unfortunately with the "Purple Centipede" level of upgrade centipede blood coagulation real crystal is constantly medium. Wicked although not fusion centipede hemin but after all its natal wafer, after an upgrade when Wicked This centipede hemin on its side and pretty soon wafer can be replenished and condensate real, so although easier to control Wicked, but want other people to re-refining centipede hemin this difficulty would greatly strengthened. Today, the "Purple Centipede" has grown two pairs of wings, reaching five Wicked's strength, according to Yu-Jane Luo Ming introduction to a short time if you want to repair this thing refining and Wicked least be a considerable level , that if reached Yuan Luo Ming The computer access to read the novel. 16. Cell Phone Access to read the novel. 16. Infants of the cultivation can be a very short period of time will be able to refining the centipede hemin, able to direct the Wicked. This is obviously not a short period of time can be achieved, in order to achieve the Yuan Ying Luo Ming to have the confidence, but specific to what year and what month do not know it. Of course, he is now the end of Dan in the repair you want to control purple centipede is also entirely possible, but as he now want to completely repair the refinery centipede hemin without a few decades is impossible , that no matter what choice do Luo Ming, the short term you want to control this evil, there is no hope. Fortunately, his mental strength, a moment to recover, but also decided to take some time as soon as a multi-refining this centipede hemin, after all, has a five Wicked this end Dan for his comprehension is unimaginable , of course, benefits and safety aspects are immeasurable. As for the full refining centipede before hemin how to handle Zijin centipede? Luo Ming also already thought, Yu-Jane passage so he immediately had an idea. Since there is no danger here already, Luo Ming pocket *** there is no longer directly toward it with a purple centipede flew at Nether land, fortunately here in the depths of Han Shan Mountains, surrounded by barren mountains, and cold weather, this place or comprehension of ordinary people who are less likely to occur, or flying in the sky to see what kind of monster uncertain cause confusion? "Purple Centipede" is actually a bloodthirsty Wicked, Wicked attribute this chill,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, often seen drinking directly approached the athletic field, which is home to spend sisters saw that face this beast causes immediate changes, which today is Several people luck, this beast did not immediately attack, but easily let go of a few people. Luo Ming Perhaps it was because he took centipede hemin's sake, let this Xiongshou attend several "idlers", before they are lucky enough to escape. No worries Luo Ming came quickly with purple centipede farm, but fortunately did not encounter other troubles on the road, for safety considerations before Luo Ming has nether land to which the corridor leading to the mountainside destroyed, since this Luo Ming huge centipede body naturally can not help it get through the channel. This Zijin centipede chill property itself is evil, naturally on the nether nether land of mysterious gas sensors to be sensitive to these, coupled with Luo Ming in front of the surgery done using Tudun guidelines, he was not worried about the Wicked will be with the lost. Zijin centipede is indeed good escape to evil, and Luo Ming almost one after the arrival, not before felt the chill of breath, when the Wicked speed is not fast, but then it was is the speed immediately enhance up, almost chasing Luo Ming come. Enter this place felt around the rich purple centipede nether mysterious gas immediately after the loud roar up to express its excitement. As a chill attribute evil, and to choose the location of practice no other place more suitable than the nether land, and came here after Zijin Ming Luo centipede that even this has a centipede hemin people do not care anymore. To see his huge body went straight to the nether mysterious gas most rich will no longer place a lie would not, it seems that this is really not low IQ Wicked, knowing Luo Ming will not harm it, even ignoring the other So practice together directly. And this situation is Luo Ming wanted to see in the Yu-Jane presentations, Zijin centipede Once the state is quite and practice into a deep sleep, a considerable and state of suspended animation, this state there is no outside interference Wicked Unless otherwise would not have advanced automatic self waking. If it is before Penghui feijian blew awakened Wicked, Wicked is still probably sleeping. Now this practice in Zijin centipede has entered into a state of suspended animation Wicked is difficult to wake up, Luo Ming is going to let this evil practice here, he would be able to take away that centipede hemin refinery. It's Zijin centipede habits to practice in the chill, it is obviously not chill at the Basilica of the land, may in such a place which is not suitable for cultivation has reached a five Zijin centipede Wicked the point where I do not know how long it practice ? Just do not know what the reason it's original owner has died there, that place is just rough Luo Ming looked a lot, and I know there will never like ordinary Dong Fu so simple. As for why there Zijin Need centipede above began? Even more do not know the reason, but not Luo Ming issues to consider. There are many things he had to do. Came to the cave, Luo Ming took this time to start the storage bag meadowfoam Hill City Square to buy some refining matrix material, beginning at ease from the matrix to the refining, the Luo Ming is to refining a peculiar matrix method, called jiu Xuanming matrix. And that famous jiu lore an auxiliary matrix array, the two complement each other many places, this array in order to defend and aggregation nether mysterious gas-based, so the nether matrix is ​​not only rich but also mysterious gas density, easy to absorb refining . This matrix is ​​more common in martial Magic matrix, of course, Luo Ming's net worth is limited, only a simple matrix refining barely used, but fortunately his ideas just to get here and get the maximum nether mysterious gas utilization , just a simple matrix'd barely enough. After refining the matrix begin immediately after he arranged up Manglebantian time when the last of a front plate is buried in the ground after Luo Ming array flag waving in the hands, around the nether mysterious gas began flowing regularly up slowly flooded the cave of the dead received a mysterious gas seems like a constant orders into battle formation. Jiuyou the early efficacy Xuanming array, in this nether land of this matrix might really unusual. Zijin centipede has entered deep sleep at the moment, even here in the nether mysterious gas concentration increases nor allowed to wake up, unless it is estimated to disappear otherwise mysterious gas here in the Advanced ago, it was not easy to wake up . Luo Ming and from the storage bag out into the matrix of many jade purchased in this way will not only be able to absorb the nether here continue to produce mysterious gas, a few years later there will be a lot of nether stone. Of course, these jade stone I'm afraid if the number into a nether are unlikely to achieve the Millennium, Luo Ming touches the main purpose of doing so in order to get them to replace the original jade those nether stone. Then he put around the nether stone of many foes received violet storage bag, especially within the Metarhizium piece of the biggest one being its nether stone is properly put away, there are so many in this nether stone Even absent Metarhizium nether land cultivation is still able to maintain a constant evolution. This powerful booster, but now will be able to use Luo Ming, of course, want to carry. As soon as forging consensus delay tactics in the appropriate section of God, and then refining a powerful "Indian rune" will be able to completely control this powerful Metarhizium act. As for the other corpses Luo Ming intends to make these bodies remain in place slowly evolved, and now these bodies, even the common zombies are not really, of course, is harder and harder to Dayong, and can only be left to wait until it evolved into a high zombies, can be used for future. In particular, this Luo Ming stay a few days, refining a number of simple "Indian rune" transform some of these bodies, so that in the future these zombies can easily command. As for the soul aspect is Luo Ming took a clever, he's eagle eighteen Dharma than the stronger and more extended knowledge of God that wrought tactic to have a thorough study of many, coupled with deep understanding of the game against the law. Luo Ming will be in a simple matrix, the refining of a huge "printed rune" and in its left a wisp of soul guiding body practice, re-use matrix that communicate to each corpse on Easy The "Indian rune" can, so requires a lot of things to be successful soul,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, Luo Ming just consume negligible trace of soul will be easily done. Because time is not short out, after Luo Ming busy these hastily embarked on a return trip Buddhist temple. ! ~! . . <

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