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> One hundred and seventieth chapter Quest "GEOLOGY This is something you got to help the next chef brothers were seriously injured need a lot of healing began in exchange for immortality. WWW. QUanbeN. Com Reprinted from" Yuan allow the disciples, that Fangmiandaer young looking anxious and said the stall next to that name. That name surname of the stall look of British Gas, naked eyes overflowing, a close look is not exclusively rely on those living scattered repair sale items can be compared. "Let's party intersect brother for many years, for the brother's temper you do not know?!" Said the young Zhang stall looked around, look slightly cautious. "Not for the brother does not help, before we have to probe too, that place just outside of the prohibition is very powerful, is not you and I are now able to encroach on the repair, even if there is not really whether we master magic can get, according to the brother's opinion still patiently wait a few years, until the repair you and I go there again higher too late. "stall surnamed Zhang, low voice. Clearly this young man surnamed Zhang stall and excellent relations and youth patiently explained. "Buddy also need many began? Touches all these years for the brother will accumulate some savings, there is urgent need to know this brother, brother can be borrowed for emergency." Zhang stall concern road. "Wait until when Siyyid restored, and then back to the next is your brother." Other sincere tone. After listening to the words of that young Zhang Yuan make disciples very moved, but this young side face is still slightly sad surname. "This thing can not hide next GEOLOGY, although deeply poisoned my master, and attacked the wrong hand injuries are quite heavy, but was fortunate encounter a well-intentioned young Buddhist Temple predecessors rescue, it touches has no right, some cultivation time will be able to heal. "Fang surname disciples then said. "That is just the next brother is injured quite heavy, although life is guaranteed, but now the repair has decreased a lot, and had been unconscious." Said with a worried tone. "This is not, and more recently worrying brothers color to worse, had seemingly invisible injury also affected other way." Disciples surnamed Fang face full of sad, and he could see that brothers and good feelings. "GEOLOGY you may not know, the next has by virtue of the master of the Thin invited a master end Dan went exploration, the older generation who have come to the conclusion that the brothers he seems to be a very powerful body of the dead virus This drug should be the kind of rare white stiff body of the dead virus. "surnamed Fang disciple who apparently remembered zombies before they encounter the scene when mentoring, and look looks very natural look. Luo Ming has been away from here now hidden in the back of a house, with a soul paying attention to their conversation, I heard two men talking about that no master powerful magic and Luo Ming ban has aroused the attention. As for the youth surnamed Fang should be mentioned is that the white eagle eighteen stiff around three white stiff, it seems that the disciples of brothers surnamed Fang escape lives although it is also being hurt by the white stiff. Of course, the higher the level of zombie who has the corpse poison they are far more powerful, Luo Ming did not know these zombies powerful, Luo Ming means as much in the zombie corpse exposed to these drugs before he had the use of Pyracantha birds Spirit turned Dan Firebird will fire three white stiff easily wiped clean, so the zombie estimate the strength of some of the gap. In fact, Luo Ming zombie than a powerful imagination, just the three white stiff unfortunately met their nemesis just restraint, Pyracantha Bird Spirit metamorphosis of Firebird. Zombie body extremely hard and both mighty, zombie drawback is the lack of low-level flying and somewhat afraid of fire. But when the zombie level increases after the flames did not hurt ordinary they are nothing, red-eye zombies perhaps might also afraid of fire, but to the white stiff ordinary flame could not hurt them. But the encounter Luo Ming is different, his own very special power law is unique "fire-hyun Scriptures," which hyun Hyun on fire with fire bead Scriptures is power surge, reaching the end of Dan will be able to Dan putting the fire. This is Dan, but better than ordinary flame of fire, and that is the end of Dan's comprehension of those whose real name is Dan fire, is the end of Dan comprehension refining, alchemy necessary means, even the high level of its overbearing zombies also can not compete contend. That is very unfortunate eagle eighteen Luo Ming encountered such a fire could be putting Dan heterogeneous, but there are hidden side to catch Luo Ming repair ability, which if known eagle eighteen Luo Ming is the end of Dan's comprehension for those who will not effect the direct command of a bunch of zombie siege to him. If the general comprehension end Dan would never like to face stiff white Luo Ming as easily, it will not eagle eighteen defeated so quickly. Pyracantha Bird Spirit and fire-hyun bead fusion Luo Ming although many times during practice, but the real enemy is used not once, so this is the power of the occult Luo Ming is not very clear. Pyracantha Bird Spirit that combines fire-hyun beads after only retains the original spirituality, and its own strength also improved dramatically, the whole body is red like fire flame blue flame, this is not the normal two Wicked can have, so powerful can easily wipe out three white stiff is also rare. As before Luo Ming Yu-Jane are also understood in the case of zombies, but also know that white stiff powerful, but he easily eliminated after three white stiff, though still very valued these zombies, but it seems inevitable that these white stiff misnomer. Luo Ming is the value of those zombies can lineup and flexible command, this aroused his interest, as he did not zombie monomer capable mind, now hear the words of the disciples surnamed Fang was full of surprise those zombies own strength it is also very powerful, not his imagination as useless. Do not say that these zombies own strength tough, is that they poison the body of the dead is not an ordinary person can be ignored, and now there is a Luo Ming in the hands of even more severe than that of green white stiff stiff, although only difference between a grade, but Luo Ming is to know the difference between these two zombie how great! Like the end of Dan and build the base of comparison between comprehension, as the gap between the two is not able to compensate for the amount, Metarhizium strength comparable to the initial repair knot Dan showing its powerful. Luo Ming here eavesdropping behind the house, there's two young people still in the whispered conversation, the conversation did not find that they have entered into the ears of those who determined. "Turned out to be white stiff?!" "Let Huanan Guo territory of how we have so much zombies appear?!" Zhang stall disbelief. "Buddhist Temple's sphere of influence here, but, if there is stiff white rebellion probably already passed out fishes, how have not heard?" "Did not think those zombies in the presence of even a white stiff, this way I'm afraid we South eventful domestic cultivation sector to the! "apparently did not think Zhang stall near this turned out to be a stiff white zombie powerful presence, not help the cheeky worry. "This thing is not next door to the situation, it seems to the job as soon as possible inform the door." Stall surnamed Zhang could not help revealing worried look. See each other worried look, surnamed Fang young confident smile. "GEOLOGY Do not worry, the next and the next master who rescues a young seniors are Buddhist Temple disciple,Jordan UK sale, he has decided to raise the matter reported back Buddhist temple, will soon be Buddhist master who will exterminate zombies right." Surnamed Fang disciples clearly remember Luo Ming sent his two left when saying. But he does not know is Luo Ming and did not inform the temple, and those he has been destroyed by zombies. Obvious youth surnamed Fang has not worried about the zombie thing. "To be in the next brothers, brothers who came to probe injuries predecessors said, brothers hurt badly, because it has never been where he is now dead virus has penetrated internal organs, if there is no 'but poison Tinian Dan', then there is no may be healed. "Fang surname disciples a frustrated expression. "Dan Tian Ning was poison?!" "If you really need that immortality alone my net worth really is not enough, you'll wonder Xiandi argue that place again." Zhang youth stall suddenly said. Dan Ning day but the mainland's top drug detoxification holy medicine, known as non-toxic puzzled, Dan Ding is the strongest of the top door Purifier drugs, so the price is certainly powerful astronomical immortality, but poison Dan Tian Ning purchase such astronomical immortality even ordinary martial disciples can not afford, not to mention the Yuan let them scattered repair. This immortality is, those major sects, or a good relationship and Dan Ding door martial art it may have. "Since it is so, is not to blame Revisited Xiandi would propose that place, where the map is the text of the three brothers, and you and I get together." Embarrassing stall surnamed Zhang said. "Wen Zhang is also the brother of brothers, and now he is the brother of such a situation, Zhang Fang Xiandi should promise you." Considering the next stall surnamed Zhang said. "Just Xiandi you know, nowadays Yuan allow the seniors were also injured quite heavy, short-term can not be restored, the next or sentence only you and I can not go there." Each other without the slightest expression of helplessness disguise. After listening to the words of stall surnamed Zhang, Fang surname youth hear each breath there is hope in the eyes reveal obvious delight, but the speech is hesitated. "In fact,Cheap Oakley Active, today it is to come GEOLOGY an unspeakable thing." Youth surnamed Fang hesitated before then said. "The reason why the next dare try to explore that place." Paused said. "Yes, it is looking for help to help go to that next place." Fang surname youth has just finished, the edge of the apparent stall surnamed Zhang frowned face also sank down, apparently this is the other name of youth that resentment. "Of course, if successful, Zhang Xiong place you can get that 40% of the benefits, the next can be as long as three percent." See each other some dissatisfaction, youth surnamed Fang immediately added. "Another brother out of danger until after the next, the next phase Xie mentoring otherwise re-gift." Youth surnamed Fang urgent tone quickly said. Then you see into the stall surnamed Zhang thinking, obviously, in considering this matter. "Xiandi presumably mistaken for brothers, the brothers also text next brother, the brother is not the discontent of the benefits." Stall surnamed Zhang said, but he was able to hear is just a perfunctory tone. "The concern for the brother of the man just got Xiandi man I do not know how? Believe Xiandi also know that the crucial place, if the other played a malicious, when being misappropriated benefits do not say, if we duo some damage what shall we do?! "stall surnamed Zhang, said not without worries. Hear the other party is worried about this, surnamed Fang young little relieved, smiled at him. "So GEOLOGY to this matter, please GEOLOGY assured that younger people find absolutely no problem, but the two men GEOLOGY know." Youth surnamed Fang smiled slightly weird. "I have not only failed to ensure that the two character problem, but it is not a problem looks." Hear the words of youth surnamed Fang, Zhang stall very puzzled. "For the brother know?" "This looks have anything to do?" After a moment seems to be the thought of what Zhang stall an expression of surprise. "Could it be that the sisters took home?" Suddenly he said, slightly agitated, tone significantly faster some. "It is her time to two, there are two of them built the base for the repair must be added that the success of the surge." Proud youth surnamed Fang Road. "Xiandi sisters, and that is how the catch?" Stall surnamed Zhang asked, surprised. "She duo weekdays but rarely appear here, two of her natural character is not a problem,Air Jordan 6 UK, but there are many elite next door disciple vowing duo became the companion of her, just because she reclusive duo , but have not been able to succeed only, if not the next repair is still low &m; # 8226; &m; # 8226; &m; # 8226; "stall surnamed Zhang, said the more the sound is smaller, then rose delight asked. "Could Xiandi know she's two home?" Is obviously this is surnamed Zhang stall on the two sisters are very interested in the way. Youth surnamed Fang proud smile. "This is the next good luck, the day before yesterday and the master injured return, because you can not walk on their way flight only, the results coincidence that her two homes." Youth surnamed Fang intends to show off road. "Afterwards, as the younger brothers were forced to seriously, this has been the idea, then go and their little sisters revealed that her two obvious very interested in that location, they promise to come down.", "This brother Special to discuss and Zhang Xiong, Zhang Xiong you believe that the identity of one hundred door genius plus two experts to help out at the ruined that prohibition should not be a problem. "After the weird smile. "If the means to impress both GEOLOGY last Outrageous is not difficult." Youth surnamed Fang obvious conative look at each other like, quickly flatter road. Obviously if youth surnamed Fang touched each other. "If only her two sisters did not make the problem, this matter confidential Xiandi asked them yet?" Stall surnamed Zhang asked cautiously. "I have work GEOLOGY not worry?" "They were two sisters just know there are so a place where they do not know the other, but also let the younger sisters secret, her two good talking." Surnamed Fang Young confident smiles. "Well, here we meet five days later, and then went together to the residence of their sisters, to go along with how to go to that place at?" Zhang stall consider a moment, revealing the decision look. Obviously want to know that their conversation sisters residence. "Well, when another brother came here GEOLOGY." Youth surnamed Fang hesitated slightly reluctantly said. ! ~! . . <

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