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they are in this piece of Abode sta antworten

> One hundred and sixty first chapter retreat Luo Ming Choi will Pyracantha Bird Spirit Fusion finish, although do not know how powerful, but still very confident Luo Ming, Luo Ming, the future can be considered as a means of attack,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, and now Luo Ming Although it is the end of Dan comprehension can in his hand did not match the magic and strength to use, he only had died from the fire-hyun were sovereign spindle storage bag to get magic. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOmW. Originally Hyun beads can be used to attack enemy fire, but did not dare to take Luo Ming Chu easily hyun to risk of fire, resulting treasure is now available without embarrassment. Fusiform magic for hurry is definitely very quick, but it is worse if the used Gongdi a lot, and this has a certain magic in addition to defensive, offensive but it is simple you can only hit one up. In addition to these fusiform magic, that is barely enough alms bowl Buddha treasure, treasure just drove it in addition to the powerful Buddhist clergy have Foli need to drive to the Ming Luo soul can drive though, but just bear with his homes mid-repair driver wants Buddha treasure, not to mention the Buddha or an unrepaired treasure, this difficulty is too great, besides Buddha treasure even able to drive to his power that point will not be much of Foli. Now only find the right weapon to make Luo Ming stronger. But this magic is not something that can be obtained, and in Crescent City sold in magic, even the most ordinary kind, nor is it a general comprehension for those who can buy from. Although such a large Buddhist temple school, magic, Buddhism has a lot of treasure, Luo Ming may not be able to get. After all, the end of Dan Luo Ming in poor repair of exposure, once the exposure Venerable Wade also believe that he can not be protected,Cheap Oakley Scalpel, and now he can only improve the repair first up, then there should also be diligently practiced magic, which magic to make up for the lack of the above, but fortunately he is not no way. After all, there is a complete flight magic, encounter the enemy time to escape or even beat no problem. Venerable argument according to Wade, open and distance that Faerie Fam decade ago, Luo Ming has now is the junction homes mid-repair, a decade late for practice to end Scotia Luo Ming is not a problem , this time Luo Ming did not intend to focus on practicing Buddhist Gong, he intends to fully practicing fire-hyun Scriptures. Although Luo Ming is no clear answer to enter Fam master, but he had heard the comprehension of the General Assembly when it has made a decision, it is able to improve the comprehension physique Luo Ming is still very envious of, although since taking over large bell emulsion After Luo Ming has experienced a reborn. However, as this transformation is to make up to repair Luo Ming improvement can also be a bottleneck in the first passage comprehension, if this advantage to high depths is not obvious. Cultivation to high depths of comprehension as to enhance the repair itself, when repair Breakthrough to a new level, too, can play a pulp washing effect, continuous deposition exclude some hidden impurities in the body, so that constitution becomes more and more polished. This effect is actually taking bell emulsion and the effect is very similar, but the constitution has now Luo Ming could not be better, let him practice time in the early big advantage. Although that Uncharted could not tell what kind of danger,cheap jordan shoes, but the base building is a part of living out, and into which people have the opportunity to be able to get big benefits, Luo Ming confident in building the base level they should have no rivals , so he was confident entering Fam explore what happens. Luo Ming principle of doing things is stable comprehension, things rarely troubled and he had nothing, but this thing is comprehension involves the future road, which makes Luo Ming had to be carefully considered, and finally decided to go check it out that Fam. In fact, in the comprehension is no place is absolutely safe. Everything is in order to improve the strength of the premise. Do the preparatory work, Luo Ming began to retreat, to practice from fire-hyun Scriptures, improve cultivation. Before Xiufo period, Luo Ming felt several times to enhance the mood, which is good for his Xiufo not, after all, Xiufo realm or too low, do not need to consider the state of mind of the problem, but it was for the Cultivation realm is good too, coupled with the new Dong Fu practice, Hyun Flaming very rock seems to be following the guidance of practice speed is Luo Ming-driven several times before. Such practice speed, Luo Ming had never encountered before, every day retreat in Luo Ming can clearly feel the repair in upgrading the. This feeling is really unprecedented fun, and even indulge in Luo Ming forget the time in practice, but fortunately Luo Ming spend great efforts to build a poly spiritual matrix, making the veins scattered all converge to the aura he built Dong Fu in the warm lake at this place, there are some thin aura, Luo Ming Dong Fu located close to mountains from the second, compared with other places around the aura of the lake even more intense. These are poly Reiki eventually became the Luo Ling array absorb part of Myeongdong Fuchu, although Luo Ming practicing Reiki absorbed a lot of time, but here he alone practice, the limited absorption of Reiki, plus scattered pulse is equivalent to a medium-sized spiritual pulse, but also around the aura of aggregation within a short time the aura Luo Ming Dong Fu concentration reached an alarming proportions, Luo Ming has been in practice, not yet aware of these changes, but here after Reiki ample Luo out in practice actually a good thing. Let him devote himself to the cultivation. No comprehension years, Luo Ming immersed in the practice of joy, forget the time, when he woke up again, time has passed for a long time, and now is the knot Dan Luo Ming already mid comprehension of. Joy opened his eyes, is pleased to promote the repair. Suddenly the aura surrounding the concentration becomes so strong Luo Ming surprised, pleasantly surprised to find that he has been here less than that of the concentration of the concentration of the Crescent Moon Spring. Aura around this place all together to Dong Fu, to have this effect is not a surprise. Luo Ming repair to settle Dan interim, surprise under just the kind of practice from the realm of retreat, discovered Dong Fu has changed a lot, just awake Luo Ming seems to sense something, a small quiet room to the hall This hall and Dong Fu, separated only by a door not long channel. Luo Ming feel all the way through the Dong Fu has begun to take shape, and is surrounded by too few angry side wondering how to add some angry Dong Fu, who has come to the hall. Sitting in the middle of a chair, stretch Shouyi Zhao, a few light fly into the hands of Luo Ming, but it is a few communications operator. As Luo Ming to retreat practice, the outside has a large array of all open, outside of the "Kwai water six nails array" is not going to stop those not aggressive messaging breaks, so that these communications operators are trapped in the "Access" big array, Luo Ming is sensitive to this anomaly was up at the view. These are the ones Communications breaks up inside Qing Yang, the content is not much, but did not practice the important things I look Luo Ming, and Qing Yang for this brother, Luo Ming feel warm hearts, that day is not purchased Luo Ming pick out a few little things privately to some of the Qing Yang, lest he in danger, for the sole brother Luo Ming is still very taken care of. Qing Yang came the recent communications sent to the operator is a half months ago, Luo Ming began to realize that this retreat even after more than two years. In addition to messaging Qing Yang symbol there is a big brother sent, but it is entrusted Feng were sent over, While there are four communications operator came 25th, and did not say anything, just let him back to the temple a recent times. Venerable Wade left the monastery to the big brother to take care of things, Venerable Wade out before this matter within the monastery are FENG Zong help care, Big Brother usually are in retreat practice, this time is different , Luo Ming know this may be Wade Venerable think will go Uncharted have this decision, right? ! Be able to take over the position of master of big brother only one person. Luo Ming master of this is still very respectable, although the master went to Uncharted is at great risk, Luo Ming, but knew he could not persuade the master, after all, he also made the same decision in general. They actually have the same mind, is the ability to go all the way along the road comprehension. For this purpose, the sometimes knowing that there must also be in the face of danger. Know the master will be adventurous people, only a few disciples Luo Ming, one knows the truth, but he is simply unable to persuade. In addition to these older students Communications Fu Luo Ming, another somewhat surprising, is that the day came with the mysterious bitter Luo Ming monk, his communications operators have been heard a long time, almost a year ago, has been passed over, Luo Ming did not think he would summon up. Content only congratulate Luo Ming Dong Fu completed, there is no particular thing. Other party to miss him Luo Ming surprised. Has been so long retreat Luo Ming intend to get out, look back to a Buddhist Temple Buddhist Temple is also such a long time not seen a few brothers. Arranged a little bit Dong Fu, will be a big fuss out of the full-Dong Fu, Luo Ming mountains and flew toward the second. He visited the house to go Yuqing mysterious bitter, after all courtesy visit each other for so long made no answer if that is indeed unreasonable. Just like last time, Luo Ming just flew near the summit there is a strong soul swept Luo Ming, Luo Ming has now Dan knot mid-repair, soul more and more powerful, able to more clearly feeling out each other's powerful, Luo Ming did not wait this time, the house directly toward Yuqing direction. The direction that Yuqing Temple still flew a light, the other side has not questioning Luo Ming revealed his intentions, the other is to find the mysterious bitter hear each other's tone significantly better on a lot. Luo Ming temple with a left in the direction towards Yuqing, the two chatted for a two way, Luo Ming Xuan bitter that popular in this mountain really good, but as he himself said, perennial Yuqing Temple footman, who face suffer even more than familiar with the mysterious temple sent repair to advanced seniors are familiar with. In this second Yuqing mentioned on the mountains when the value of the house of elders Perhaps some people do not know, but if it is mentioned that the monk Xuan bitter nobody do not know. This time the mysterious pain in the rear of the monastery retreat, listening to lead the way in this disciple to start, they are basically about ten days each rotation, the other time on the monastery in practice, mysterious bitter forthright love to make friends as a colleague Yuqing house of friendship and his disciples are not shallow look. This name does not lead the way with Luo Ming disciples into the main hall, but toward the left side of a row of Yuqing Vihara temple flew intersect that Yuqing Vihara temple from the appearance of this place but it is much worse, and the two chatted at Yuqing hall knew that only when the value of the disciples, and the master of the temple to guard stationed. These disciples as they retire, improper values ​​whenever they are in this piece of Abode stay in practice. Came near only to find that his disciples here Vihara not describe unbearable, at least one row of the spacious courtyard form, where the architectural style of the temple and Buddhist temple is completely different, something like the secular world rich Courtyard, edge nor on Yuqing Temple temple looks like. Cultivation martial to some like the hall, looked magnificent style. They came to the residence of mysterious bitter, he could see a good mix in the mountains, a person living in a spacious courtyard, a mysterious bitter to see Luo Ming, when a moment under the warm welcome out. Luo Ming, who sent his disciples come and see the mysterious bitter courtesy to leave the two left. Luo Ming will make to the hospital, the hospital very clean, clean, but not with two mysterious bitter end homes have not even reached late, but has faint signs of a breakthrough. This allows Luo Ming secretly sigh comprehension important qualification. Not even in the realm of two-inch forward, this mysterious bitter qualification imagine, Luo Ming certainly do not underestimate this man, at least be able to miss him this is just the other side of people have seen. Luo Ming Communications mentioned that truthfully tell the other side, when I heard Luo Ming retreat for two years afterwards, mysterious pain showing on his sincere admiration, Luo Ming also increasingly treat warm up. Perhaps because the same boat, after all, the repair Luo Ming now also "knot homes interim" from two years ago, not much progress, mysterious bitter perhaps think himself. Luo Ming is also a qualification that is limited, although one practice is regrettable that progress is too slow, and no one will talk about anything Luo Ming becomes up. More than two years retreat this time Luo Ming Temple and comprehension for things that are not clear, mysterious bitter many friends, know a lot of rumors of the temple, the two are together most of the time to be bitter about listening to some mysterious rumors. ! ~! . . <

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