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04.06.2013 04:07
all sorts of attacks encountered antworten

> 200th chapter a sky above the clouds, like being ripped general. Www! QUaNBEN! COM that man in red, just stood there. Sound, nor feel any fix for fluctuation. Even being broken sky, also does not have any breath out. Before Ye Fengyi walked step by step, all sorts of attacks encountered, and that from the sky huge pressure, it seems to be an illusion. At the moment there are No. Leaf maple current practice, of course, do not feel. If there is a fix for a stronger person, can feel, that come from the sky, strong breath to imagine. Torn sky is a little bit back to normal. Below the red S è earth has been thoroughly collapse. Ye Fengzheng looked at the earth. There, a few of the countless bones. It is at this time, the leaf maple just some understand,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, this piece of land will be red S è. There may be several people's blood red. A little color light from the sky above the SH è out. Leaf maple is looked trance, feel general. When he looked up, see behind the red man,Coach Store, is a little bit emerged out of a flight of stairs. Since then stepped on a leaf of maple, ever feel immortal coercion came. At the moment the red man looking at leaf maple. Behind him the ladder, of course he is perceived. For the ladder, he did not have any accident. But leaf maple can become strong coercion is not moving sound s è, but let the red man surprised. But this is only a very short time. Because the person has thought of, in this world, a few years ago has just had a mystical coercion. Stretches hand a to flick, that is the Ning is solid ladder disappeared. Hovering nine Golden Dragon is the sky, the red man looking at leaf maple,Jordan Big Ups Sale, with a weird smile. No leaf maple know that smile is the meaning, leaf maple is a huge strength came to ground, and deeply embedded in the collapse of the land above just. That terrible power, it is from the sky above the nine golden dragon. Than the atmosphere of terror, Ye Feng was extremely frightened. Just when he thought the red man to kill him rob the Kowloon map when, the awful smell disappeared. Nine Golden Dragon and flew back to the Kowloon map. I saw the man in red with a wave of his hand, the Kowloon map leaf Fengfei. Ye Feng once again flew, reached out to seize the Kowloon map, recover the general sea. He had understood, the red man is to let him feel a Kowloon map of the real atmosphere. But what exactly is the intention, leaf maple also understand some. Tell him it is not in the end Duodawei can, let him be careful away. The man in red reduces the number of height. He lowered his head, looked at the bottom because the ground collapse, and revealed a skeleton, a long time does not have any sound. Ye Feng toward the red man close to some, but did not dare too close. He didn't dare to disturb the red man, can accompany together watching the bones. Two men were silent for several hours. "Hey, is it worth it?" No wrong customers first. After the silence for a long time, the red man say

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