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> One hundred and fortieth eight chapters lively platform for promotion these days has not abate, New comprehension for those who from time to time to join them, the more back to the ring at the test of the more exciting, Ebb Tide those people who are lucky enough to win terminated the pace of progress. wWW! Quanben! CoMW. Luo Ming's second round opponent is a casual repair, this man tall thin, long face small eyes, very lucky the first round of a competition his opponent fails to appear, let him qualify directly, so got a dozen block began, this time playing a long face obvious expectation eyes, but after seeing the Buddha Luo Ming Bao later, this man knows his luck is gone, a long face and even the instruments used have not come up with very crisp throw in the towel. This allows the audience to watch clean, they shouted unfair Qing Yang, a second-round opponent is generally some means, although they have won a competition may have also spent a lot of hands and feet, where as Luo Ming, so just play one-off games go on easily won a competition? ! After two of the few remaining people have been left out,Oakley For Cheap, but these people basically have real materials of powerful figure, no one can not underestimate. Can win on the three disciples Venerable Master Wade looked very happy, specifically with the three biggest complaints came Lei Yang restaurant. Although comprehension have been less need to rely on food to add strength, but occasionally satisfy my appetite is still there, not to mention this called Fengyang floor restaurant from time than ordinary restaurant. Wicked many dishes here are made of the material body into cooking, not only taste delicious right comprehension and rare tonic effect, the same is not common here, drinks wine, are brewed with spiritual fruit after drinking flavorful but also to add mana, this is a rare wine. Of course, this price is not extravagant dishes ordinary comprehension for those who can enjoy, to come here itself is a status symbol, Luo Ming, or the last one finished a test, the other four comes in this restaurant has a lot of guests in the dining it. This is a three-floor Fengyang antique building, the usual individual comprehension dining are on the first floor, the second floor is one by the window of the compartment, as usually not open to the third floor, there are for the kind of backgrounds or some big strong martial preparations. Dating watching Wade Venerable few people who knew him, but it is a lot, a few people just walked into the first floor of a lot of comprehension for those who consider themselves as enough stand up and say hello, no identity are very respectful of those younger disciples knowing his identity after all a reverence for the eyes to see Luo Ming is also showing a trace when three people envy, jealousy. W. monk did not dine on the first floor, apparently before he came here, there is no other small two guides directly on the second floor with three disciples to get upstairs after a lot of quiet, surrounded by a circle of compartments antique tables and chairs, elegantly furnished fresh pattern, this comfortable environment for people to relax the mind, there is no other restaurant in the slightest bit noisy tacky, no wonder many who love to patronize here comprehension, four chose a street direction compartment. The results have not yet seated just outside the door came a la carte three people, they are acquaintances. Nanping Master and his two disciples, Zhao, wind two disciples, which few people had Luo Ming million mountain sides first met in that town, did not expect to see here. "Weed brother, just come and see you mentoring the next uninvited not abrupt right? Oh, uh," Nanping Master saw a few people still maintain this consistently amiable smile. "Well you Nanping, take Laona baited right?!" "Now come, now a Dayton you invited!" Nanping Exalted monk in front of the master when it did not usually serious kind. "Disciples mention it casually point ah!" "Well you Weed brother, look at you wrong, is not it?!" Said Nanping blunt and direct sat down. The edge of the few disciples may not like that kind of casual teacher, several elders met to have the ceremony That seated. Nanping Exalted trio also tried later than Fengyang floor dining, but more than a few people Luo Ming first step only. "With your two disciples strength should be a smooth cut, right?" Exalted with the monk and drink a cup of Nanping, talking. Like this wine is not much in the comprehension. "Weed brother three good Christians do not they were successful and qualified for it?" Monk did not answer the question, but could hear Zhao, wind two disciples are also smooth cut. "The old monk to take them out just to meet the market, after all, Qing Yang two Xiufo a short time, the strength is still lacking, clean the child and lack of experience, the monk can no hopeful." Wade statue who'd watch the opening and the edge of the Qing Yang, clean both surprisingly low mood. Japan would not want to change the topic disciples uncomfortable. "Would you naughty granddaughter Qian children did not follow this how come?" "That girl, but grid Rascal, did not see him with you for Laona actually very unexpected." Mentioned that Akane children, reminiscent of the original lively love spoiled girl. "That girl is not a small break in the valley of trouble, let the old lady grounded, this time did not take her out." Nanping Exalted seems quite a headache against the granddaughter, some frustration. "Ha, ha, so lively event that girl could not catch up, no less, and you trouble right?!" Wade respect very gloating look. They listened to the words, the edge has not been asked a few disciples, are the rules did not speak, but this Fengyang floor it is a good meal, eat a few NPC Shuang Luo Ming, was also occasionally also recall memories, just eat there too expensive, there is no master to follow a few people really can not afford to eat. After a few days after another through several rounds of elimination. Luo Ming unexpected,Air Jordan UK, "brave", sweeping up every test of no more than one quarter of an hour easily won a competition, all the way down aroused many people's attention. His tactics are very direct, face building base of comprehension mostly fighting on the ground, in the air, perhaps there is no way, on the ground secular dodge comes in. Opponents play instruments attack simply catch the moving in Luo Ming, after all, build the base of knowledge of God to mobilize the instruments used to achieve arbitrary almost impossible. The result is that the instruments used to him not to attack Luo Ming, he has come to the front of the opponent, and in the best sword Buddha's attack opponents can rarely resist. For individual use group attack spells, those low-level spells do not break open the Luo Minga held shroud, so all the way to break through the barrier. There is also a test of the wise disciple started flying through the air to escape, and then use spell attacks, but they do not know Luo Ming soul far more than the level of the base building, you can easily do not need laborious manipulation of the sword to the sky shot down, but after falling from a height of these people basically have been wrestling lost the fight. So Luo Ming "miracle" to become like Wade Venerable three disciples to be the last one,Jordan 10 Shoes, relaxing into the top one hundred, but there has never been this good results, so Wade Venerable happy for a long time. Although Wade Venerable very strong person, but it is generally the level of the disciples, Luo Ming, several brothers and senior sister apprentice put out of comprehension that was powerful figure in the Buddhist Temple is a big camp on some was not very read, Luo Ming can achieve such results really give him a long face. Unfortunately, Qing Yang and clean it before they have lost to the strength of the opponent, all failed to go to the end. The Buddhist temple built the base class and the knot Dan category test of two levels, the top one hundred ten and eight people respectively, and that although a disciple of Venerable Wei Fang domineering may have some skill, knot Dan one person in the top category one hundred, building the base class also has two, in addition to the abbot Wei Chi master also hosted two disciples to enter, that is one of the Qing Ling, another disciple of a Buddhist name is also clear thread is strong. Luo Ming fore did not cause too much concern, it touches all participate in the conference surprised Buddhist Temple disciple is a disciple turned all the way to the outer door broke into the top one hundred, gathered in the strong knot Dan categories in literally a test with g opponents impressive! Luo Ming have the impression this man, to attend the meeting in front of many Buddhist disciples gathered in the plaza in front of the temple, which give people the image of Luo Ming Lengao impressed. Now know the name of the outer door disciple named Feng Deyu, listen to others watched his disciples came back a test case description, this man up as a test to life in general, several are injured vapid beat his opponent, with his disciples and some enemy Finally it is obviously very strong momentum already lost the battle. After the conference, not only Buddhist Temple crowd, I am afraid that many people outside of comprehension will also recognize the desperate courage of the disciples, this time back to the temple which will improve the status of persons, can be expected, even if no secret disciple of Venerable closing Feng Deyu , alone, won the honor for the temple will be closed to do it within the Disciples. After six test of Luo Ming to record victory victory seventy-six become one, because his disciples over forty people after draw duel again, this time lady luck in Luo Ming's head, he bye it. Only need to do a war can enter the top twenty. But here face opponents may not like a good deal, and Luo Ming's next war opponents are very strong, built the base late cultivation on the surface than his cultivation Xiufo a lot higher, the most critical is this opponent is another talented female students Yue Linger Xuannv cases, one also has the best instruments used tough defense and attack roles. Do not want to expose in the strength of the case, it is difficult to win a competition! Luo Ming no way intended to use him just bought the set of array disk. ! ~! . . <

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