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hills above the rocks brok antworten

> One hundred and thirtieth chapter melee closure Long mainland mountains in southern fringes million, although here the mountains from the legendary deep and very far distance, even in the peripheral edge of the tall trees, the vegetation is lush, inside the beast the degree of risk so that ordinary people stop rampant, let this great mountain in the eyes of ordinary people cast a veil of mystery. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm though the mountains edge has been very dangerous, can be no absolute everything, there is a further one million dozens of a mountain is surprisingly small mountain Ming is not only no large wild animals, and even a little tall vegetation are not, the entire region are low shrubs, but some barren hills above the barren, had this place in remote mountain very bland. Even from here Recent Huayang also because here a little distance away from the mountain to build the town was chosen here, also shows that when the original construction of the town where the environment is now like this. If it were a series of strange phenomenon before emerge,oakley for cheap, unexciting place simply can not get someone's attention. At the moment this piece of small mountains of no less than hundreds of people gathered around, most of these people are scattered throughout this stand,air jordan store, there are a lot of people are standing volley, which has a maximum of people gathered around the hill, half of which are hundreds of people stop at the side of that hill. This group of people standing in Luo Ming them farther from the hill, behind the dense forest is a place not far away from their demons were people standing, that Wet Land impressively there, beside him that a black clothing Jinzhuang dressed old man, old man diminutive one pair of Hawkeye shining Yinhen SG, Although he is not high stature is like a beast standing there like a daunting, the edge in addition to Wet Land will have no one dares close to the old man who presumably is the demons were the elders. These people are looking at the tall is not high hills seemed to be waiting for something, too little time and came to several groups of troops, several groups of men are together action, very easy to tell the difference, in which most of the attention is three gang horse. The largest number of human nature is the demon door, these people recognize is the best, because many of these people are still Wicked shape, but added that most of the hundreds of people still evil, and only a small part of the human body parts turned-shaped, there are only two people are fully human existence, and can even show the human form is also slightly different. Two in one Qingpao Han Joji height, a vicious face head with two long horns, body muscles bulge will robes stays slightly compact, a very long tail swinging behind, Large stature standing there giving the invisible pressure, even more than he gives the edge of the huge size of the Wicked pressure should be a large number. W. Han qingpao the edge of a black man gives the impression that it is completely the opposite, that the only black people exposed surface is covered with a pair of dark green eyes erect pupil, allowed people to see if snake eyeing general. The two men is the demon door that led two six evil,air jordan store, although the pressure that black people give almost no sense and that do immeasurably Qingpao Tahan, but experts know that black people on the Qingpao more tricky than Han. This powerful group of people relied sent directly went to the edge of a hill Burghardt accounted big a place where those who occupy the original comprehension directly driven to the side, although this outrageous behavior caused a lot of dissatisfaction, but powerful strength in each other's face, no one rushes to the fore only obediently let out place. Not to mention arrogant demon door, the other two partner teams appeared Although there is no exaggeration demon door which also may have a lot of experts, including a group of demons were to stand on the edge of the elders, those who look like skinny one, black gas filled the whole body screams accompanied by devils, in broad daylight giving a gloomy feeling, Luo Ming Bai Ling remember when parents encounter when seeing that the King of Ghosts, but apparently these people in front of Luo Ming to feel more strange. These people want to come that is the human Gui, but listen to the meaning of this Master Gui Nanping led only Immortal Infant comprehension. Wade has become the secret disciple of His Holiness, Luo Ming horizons also slowly high, unlike the one seen in the door leaf Yuan Ying's ancestors are looking up there. Although limited by Luo Ming repair repair can not find the high realm of comprehension, but his eyesight is still, Gui crowd in front of that three chi heaviest should be the leader of Yuan Ying, strange This trio is actually somewhat similar looks, features are skinny, a large white robe set in the body, floating up in the hands of these people accompanied by instruments sound really outgoing Guihao chills the hearts of people, good now is the day, if that scene at night to see the most timid people are scared petrified. In addition there is a group of people Gui team of dozens of people came directly Luo Ming is here, that lead people toward Wade and Nanping Venerable Master line ceremony, stood a younger generation listen to the lecture posture, After listening to two Luo Ming know the origins of these people, it is that the sacred trees were to come. Perhaps because magic Dharma's sake, although the master had that beauty is only just to take advantage of Luo Ming, Luo Ming is simply not right that the master seriously. May not know why people see this sacred trees were Luo Ming but still do not like, especially the people watching this led though a respectful attitude, but Luo Ming was vaguely from the eyes to capture a very subtle hint of cold. The people of this idiom, Luo Ming, that is not interested in his humble position today and the other is what he basically does not matter, so Luo Ming will not take the initiative to provoke this man, of course, This man, if done right Luo Ming gang unfavorable it is another matter. It seems this man's popularity is not very good, there Nanping Master Wade monk does not buy his account, people are very disappointed this trouble, it touches sacred trees were another one of Yuan Ying leader looks very honest way, In addition to coming here for a long time to meet back is a courtesy not to say that all the words are inverted so that the call was tired Luo Ming Yuan Ying party leader has been kept talking. Do not look at these people seemingly reminisced together, can still see some of Luo Ming doorway, first came to the automatic separation of good and evil here, we are all looking for their own faction, those who alone or together in all thirty-two they are all scattered repair, had to say on such occasions scattered repair it is not dominant. It can be said scattered repair is simply not right to say it, is completely spectators identity, here in these very conscious comprehension seem to see mostly scattered repair the outer ring can feel it. This also allows Luo Ming emotion to find a big backer, otherwise even if he came here only like those scattered repair generally at the edge of being a spectator. The strength of scattered repair is impossible Dide Guo siege of many masters. As more and more comprehension gathered, given that hill seems to have been stimulated Rueiguang general, successive shine, while the shock waves coming from the earth, now than in the town, on the hill in front of more deeply felt the earth shake. "We note, looking posture treasures unearthed subject!" Speaker was Venerable Wade looked serious, the presence on the number he has experience, knowledge of the Master can match Nanping monk. "What the devil! How vibrate more and more erratic, had also estimated to thirty-two days, it seems a long time have suspended!" Said Luo Ming monk will guard duo behind this move Luo Ming's heart moved a bit . "This is no trivial matter following the ban, old monk tried absolutely ancient battle formation, which is the ancient treasures of ten also left, if eccentric ye junior clever point." Wade Venerable behind this statement is to several Results Dan following junior said. This being said, it made glowing hills, sudden glare issue then violently shaking it, I heard a clear voice from the underground crash came. That huge crash like knocking at the heart of the crowd, giving a burst blood surging uncomfortable feeling, this feeling seems to be everyone's common feeling, as if the body is to be given general surgery, everyone was shocked to see the expression the hills, some of the virtual soul of comprehension is unbearable to spit out blood. Luo Ming itself physically fit, Qing Yang today's body is also very strong, they did not make vomiting phenomenon. With a loud crash sound came out, after a brief silence, the second tone third tone sounded one after another crash, this is not better than the Qing Yang, Jiang Zi's writings to see his face appeared to be vomiting blood, although Luo Ming against the living, but to see the look of concern Wade, had to pretend to look uncomfortable. Two injured monk fear has propped up the trio issued a mask wrap. With a greater impact came third tone, hills above the rocks broken off, dug a comprehension of many fruitless year are actually just rocks easily cracked. With the collapse of rocks, the picture seems to be stationary in general, to see those rocks around toward slow slow to crack, it's all like the people the illusion that suddenly a multicolored Burghardt spherical objects from the slow collapse of the mountain to fly out toward the distant fled. Fled in the direction it is a medium-sized martial art direction, this is called phoenix martial Southern School of comprehension on the southern continent, not far from here, the door most of the comprehension disciples came here, which is the highest repair Yuan Ying repair, this martial art and other big faction simply can not compare to see Rui Guangfei Laifeng Southern faction a base building comprehension subconsciously reach out and grab, you can not expect people to Wan happened. Burghardt that exudes ball of light was actually caught him easily in the hands, which were built the base of comprehension is not reflected back, I do not know where came a voice. "Rob!" Is the close proximity of the first hands of the demon door, but they are not from the South to send phoenix is ​​the most recent, everyone knows this and so Xianjia comprehension for those who have a big baby on the benefits of this treasure enough to make many comprehension of its hard, especially those who consider themselves poor qualifications will not have too much of this life successful people. The idea of ​​these people are lucky enough to get treasure case will undoubtedly go further in the comprehension of the road, built in the vicinity of the base of the comprehension of several people who shot almost simultaneously, instantly awakened by the sound of the screams of the crowd still in shock to that hill as the center, because it was constantly robbed and killed. The first to get the ball of light that has already built the base of his disciples die can not die, even his martial art also injured more than half, seeing a scuffle began. ! ~! . . <

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