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power Luo Ming naturally not mean antworten

> One hundred and twenty first chapter Dong Fu huge cave central a small pool, majestic spiritual power that comes out from that pool, the more toward the pool near their inner spiritual power concentration exudes more let Luo Ming shocked. Even to the edge of the pool kind of suffocating full-bodied flavor, carefully observe the pool surroundings, a so guess he was shocked Luo Ming in mind, looking around waterholes those stalactites which the liquid is very there may be hundreds of millions of years in the bell emulsion. Bell emulsion is a natural person can improve physical magic liquid, take a small glass bell emulsion of ordinary people will be able to change the constitution to become Cultivation constitution, something in the car later than the country comprehension is only legend, even in sealed Long continent also very precious things. Although the closure of some of the continent dragon martial pulp washing Dan on this elixir is not Aoba door so valued, can not easily be able to get it, but rather with the bell emulsion pulp washing Dan's existence, only that in addition to improving the physical bell emulsion also able to supplement magic of practice exercises to improve cultivation is also helpful. Suddenly see this even though many of the bell emulsion Luo Ming and his calm excitement the moment is abnormal, heart racing vehemently calm, Luo Ming forced himself to calm down, the presence of these emulsions Luo Ming Zhong believes he can be very short time to reach end of Dan, how can this not let him excited? ! The little guy they put out three Wicked Wicked command will be allowed a few actions, Luo Ming together with them to continue their exploration, the environment here is very unique outside that layer of bizarre rock hard layer of protection, that is difficult to have Other creatures can come in here, you can Luo Ming has not been such a huge surprise dazzled still very cautious to continue to explore from this cave. Surprise is that in addition to this place Luo Ming Zhong emulsion cave in the other two also has found another two pools, although this pool is much smaller than the first two, but in the rearmost edge of a waterhole Luo There are other surprises to find out. Shining brilliance of a colorful grass attracted the attention of Luo Ming, this is the only existing plants throughout the cave, six green leaves changing color exudes a soft light in the top position of a grass verdant Just head to reveal a small bud, observed for a long time before the Ming Luo identify the name of this grass. "Seven grass" specific efficacy Luo Ming do not know, just know that the end of Dan so high comprehension will compete for a shot spirit of grass, after all, he contacted comprehension texts are lower, and those major sects out of comprehension The above should be a difference in the experience a lot. This "Seven grass" every seven years a mature, mature bear fruit one time, so this "Seven grass" is a treasure, and only in some large comprehension martial only afford to cultivate the spirit of this magical grass. It is extremely difficult Lingcao nurtured the growth once the environment changes may wither, so even in some large martial art is rare Lingcao. Every once in a hundred years "Seven grass" grow a green leaf, in the seventh year of the seventh green leaves grow one hundred when the moment is to bear fruit, if within one day bear fruit is not picked, the fruit will turn into Reiki dissipated. This is the deepest hole at Aura more than other places rich Perhaps the reason is the "Seven grass" fruit dissipated results, think so precious fruit to be so ruined, Luo Ming can only feel pity. Today this "Seven grass" was to bear six leaves, the seventh green leaves just evolved, probably nearly a hundred years this will bear fruit. A hundred years too long, Luo Ming confident hundred years later he was already the end of Dan, just that "Seven grass" purposes and now he is not known, it seems this time to go after these "Seven grass" effect find out about the job. See no need to stay here for a short time, Luo Ming in the "Seven grass" arrangement set out a strong defensive battle formation, so that the spirit of good grass to avoid other creatures destroyed, do not worry at this point last hole and set up a powerful This prohibition give up the matrix method. Luo Ming can clearly feel "Seven grass" underground roots around in the absorption of spiritual power, which is surrounded by hills,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, most of that is caused by this spirit of grass. Resettled "Seven grass" back again after Luo Ming largest pools that bell emulsion side, this effort closer look at the bell with emulsion. At the moment three Wicked little guy can not wait long in the side of the little guy, but this little thing is not as obedient Bai Ling will be a long paws waterholes also fitted to do without things like, a poor eye Luo Ming looked devastated. Luo Ming lifted a hand gently holding liquid, refreshing feeling accompanied pure spiritual power passed to his body. Luo Ming hesitated even in this full bell emulsion played a bubble bath in the pool, the whole body immersed in the pool, the slightest gentle Qing Ling Ming Luo spiritual force invaded the body to help him transform the already very sick body . Of course, in addition to his Wicked outside another three were allowed to enter inside the pool, which was fun little guy playing in the water too, bell Wicked body lotion on the same wonders, only that in such a rich aura of practice on Wicked growth is very effective, the current three Wicked Wicked are two bands under cultivation in the cave believe that soon will be able to step up. For those who let others see Luo Ming comprehension so ruined bell lotion must be gas hopping! Bell emulsion soaking in effect within comprehension can be used to describe the magic, although do not see results within a short time, but after the transformation of the potential of the whole body have improved a great one, but of course, this luxury renovation Few people can enjoy. So many bell emulsion can improve by a large number of ordinary physique, that if a martial art will be able to get these bell emulsion increased large number of low-level short disciples, pretty soon will be able to power surge, if an individual, be it able to build a powerful short martial forces. But these are not the desired Luo Ming, Luo Ming ideal of longevity and strong, have the right not to establish martial Luo Ming pursuit, even a martial art, but it was not able to increase the strength of the Luo Ming wanted, the so-called people's minds is the most difficult pondering, even today transformed into an ordinary comprehension, it is difficult to guess the heart, good for evil things Luo Ming see much more. Luo Ming reluctant greatly enhance their strength, but also do not want to personally bring a few might endanger his men out. Luo Ming Zhong emulsion so these are not going to tell anyone, even seen as a pillar for future disposition as honest friend, Luo Ming is also up to help them improve their physical fitness, it does not cost anything a little liquid enough, but he was only one person here known, chips or personally grasp assured. With this in mind the many bell emulsion Luo Ming naturally enjoy the advantage of feeling their own constitution has been elevated to a stable stage, Luo Ming will be out of the pool, which says Tan spent a small part of this moment, and then He took the little guy and in this karst caves transit in a circle. In a low-lying locations Luo Ming stopped,nike jordan outlet, soul sweep find that locations can be below the soul, that is, that the release of trace Reiki cracks were found in the little guy, which can come here with Luo Ming . Such a valuable natural sites Luo Ming will not allow others to be possible to find here, to find some special stone, will it rip completely blocked, and then turn a few laps to ensure that in addition to their own people and then later he could not find the cave was assured down. Here is safe secretive aura strong, so unique treasure Luo Ming has been attempting to place as his own Dong Fu, right here naturally to transform something, although he was able to light after all night but no inconvenience, but fortunately this fluorite class lighting class comprehension items is very cheap, Luo Ming prepared before a lot. These fluorite fitted to the top of the hole immediately surrounding brightness up. That at the growth of "Seven grass" hole Reiki is the most full-bodied he intends to use it as practicing quiet room, Luo Ming, one of the biggest hole on the inside so that three evil practice, the bell inside the pool emulsion also allows them to use, This three Wicked Luo Ming intends to focus training. As a future combat power Luo Ming naturally not mean capital can be described under the foot, after all if they did not play too weak Wicked Jones role. Of course, as the best spiritual solution to restore mana Luo Ming finally installed a few bottles of lotion with me spare minute, this thing with people fighting life-time, but something a little mouth will be able to recover the loss of magic moments. Luo Ming busy going to go to these appointments, who "pillars" and his brother had an appointment in this new Dong Fu Luo Ming has been delayed for most of the day, I believe in the column leg muscles should be home. Luo Ming do not want to missed appointments, the three Wicked stay in Dong Fu practice, after a brief layout Luo Ming Tudun left. This place does not intend Dong Fu Luo Ming opened door of the house, I believe that even if he ended their subtlety may also be off again found, in order to ensure the safety Luo Ming out at all cost mana every time every time, Tudun, so only he a person knows where this Dong Fu. This is surrounded by desolate even densely are not, do not worry about someone find here, out to the hills outside Luo Ming swept the entire piece with the soul of the mountain, so he was satisfied with the results obtained, although there are other places that isolated Reiki and God knowledge of the strange stone, but only his barren Dong Fu of this place is as a whole chunk. There are many other places such as stones,oakley sunglasses online, but those stones are a piece of rock there is no possible conditions for the formation of stalactite cave. Luo Ming, this place seems stalactite caverns are formed together a special terrain, see the possibility of not being found not worry Luo Ming, glanced getting late, Luo Ming stature flashing disappear in place , toward the distant "pillars" pointing to that mountain rush. So full of Luo Ming transported from dodge rush toward the pillar home, watching it immediately darkening sky. While Luo Ming turned "pillars" a specified time that mountain, the mountain has heard the familiar roar. ! ~! . . <

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