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04.06.2013 03:53
reason why disturb the factions antworten

> Article eight chapters that were Aoba disciples fled a cry, all parties look dramatically, although Luo tomorrow are prepared disciples did not know that was how to find him, but this time it is not asked,Cheap Oakley Polarized, did not hesitate Taking advantage of the two sides is still some distance, Luo Ming and a few people do not struggle, come see these people just seem sick adder hands did not release the intention of taking advantage of the brief pause time imperial minor one street, Luo Ming lightweight around five rapid direction toward the border Wu rushed. WWw! QUANBen! COMW. Those five people will be thrown about in the back, and this time a few people think of Ming Luo side and rushed off to chase chase. "Idiot ah! Blind shouting about!" Luo Ming heard a bawl came out, there are people urgently cries! "Liu Young-speed communications, please go to the elders to come, I'll wait to continue to pursue." Luo Ming had heard these words of the instruments used to rapidly and suddenly raised line, obviously willing to spend mana should distance while his hands on more than one spell, flashing white light spell to see the sky and flew toward the back of the pursuers. Three consecutive batches of amulets allow hot pursuit behind a few people suffered terribly, filled the lower face looked a few people can spell Yingkang, but strictly under the above must not run this place, "Luo Ming." Originally both instruments there is a gap, it seems that few people are ordinary building base disciples, obviously not very good mix in the door, four in three of the instruments used are advanced only one person is Acura France device, using the best instruments on this disciple in speed and also slightly better compared Luo Ming, Luo Ming lot of spells in after seeing the gap between the two sides is widening. Luo Ming disappeared in the blink of an eye a few people in front, so that four very helpless despair has failed to catch, then came back rapidly piercing sound, I heard this voice that few people chase the spirit of earthquake. Saw a yellow brilliance caught up from behind, without a pause just speed slightly lower number, a rough voice came from Guanghua. "A group of wastes! People which direction to go?" Saw a few people do not retain the Luo Ming, an angry tone of voice heard unquestionable hegemony. "King of the elders, the man imperial Wu quickly toward the direction to go, I'll wait for incompetence." Was his closest disciples scolded even dare to breathe hurriedly fled in the direction that the Luo Ming. "Humph!" Heard voices of discontent spread, yellow light has crossed the crowd toward the direction away Luo Ming chase. Elders saw that the king left, several people automatically slowed down, although they are still a hurry look, but not the previous urgent. In a little while a brilliance caught up from behind, which is to messaging Aoba disciples. "Liudao You did not think your speed really fast,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, you Aoba doors this King Presbyterian temper really big, and we were the elders of the fire-hyun something to fight." Speak a fire-hyun were disciples, this man age is no longer a small, slender eyes, a round face and keep long-bearded. "We are also fortunate king elders responsible guardian of two positions, the next arraignment elders that point to come here from another way, which can come in time, or if let that Luo Ming slip away from our eyes a few, that I waited a few people no one has had a good day! "Liu Young young, handsome man is quite long. "Who is not it? This movement so much noise so great, we two sects dispatched hundreds of elders in this border line layout, building the base of countless fellow is, as is grasping such a building base disciples, and you say that this news is not too much noise point?! "speak is required is that the length of the fire-hyun were disciples. "It's pretty big? You do not know the next couple of days ago Communications brothers to me, they are a large number of disciples to follow the elders in the entire car later found the whole country three times Leng Shimo have to find out who really is scary, you know with What team is what people? "The speaker was a whitish face Aoba disciples. See him pretending to be mysterious way, the edge of the fire-hyun were quite long to be disciples of disdain. "Which is nothing more than your palm leaf door to teach, teach you a few palm where I majored in fire-hyun were old cases for the worse?" "Your old sovereign is powerful, but I also have four divisions Aoba door ancestral sits, do not know it? this is my search led Aoba Dubhe ancestors! "This flour disciples proud that out, the edge of a few people obviously do not know these things, do not believe all of a and shocked expression. But they all know that Dubhe ancestors identity and status, it is one of the four pillars of Aoba, Yuan Ying peerless master! How could such a person personally led to arrest people? That long to be disciples did not believe. "You Aoba Gate Exalted Dubhe not have reached mid-Yuan Ying! Heard shortly before exit. Yuan Ying masters are there, just to build the base of one of the disciples?" Flour disciples did not believe was not angry at him . "Do not be surprised fellow next not finished yet, some of his fellow factions even if we join forces against the blockade of the border line which expressed doubts?" Saw several other doubts are all thinking about the look, the disciples around Indeed there are many doubts speculation, a wonder to see everyone's face, so that the popular use this only went on. "In fact, not only here, my brother said messaging together with them in the search for and you were fire-hyun of the disciples, led to know who it is?" To see several other people are exposed angry look, this was no longer guessing quickly went on. "Hey, that fellow had just said, you were an old fire-hyun sovereign!" "Would not it?!" Bearded disciples surprised face growing up his mouth. "I know why this sudden, so much movement it?" This flour disciples, but few people tempt the appetite. Few people are curious face. This time they were sent here somehow arming just issued under two portraits, above the word is passed down to catch it at all costs on two portraits of people and explain two portraits are the same people, of which one is After posing appearance, as to why the arrest this man? Just say that this is one called "Luo Ming" during World War II, Aoba three generations of disciples stole valuables door was wanted. This argument would have some doubts disciples, what this man stealing precious things? Such a fight would be worth. Later identified with the disciples called "Luo Ming," the disciple of a leaf before simply four generations of disciples, which things even more suspicious. Four generations of disciples virtual soul? Even the imperial will not end Dan will send hundreds of elders countless monks built the base in the border line look? This is not saying I'm afraid to go out a few people believe that it is the mission of these two groups is almost always a lot of hearts of his disciples doubts. It seems to really know some flour disciples facts, few people naturally want to know that there's insider, to see the way we are interested in, flour disciples vanity was very satisfying, cleared his throat before said. "The reason why disturb the factions are so many great man is there because that Luo Ming, who cherished treasures, know what treasures it? Hey next not guessing that treasures is your fire hyun cases of shock were treasure Hyun fire Pearl! "This man did not make it everyone's appetite directly say hanging out, but after the shock effect of these words say it is too big. Several other words a person is totally unbelieving and shocked face. "How is this possible!" That long to be a disciple and another fire-hyun young disciples were issued almost simultaneously screams. This fire-hyun Hyun fire beads were disciples in the hearts of the importance is beyond doubt, it is even better than the position of the sovereign in their hearts are important. "That was obviously Hyun Flaming Exalted Xuanyin that Satan had, on the peak day Tianshu war, I fire-hyun were questioning the old sovereign but that old devil himself, and later in order to chase that devil even several Shizu Even Huomo were remnants have not had time to destroy,Oakley Squared, by those who escaped a lot of Magic. "questionable is long to be disciples. "This next do not know, the news or in the next revealed that the brothers, we here uninformed door this matter now many disciples should all know, gentlemen go back and I believe you will hear." Flour disciples explain a bit. "But still justified, it is just an ordinary Luo Ming four generations of disciples, how can we get that fire-hyun beads?!" Bearded disciples still can not believe it. Flour Aoba disciples face of disdain. "This next is not known, but it is not common, but Luo Ming! Ordinary ability to Aoba four generations of disciples such a short time I got to the base building? Able to escape the five people together we will barely count his ability to intercept But to escape the two factions, including the master Yuan Ying, including many experts of the three search, which will probably not normal, right? "! ~! . . <

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