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04.06.2013 03:52
The woman saw Stuart force does not speak antworten

> accompanied by the sound of footsteps, and the five people came to the hall where the courtyard. WWw. QUAnBEn. COM because the hall door open, let Ye Feng and Stuli can see clearly into the courtyard of the people. The five men and unlike any of those people,Jordan 14 Shoes, but neatly dressed in suit. One woman even only, all wearing occupation suit. Whether they are a professional in an industry. See this a few people came to the door, especially to see the woman. Not only Ye Feng frowned, even in situ stress once again exposed the angry look. But Stuli angry look, also hide sadness. "Stuart Grandpa, I have the contract to bring. You signed." The woman first step into the hall, waving hands of a document said. Situ stress is cold to hum a, heavy paused his walking stick. Turn the head to the side,Oakley Sunglasses UK, not to ignore that the woman into the hall. "Stuart Grandpa, you don't think for themselves, but also for the sake of short-haired pelt. Don't you want to let Xiaomao follow you feel alarmed?" The woman saw Stuart force does not speak, he said again. "Zhao Xiaoman devoid of gratitude, you. Stole my things, I will when you are cornered, confused mistakes. Yet you do not repent, for outsiders to bully me this old headman. You have no sense of shame." Stuart force pulls the throat and said. Its tone is angry, but more is an old man's sad. That is called a Zhao Xiaoman woman heard the words of Stuli, s è also face some embarrassment. But this embarrassing God s è soon disappeared. Zhang Kougang tried to speak, but was a voice to interrupt. "I'm afraid you didn't meet just here the troublemakers. Ask them again, with the idea of house, what is the fate." Ye Feng spoke. The words of Zhao Xiaoman choked back. She did not meet those men who come here. And those who did not timely what happened here tell their employers. Those people are busy to cure injury, there is time to go to other. "Who are you? The house for sale and not you have the final say. Where words don't ask for trouble." A man standing beside Zhao Xiaoman said. Zhao Xiaoman also watching the leaves of maple. Leaf maple sneer, ignoring that the person speaking. Even the eyes are not to see them. Still just the tone said: "get out, and go back and tell your master. Someone here to stir up trouble, I whether is it right? He sent, first to his life." Had not Ye Feng when the few people in the matter, after hearing this, everyone gasped. They don't know Ye Feng said is true or false,Oakley Radar Online, but they can be rogue unlike before, its ability to hear words of s è, not the ordinary people can ratio. Can say such things, so they have to consider carefully. It is said that the export, leaf Fengzhen gonna do? In fact, the leaf Fengzhen will do. Especially in the time to see the woman, he hates not immediately bring the woman slapped fly out. The Zhao Xiaoman Ye Feng not only know, and she

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