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04.06.2013 03:42
they think to is very good antworten

Become very confused between > scenes for. WWw, quaNBen, COm a total of seventeen monks launched an attack on the leaves of the maple. There are six repose at the early stage, the rest is the basic spirit of late pregnancy, there are several Yun Ling medium-term monk. For what is happening now, although Ye Feng doesn't understand why. But he could see that Ma Ming brought the so-called Xian Zhi, brought him all this. The fairy idea of the things Ye Feng is not only to see the first, before it is unheard of. Not only is this leaf maple, is that these are and Ye Feng battle, and previously the besieged Ye Feng monk, also has not seen the fairy purport. Among them, only a few people in the books, or from his elders about fairy Zhi records. The fairy purport is it right? Really can open the palace,Air Jordan 5 UK, is it right? Really at the temple has become immortal secret, these monks don't know. See fairy purport on portrait of Ye Feng monk, has grabbed Ye Feng's mind. Ye Feng of course also see these people's mind. So Ye Fengcai relentlessly first hand, to kill a monk, to deter those who surround him. But did not expect, did not give up the friar too much, just fly out not long, leaf maple is once again being stopped. The war also unfolded. Fighting monks sky, a hand all very fast. Originally, they thought Ye Feng could fix for strong,Oakley Polarized, is unlikely to withstand the six rest early monk sell together. Moreover, there are so many Yun Ling later. But the master did not expect, leaf maple power far beyond their imagination. Just war soon, have been pregnant Ling period monk died in the hands of leaf maple. Even in less than three minutes after the fight, have a rest early monks died in the hands of Ye Feng. The dead monk's repose on the rest is early, and Ye Feng fighting monks, is a very big blow. Especially those Yun Ling period. Would have been Ye Feng's powerful frighten them, after seeing a pregnant spirit monk died, had quit. The friar repose early death, more aggravating retreat meaning their. Play but want to retreat, they think to is very good. But Ye Feng did not want to let them go. For these seventeen monks, leaf maple a all don't want to let go. He needs through seventeen of them again, Li wei. The battle continued to air the white-hot. Those previously and leaf maple to see Xian Zhi the monk,Coach Purses Online, has also come with a. They are not too close, just in the far watching. See these monks come, Ye Feng hit more aggressive. By this time and he's still fighting monks left five repose early monks, as for other people, have all died in the Ye Feng hand. The remaining five people, has become the image of dew. And even if they want to escape, have been unable to escape. A small realm of Ye Feng fix for the original than the remaining five high. But the character of the rune Valley to fight, can play a great help. Ye Feng through the character's casting speed, than other people a lot faster. Even if

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