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04.06.2013 03:35
a dim light out of many antworten

> align corpse puppet in leaf maple finger tip sh è the golden moment, the moment there are three have been through. WwW, QunabEN, coM until fourth will be through time, this fourth cadaver after, along with the other Corpse Explosion after together. The golden light is submerged in the corpse after the explosion. At that moment the corpse after burst open, two elders quickly back two s è pale. His mouth had a trace of blood. This is a side effect of his Corpse Explosion brought after priming. The corpse after are connected and two elders of mind. Every corpse after explosion, will cause no small damage to the two elders. Nowadays in order to resist Ye Feng sh è to his golden light, in addition to detonate corpse puppet,New Arrivals Coach UK, two elders have time to do other things. Body parts, a dim light out of many, again through three out of the two elder body before the corpse after, came to the two elders of the front. Then just after the explosion of corpse already was two elders for some time. Taking advantage of this time, the two elders took out a shield magic block at before the body. Dull sounds, tarnished gold hit the shield. The golden just disappear, appear in a crack two elders of the shield, he also rewind and go. Compared with Pan Zhiming, although two elders also injured, but much lighter. Pan Zhiming in the face of leaf maple by Kowloon map sh è out of gold, do not know the power of gold. Because of do not know, to make this life magic weapon destroyed results, sustained injuries. If not timely take some kind of defense Pan Zhiming magic block in magic, I'm afraid that gold can be through direct. In fact, sh è to two elders of golden light, than the SH è to Pan Zhiming's golden weak some. After all, two of them have a fix for the gap a little. Ye Feng didn't want the consumption of the body's spiritual power, so with the weakest attack Kowloon map can release to attack the two elders. This makes him a chance to live. The other side of the four elders and two elders, has been head of the situation is very clear. He worried, but not recede. Because by the jade character consisting of a character array sh è a lightsaber, has been thoroughly drowning him. The character array lightsaber is inexhaustible, let him go back. A number of defensive magic in front of him against those lightsaber, big fan y ī n soul also together, form a defense. Until now, the four elders of the defense is still very strong, look even if again continue,air jordan store, will not be the lightsaber attack. But Ye Feng did not sell to, even without even looking at the four elders. Just pay attention to have to climb from the ground ', and soon fell to the ground in two elders. Pan Zhiming suffered in golden light. He didn't want to,Coach Store, it seems insignificant gold has so powerful. But his defense weapon many, their response is timely, and now I'm afraid he was a dead man. See also was the golden detonation fly two elders, Pan Zhiming wiped his mouth with blood, turned into the sea devils gate

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