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04.06.2013 03:31
Wang Wei has found his grandfather's antworten

Wang Wei home in Haicheng which also has not the small influence. Www! QUaNBEN! COM in the city close to the edge position, there are also private area a little. At this time in the private territory a luxury house two floor of the library, an old man's beard at several middle-aged people with thunder. Outside the room there are a lot of people, all the atmosphere could not breathe waiting. After the study of the elderly and have a good temper, the room was heavily away. It was in the room at the old man came out from the inside. At the same time, there are three scolded middle-aged people has also left out. In the study of people outside to see the old man come out, one and all to the old way. And all of them bowed his head didn't go to see the old man. Fear of man will temper to himself. The old man took two steps, turned a face of anger s è hurtle behind, three middle-aged people just called to say: "hurriedly give me. If the rabbit will things gone, I do not take off his skin." Three middle-aged man nodded again and again, but no one to act immediately. After the old man said, angrily back to go forward. Just then, the door of the house was open. Because of the layout of the house is a floor of the living room ceiling built very high, the body can easily see the living room on the first floor of the scene in the two floor of the people. When open the door voice, those gathered in the two floor room outside, all to the door to see. A 20-year-old youth is be jubilant from the door out of. When two people upstairs saw the young man, many people all thinks a bad. The old man saw the young man, even the nose is out of joint. Quickly toward the stairs. Behind him with in three middle-aged men who want to stop, but he did not dare to. Down the stairs to the voice reverberated in the house. Just entered the room the young man saw an old man rushing down from upstairs, glad to meet up at once. "Grandpa, how do you in this. Don't practice today?" The young man went to just walk down the stairs before the old man said. The young man is just from the leaf maple back there Wang Wei. The old man is his grandfather Wang Jiande. As for those two people upstairs, is his father, uncle cousin et al. Wang Jiande looked at the smiling face of Wang Wei,oakley outlet store, the heart of the fire is greater. But it did not immediately attack, just y ī n sink this voice asked: "I put in the room of the thing, is it right? Let you take away?" Wang Wei has found his grandfather's face s è wrong,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, it is found that those who were still on the stairs of the people continued to he makes eye s è. Questioning together with Wang Jiande, Wang Wei already know what happened. Ever if, Wang Wei must sayazi run away. But this time Wang Wei was not afraid. "Yeah. I went in and took the last night." Wang Wei said truthfully. "Things? Get out." "No, let me see." "You......" Wang Jiande was anxious, raised his hand to beat Wang Wei, but see Wang Wei dodge looks,Nike Jordan 3 Sale, but didn't have the heart to fight. Even the floor

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