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03.06.2013 11:08
we have carefully searched antworten

Half an hour later, Ye Gong again in a school before, after deeply saw one eye Yan Xiaokai, it solemnly to all the humanitarian: "we have carefully searched, did not find any abnormality, please rest assured admission examination!" Yan Xiaokai smile, he never doubted that a bomb in this examination, he just didn't like that old stubborn that superior, fart not countenance, intentionally incite people forced him to do. Through the door, when to go, "bang" sound of a locomotive strong came from far away, a red S è street running moment came near. "Ca!" A loud, street running and the emergency brake, the whole motorcycle one hundred and eighty rubbing the ground turned on its head stopped in the school gate side parking lot. This beautiful and handsome and very dangerous drift emergency brake has attracted the public eye, even those with J ng to observe its forgot to come out of people. In skintight leather pants, with full helmet woman stepped out...... How to see that this is a woman? Bullshit, man has such a big chest? The woman put the car stop, get out of the car, that moment solution under the helmet, everyone has a beautiful feeling. This street sports car is really a woman, but also extremely beautiful sexy woman, shoulder-length hair dyed red S è, beautiful facial makeup, the side of the ear with three small earrings, tall slim under tight leather leather package curvaceous, mountains ups and downs. After a stunning, we have some doubts, this little younger sister usually dressed girl is the exam? Yan Xiaokai looked at the woman, the order is not the same as an ordinary man, because he is usually the first to see a woman's leg, the woman's legs are long, symmetrical inequality, is not strong, decides the man x ì ng not x ì ng fu. Then the hips, buttocks, the circle is not round,Coach Handbags Sale, Alice is not Alice, in addition to decide the man x ì ng not x ì ng Fu,Oakley Juliet Sale, but also determines the good birth. Then is to look at the chest, chest, in his view is not necessarily better, but it must not be too small, because it not only did not feel,cheap jordan shoes, also hungry. Finally see the face, although there are many idiot think, woman, no matter what, turned off the lights are the same. But he is wise, that is not the same, to a piece of her face, with a Sora Aoi figure, turned off the lights, you can feel happy? Only this time, he sees women order much change, because when the woman down from the locomotive, presentation is the face. Just beginning to see this woman face, Yan Xiaokai also has a bright feeling, because in this world, almost woman is handsome, but handsome only partially, delicate and pretty to superior and less strikingly handsome, lets the person feel amazing less. This woman is strikingly handsome, can let a person feel amazing after that, only some unfortunately, this woman looks nice, but the makeup was too thick, too exaggerated, powder too much, white like painted plaster, lips and anointed too bright, red like blood, but the mouth also move move gum chewing something, watching a little girl. Yan Xiao Kaiyuan >

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