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03.06.2013 11:02
what do you want to know antworten

See Yan Xiaokai shocked expression, Hao Xing hurriedly explained: "ah,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, I see you know Feng Shui, and can judge the good and bad, guess you will certainly fortune-telling is?" Yan Xiaokai only modest way: "know, know a little!" Hao Xing joy put out his hand and said: "you give me the math!" Yan Xiaokai did not take her hand, but look at her face and asked: "what do you want to know?" Hao Xing said: "what can be!" Yan Xiaokai then took her by the hand, with cool and, with warm, tender and smooth as butter, just think this hand was in the following, but it is a heart, although he managed to compose himself, but still some confusion, people give him is a hand, he just talked about face, "your face is very typical of the oval face, forehead to chin is oval, chin was meat, slightly jowly appearance, this is a great loyalty to her husband, said, heart wide, no movement, be considerate of others, and gentle, like this appearance, life health and longevity are, the children were also in the side." Hao Xing after listening eagerly asked: "then I get married? There are no children?" This problem, for all men, all is not a problem, there's no marriage, clothes off try not to know, try not to come out, go to the marriage registration office to check is not clear? I have no children, more simple, don't take your pants off, her clothes have a look the belly have stretch marks be crystal clear. But this is only the general method of men in general use, Yan Xiaokai this is not the general man nature not the vulgar way, he just glanced at her palm, then shook his head: "your marriage lines centered on, meaning that your marriage than others more later, also somewhat according to rough, palmistry, should be in the Sanshisiwu before they married, look at your eyebrows, forehead, there were no signs of growth before, so you should not be married, and have no child. But this is also the armrest face phase to speculate, may not necessarily be authentic." Hao Xing smell speech not a disappointment, because she clearly belongs to the evening news said the 3S lady, and she asked again: "that my parents? All living in Ankang?" Yan Xiaokai carefully have a look, then Han head way: "from you three stop facial surfaces of the twelve house, your father is still alive, but his mother had died, and his body is not healthy." Hao Xing heard a break your heart, ask again: "that I have brothers and sisters?" Yan Xiaokai to her face and hands looked again, shook his head: "you are the only woman!" Hao Xingwei Leng once, then I do not know what to ask what it is, but: "ah,Cheap Oakley Hijinx, you're still my body to see what?" Yan small open her put it: "roughly like this,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, according to your birthday horoscopes and surface's overall, you before this year are busy running, even a wandering, to haul some changes this year, there will be a decreed by fate of the disasters, but you don't worry too much because you get hit, du to rob, the aftermath, life hung Lok, Bai Yun to cheung." Hao Xing was frightened.

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