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03.06.2013 10:26
uncle to help get home antworten

> Five hundred and seventh chapter of time looking at the nuclear black robe old Zuping Jing carnage flashing altar, there is such a perfect boy Gengu ancient demon worship, should be able to make the demons unearthed ancient time is greatly reduced! But four weeks is suddenly shaking up and saw blood Guang Shan chaos, gradually fades, and soon disappear. The altar zhōngyāng carnage enveloped the place, Xiao pole still lying there. "Green feel you okay? Damn guy, making me put my brother!" Green lù below cursed with, unfortunately jiāo soft sounds and not the slightest deterrent. "This little guy in the end what is the monster? Actually able to resist phagocytosis of ancient demons!" Black robes ancestors stared, shocked hearts indescribable. But he is not hesitant to generation, big sleeves pendulum, turned into a ghost hand, the rapid out, even toward Xiao catch pole waving away! But at the moment, a mysterious power of law will be very tightly wrapped Hsiao, actually motivated the mysterious force between heaven and earth, will hit the devil's hands once again bounce back! Black robe ancestors found no change in the situation actually will happen, there is no preparedness, even by their own attacks to repel a few steps! "Defensive instruments, or to self-protection!" They saw a black robe ancestors strength comes from a very hands on Xiao ring, suddenly the hearts of the idea of ​​a move. This is the power of the ring he is seen very clearly, and even their own attacks, are able to completely reverse shè, will certainly not where the goods. "Little guy, you hand the ring is how come?" Black robe ancestors Xiao pole pointing hands ring. "You mean this?" Xiao raised his hand with a very anti-shè ring. "This I do not know, it seems that his appearing." Gently jump off the altar, Xiao very few young girls walked toward. Seeing black robes ancestors, knowing very moment there is no way to get Shaw, Shaw thought should have received a very just scared, and preparation will come looking for Xiao pole. Hsiao very moment, but the idea of ​​God and Hao is using AC. "How the? Refining such an ancient devil's nuclear legacy of the time how long it takes?" Hao heard this, but it is a meal. "Ah, the time will probably not be too short. Nuclear time there was a king before entering the realm revere comprehend jīng China, is the core of the law of the time,oakley sunglasses store, by the time the core,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket Cheap, will be able to see through time rule, which derived the transcend time rule strength, impact revere realm! so there is no period of refining, it is difficult to fully grasp. "" Now you are in Confucianism among industry, anti shè rings protected from danger, this time I'm going to fall asleep, refining time of audit, as long as it completely comprehend, I was also able ko goods into the realm of magic. "Hao's voice reveals a hint of excitement, but soon disappeared gone, even said that sleeping on sleeping, indeed some silent Xiao pole. "Great sleep children younger brother, scared me." Green lù wiped tears, quickly pulled Xiao pole, carefully looking upper and lower body wounds. "I'm fine, that black robe would ancestors half past one should not come, we first take a break now." Xiao extremely long sigh, sitting on the ground. "Atta boy, did not think courage is also good." Li Luo Xiao praise very first time, it is somewhat surprising that Xiao extreme sense. "Hand ring how else? Heirloom baby?" Gently crouch down, turned out to be very hands Xiao ring up interest. "I do not know how it is, when danger suddenly appeared in my hands." Xiao pole will ring to win, and handed Li Luo. Li Luo Ganggang took, is preparing some research and found that actually rings directly from the hands disappear, Xiao pole fingers appeared above. "Huh? This is too amazing, I have never seen such a thing, is it odd that is the mouth of the instruments used in black robes?" Several young are very curious to see Shaw, did not notice the air legacy black robe ancestors concept of God. "This boy is probably someone mighty reincarnation, from rings marvelous strength point of view, this boy before his death will certainly also a presence of transverse and longitudinal side of the matchless! Have such an adder body care, within the square among the world, I'm afraid to hurt little boy afterward once grown up, I will never be his opponent! "black robes ancestors hearts secretly thinking that absolutely can not start a feud with Shaw pole. After about half an hour, appeared in a black gown ancestors once again in front of several young girls. "Haha, turned out to be a misunderstanding. Patriarch but the next best friends with Haier, which is a complete misunderstanding, in that case, in order to compensate for Junior's rude to you, I invite you to feast goods, how?" Black robe ancestors Face fast, definitely a must. "So, but I waited too long away from home, fear of parental care, but also hope the ... uh, uncle to help get home, I'll wait a sense jī endless." Xiao, then suddenly got very few young girls endorsed, in this evil place where they are to be overflowing enough, do not want to leave the moment, although I do not know why this change gowns ancestors, but with the head in the crowd to go home without conflict. "Well, the old lady I'll buy you a ride." This robe ancestors surface sè a pumping, the first to be called uncle. But then I thought, is a super-strong reincarnation called uncle, but also non-ordinary people can enjoy, so they ease. Is a few hour's time, several young girls appeared in the city among the suddenly sigh. Sè before dawn sky at the moment, no one in town to walk, despite the image of several young girls are lying on the ground, big mouth and breathe air. "Awareness children Buddy, I admit you're not a coward, you are not already know where bandits will keep in Zhaimen?" Li Luo disaster Detuo, when the mind is also fun. "I'll wait for the first rì into the cottage, must want to escape, while the bandit chieftains did put me off a man empty-handed with you in one, certainly think I'll wait to escape by night, of course, will send waited at our must pass through road. "" So,oakley sunglasses sale, this is really a demon IQ! "Li Xiao Luo wants to shoot a shoulder pole, but looked at the hands of anti-shè Xiao pole ring, or bitterly withdrew the hand. "This survived, it seems far after the blessing, several brothers and sisters, I will go ahead and reported back to the House otherwise specified rì would certainly be my father cāo got dead." Li Luo right a few people smiled and disappeared into the night. "Feel children younger brother, we go back outside, really too dangerous." Green lù patted xiōng mouth with the other sisters say goodbye, took Xiao pole, walked toward the green house. Several others also returned to their government, in this regard among the city, how many people they are absolutely not consider dangerous, the only consideration is to go back after what should explain ...... Q! . <

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