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> Four hundred and seventieth chapters five tone has been shipped Ding Xuan Road Chongrubujing head, face sè moment is slightly changed, stature Yizheng. WwW, QunabEN, coM stay in the supreme realm for them for years, being able to set foot on heaven, is absolutely unimaginable yòuhuò! "Xiao said deputy head of the rational, the recent seven-nation alliance led to hardship, my door is as mysterious oriental mysticism World first Masamichi martial, must not allow such incidents, it appears that dominate the Eastern mysticism World, is the best solution. "Xuan said head nodded, very serious, said. "Since the head has been seen that this matter dealt with head on to the next to go solve that devil, and say good-bye." Xiao pole smiled, said aloud. "Ah, head askew careful." At the core of the ground in a huge volcano at the end. If there is no supernatural powers, can not go through this rolling deep magma. Magma at the bottom, there is a continuous burning hot, you want to enter the ground, it must pass through the hotspot. "Seen deputy head." In the depths of the earth, mysterious doors of the Supreme dozen strong, is being cast magic, dark repression of a tripod. Several mysterious door while being strong, there are two tripod to rule pushed forward. Two tripod forces that zhōngyāng a pressure in the top of it a few mouthfuls of air transport are all tripod tripod, just zhōngyāng that one is being suppressed with Xiongmo! "You wait first cases go back here to me." Although there are two tone shipped dozen strong tripod is pushed together, the suppression of the rest of a tripod, but the tripod is still magic in the air among the increasingly stronger than it seems in the glorious World of Xiao encountered very devil, earlier recovery, and more to be close to appear. Three tripod in the magic gas under the influence of slight vibration, Xiao enormous sleeves waved a few mouthfuls tripod suddenly by the town in the place, there are relentless momentum! "Deputy head of the really good means being the case, then I wait to say good-bye." These Extreme giant foes received a mysterious door head acoustic concept of God, so that Xiao pole strength,Oakley Store, will no longer be prepared to stay here. Have to leave after the deep underground, will be left pole and three tone Xiao Yun Ding. Directly to another two close up, concept of God Dasheng under the gas into the gas that has a magic tripod being shipped. This is like a mysterious air transport tripod strong build, designed to suppress these primeval demon. Until now, however, the devil foes recovery, it seems necessary to wake up. Think of boundless waters among gluttonous, expect it may also air transport among the devil on tripod, perhaps they gathered nine tone shipped tripod, we can suppress this Swire Xiongshou! In the air transport Ding among the crest of the same magic in the air, a lot of demons exist in it. These demons no wisdom, he seemed Xiongshou general, only know that killing. But to a certain extent to enhance the strength, it can produce its own laws. Therefore, Xiao-pole kill these evil beasts, for the law itself, transformation, or have difficult implicit benefits! This air transport among the devil tripod though tyrannical, but it is only day throughout Kokonoe peak strength, very concerned for Xiao no threat, force completely broke, and soon put the entire air transport among the magic tripod head beheaded clean. Mysterious door into a gas transport tripod, this Xiao pole know. After all, in the days of the reign, they had seen. And Xiao did not think very mysterious door could have been transported again to collect breath tripod, a full two. In this way, Xiao-pole plus the previously obtained, and is not, as the rule that a refinery would have five full tone shipped Ding! Yun Ding few breaths link between what I do not know, when placed in one, but it is not the slightest reaction. After its close up, Xiao pole into the ground will be out. At the moment in the entire state of Chu, Chu Guohuang seven countries are moving in the coalition to attack the city. "What did you say? Devil link disappeared? This can not be! Devil but the gods of ancient times, the power to Armageddon, how could disappear?" Seven nations leaders gathered in one, in which the king of Qin always , unusual fury said. "Your Majesty, this is true. Those who have been given the power of the devil monks, now has foes killed." An officer took a deep breath, stop the fear of the mind,Outlet Coach, cautiously said. "It's impossible! I want to monopolize the entire Eastern Daqin World, absolutely nobody can stop! Even the devil does not work! Biography I ordered, seven multinational coalition to speed into the state of Chu, I do not believe that the state of Chu also among themselves stop me seven multinational forces! "Qin Guojun Lord gave the order, all the soldiers are up to speed, toward Chu Guohuang city rush. Among the city in Chuguo Huang, Miss China is standing on top of a huge building, and in the mainland China behind, is the height of nine baizhang. "Brother, do not worry too much. Swami since it has come back, even the Boxer Rebellion, still unable to defeat Chu." China's side in the land, there is an absolutely sè beauty, it is extremely Shaw's disciples Flow. "Junior sister apprentice say is that the coalition has only seven countries in close proximity, even if I still can not escape." Lu Hua smiled, the Flow Yu Zhi in hand. Seven coalition soldiers very much, composed of a dense mass, into a Black Sea, towards the entire state of Chu from the impact. Chu among many monks suddenly appears, displaying supernatural powers, facing the front of the dense mass of seven-nation alliance soldiers to attack. Among the seven countries in the coalition of the monks, but also set up magic that will protect the back of one's monks, while facing the direction of the Imperial assault! But in this supremely party to carve up the expansion of air magic suddenly, heavy momentum suddenly make seven-nation alliance frightened horses under the seat, shudder, unable to move. It is this terrible pressure, but also the entire state of Chu and the seven-nation alliance soldiers difficult breathing! I saw in the sky among several monks, covered breath very distinguished, broke open space,Coach Crossbodys Online, appears directly in the void above. "I'll wait for the elders are mysterious door, could not bear to see the creatures spitting, especially to prevent this catastrophe." Said a middle-aged monk verbally, and waved his hand, grabbed the seven monarch exhaustively. "In his own greed, so that the common people affected by this amulet, it got to be!" But not display their supernatural powers, several monarch will be in the eyes of panic among the ashes. "Oriental World has one hundred countries, war endlessly. Till World of the dispute, I fully assistant keeper Chu Xuan Road, dominate the mysterious Orient World!" Several Supreme outburst, suddenly pass rang throughout the East World! Enough to have one hundred countries are heard the mysterious doors of the language, extremely shocked! Even with many countries to prepare immediate surrender of the monarch, after all, but absolutely can not fight the mysterious doors of the super giant ...... Q! . <

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