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then heaven and on earth antworten

> Full text no ads chapter four hundred and forty seventh day environment in the territory Yaesu Xiao pole to the will of the eternal fusion Tianfu, the eternal day ancestors trace timeless engraving out, suddenly make King of kings soul body will instantly collapse! This is part of the eternal eternal day ancestors of the road, far from being king will be able to contend with! Body and Soul King saw shocked lose sè, covered with lightning winding, endless sand king will like Han Shuo general spewing, but life and life is eternal law crackdown down! This is after all just kings Body and Soul Body and Soul, not kings body in the eternal Tianfu this Swire magic under full power, the body has begun to instability, is life and life refining up! Xiao also started very moment the soul of the body's vital energy throughput King, which had swallowed Nielong different king is a king will really have the strongest means Nielong though they have no less than the real kings body, but the soul will there is still far unable to be compared with the King! "It's impossible! But my King, transverse and longitudinal eternal and immortal, how could die here!" King of Soul Body cheeky fiercely, feeling the power of lightning turned violent madness up! "Boom -" unimaginable roar burst of sound, Body and Soul King actually exploded off! Even the eternal Tianfu, Body and Soul in an explosion under the King, still broke open a trace. wwW! qUANbeN! coM Full text no ads "Well, King is the King, by virtue of the power blew the soul body, so spiritual source of escape out of the reincarnated Here is the reincarnation of the Department hell, we have not on the chase, Just do not know why the king among the reincarnation into hell. "hell's environment is extremely harsh, even reincarnation, heaven or humanity should choose this place safely. (Full text books free download) "Do not know, but blew Body and Soul King, still down a lot of kings jīng China, after phagocytosis, imagine the benefits for me!" This is Xiao pole head, even if the spot engulfed Nielong body, did not bring much to the advantage of extremely Xiao, after Nielong just have no less than kings tyrannical body, far from the origin can not be compared with the real king. But it will be too tyrannical king, Xiao extremely realm now simply can not swallow whole, can only be a small part of the refinery, then with the power of eternal Tianfu,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK, the remaining part of the Body and Soul King sleepy locked up. Even a small portion of refining Body and Soul King, still entering the day that Xiao extremely heavy throughout the realm of eight, reaching the mid-day environment Yaesu extent, this breakthrough speed sufficient to cause phenomenal men can answer. Trauma suffered very moment Shaw has been completely restored, shadow flash, out of the eternal Tianfu. "You guys gave me careful, last month, the big blind is provoked not provoke soul body was completely struck once encountered too strong soul, and ye do not catch up, in order to avoid asking for trouble, Listen clear to you? "In the vicinity of hell, the soul is still a strong family, watching over two shaman soul family in general, will be ready to catch reincarnations of the soul body taken out and placed in a Yuping being. "Haha, as long as the lock Soul Jars filled, I was able to get the king's reward to a higher level when the power will be able to!" Strong hint of soul family proud smile, but think of the fatal disaster has Advent. I saw a glaring gold sè Jianmang from emptiness emerge, it will not react in the immediate family of the soul beheaded! Meanwhile, the two witches again Jinmang general family of one soul in two, in the moment, Xiao pole figure emerges, these three ethnic soul devouring power of law. "Sure enough, several other sectors with different rules." Xiao very ghost of a smile, while the figure hidden into emptiness, disappear again. "Oh king, I do not know why, I was hell bound soul tribe strong to kill a mysterious, lost a lot of soul family, but the seventh day environment family touches the soul has not been much to kill, probably one day the strong environmental Kokonoe! "circles of Hell mountain cave among a soul family peace of Lili exist toward zhōngyāng a report it. "Such cowardly, leaving what you use?" Someone does not care if there is sound being echoed in the mountain cave. While the bottom of the soul family is incredible expressions, body actually getting broken, and finally the same as if the lens broken, not even the slightest blood flow, it is terror. "Your Majesty, in your opinion, this disruptive guy who would it be?" A charming voices, in this empty cave, it is the temptation moving. "Do not know,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, according to my projections of force, even the secret can not be deduced. Should be a fate not within Heaven guy ..." Immediately, a thrill of horror to the extreme of the atmosphere, coming in caves! "However, just let me capture a trace of his shadow, then heaven and on earth, he would die!" Xiao pole at the moment has swallowed a lot of soul family law nearly a hundred species increased again! But trouble seems to have felt extremely Shaw is coming, so start to rush towards the next target. Convergence of the body breath, Xiao pole flew toward the direction of hungry ghosts, there are circles of hell from the most recent reincarnation channels. Shaw had just left in a very short passage circles of hell, an incomparable atmosphere of terror, turning to a huge hand, direct torn world, towards the direction where the bombardment Xiao pole away! Xiao Tianfu very quickly taken refuge among the eternal, but has suffered a glimmer of attack, suddenly blood Kuangyong, covered Tianyuan forces are confusing up! This is the King of the strong body of an attack, terrorist predicament! If Shaw half a beat slower extreme reaction, this time it has been completely meteorite body, spiritual source will be completely broken boom! At the moment is still a lingering fear Xiao pole and began refining the King eternal legacy among Tianfu Body and Soul, and slowly repair damaged origin. In addition to the eternal Tianfu,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, a middle-aged soul family, slowly emerged figure, looked around. "It's strange, just obviously found a trace of a strange atmosphere, how would suddenly disappear?" Pico himself a cry, this middle-aged soul family once again hidden into the void, figure disappear. Rì nursed back to health after a half, Xiao pole body completely restored, had boundless thanks to the tyranny dragon blood, repair capacity unmatched. Shaw arrived very this realm ** tyranny achieve a threshold level has been, once hit, fix up is extremely troublesome. But Xiao very different, as the dragon blood, their ability to recover extremely alarming, and the stronger the strength of this recovery will be more amazing! God read carefully poked a trace and found four unmanned, Xiao pole This convergence of breath, enter the time gap among the rapidly away. ! @ # (Full text eBook free download) <

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