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> Volume IV Oriental mysticism World] four hundred and sixteenth chapter Li son ------------ four hundred and sixteenth chapter Li son, "Well, it seems that the new soaring up the Beastkin, just for my Soul hook more concise one minute, go die! "Xiao pole saw men sneer, the hands appear sè purple edged hooks Ghostly filled, straight into Xiao pole hit! Sè purple light wind will be a long, instantly turned into little knowledge is a huge purple sè light blade, Ying Xiao pole face to draw! Xiao pole is Alondra play catch, and instantly the entire optical edge tear, while Long footer soared directly tied to several monks, to the extreme forces of terror bombardment out, shaking the entire space whom endless! "Ah, mercy, mercy seniors!" Demons devil party circles monks simply shot the lights, as long as they survive, hesitate to use all means. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm "seniors they do not kill me, I am willing to put my collection of treasures gift predecessors!" "I have a charming nvshì, are absolutely at the child's body, willing to serve seniors, older men in the next willing Chores, spare my life just seniors! "In order to survive, but what yòuhuò that several monks have applied out. But obviously very tired of this Xiao Long footer riots between magic gas industry throughout the demons are stirred luàn, horror magic rolling down, instantly killing several monks on the spot! After devouring a few monks, Xiao pole hearts delight. So this demon monks practicing the law profession and heaven different, mostly practicing some of the laws yīn dark cult poison, such as the rules for Xiao pole Do not swallow the law benefits of a great number of species it! Understand this, Xiao pole will once again into people hindquarters. [This chapter provides you] After gathering point here is not Beastkin once besieged by human monk, leads to tyranny and terror that exists, Xiao extremely afraid to escape a death. If in heaven, scruples Yuanshi Senior's prestige, the monks there may remain a pole Xiao xìng life. But in this nether world among Yuanshi Senior can say without the slightest deterrent effect, after all Yuanshi Senior another tyrannical, even by heaven, in the nether world revere the eyes, shot kill demons circles among the monks. Continue in-depth sector among demons, Xiao killing spree some very ready! "Have you heard not, demons circles recently appeared a devil, personal Talon, the strength of terror, has dozens of small circles bloodbath demons forces, and all the life swallow!" "Of course heard of, but Your message is wrong, this guy is obviously a personal tail, face grim, is definitely a ruthless demon! "Several monks covered in black sè breath between chatting, Xiao pole is across from their side. Demons sector has come in three months time, Xiao extremely kill a large number of monks, do not swallow the rule, as the law also reached five hundred types of species, at the moment Xiao pole repair is to achieve medium-term Seventh-day environment of the territory . Of course, the main Hsiao very first time into the demon community, swallowed due to different rules and heaven, the more backward, then the effect of phagocytosis Xiao extremely worse, devouring demons sector monks, we will have a large number of similar rule. Xiao very moment terrain has nether world were probably asking, among the nether world, triangular potential,Coach Outlet Sale, three angles is three circles: six circles, ghost circles, as well as the demon community, and in the three circles zhōngyāng , that is the core of nether world, where there is revere and kings place of residence, it is also the land of the strongest forces nether world. Whole nether world nether is the strongest revere the Lord of heaven twelve legendary strength is still revere above, but why live in the nether world below into heaven,Nike Jordan 9 Shoes, but it is unknown. Today, a large number of extremely Xiao monks devour demons sector has reached a bottleneck, perhaps the ghost sector and the community is a better place for six, six sector is the strongest among the three realms of a community, after zhōngyāng nether world, while six circles among mén households - mén reincarnation is no way inferior to the nether mén tyranny mén households, but fame resounded through the heavens Wan circles! Xiao pole want to arrive at the ghost sector with six circles among the mén must pass through ghost world and reincarnation mén, ghost world's mén Xiao extreme though not seen, but among Kyushu World But with its hint of ghost jiāo pass-through, although it is not clear all the strength, but wanted to be ranked in the top ten of the heavens mén mén households households, the strength will certainly not bad. "Brother, be interested to see if you have magic?" Xiao pole when walking, a monk is head came up, accosted said. "Magic have?" Xiao pole did not think someone would find myself just do not know what this place is magic. "Yes, brother repair even I can not see it, I am afraid there are more than five-day environment of the realm. Brothers Do not worry, this time among the clan led by Li son, explore the magic are, looking ancient legacy of the Devil holy,Oakley Sunglasses Active Cheap, just not bad luck, it will certainly gain a lot of money. "This person can not see the original Xiao pole strength, that will certainly be an expert Xiao pole, this verbal invitation. But among the monks demons sector extremely cunning, Xiao pole can be not the slightest confidence in them. Seems saw Xiao pole suspect huò, the monks Hey smile, said: "Brothers do not have to worry what the clan organization? Bother to fool with you? Do not believe it and I can now see Li son, now ranks just one person, as long as the brothers agree that we immediately starting, how? "After listening to the words of this monk, Hsiao very thought, that might be able to get some access to the ghost sector of the law, he nodded yes. "Well, without further ado, we went to this audience with Li son, ready to go!" Monk verbally laughed, then took Xiao pole, toward the side of the loft being. Shaw is currently enjoying a very demon circles among a small town, which boasts one of the forces of maintenance, so look fairly peaceful. "Li son, Zhu Ling asked to see." Monk Xiao pole collar on the three-storey pavilion, in a room mén before, stopped, knocking mén said. "Come." Mén came within a lazy voice, Xiao pole and this man named Zhu Ling was pushed mén inside. Mén in the room within a dozen monks are hunkered which are five-day environment over the repair, which, one day throughout seven heavy red robe youth, sitting chairs, in the last one . "Li son, this is what I find a mate, the strength should be good." Zhu Ling said carefully, and that red robe men's eyes jīng flash of light, a surge of tyrannical oppression of the concept of God comes towards Xiao pole, but concept of God just arrived Xiao pole side of the trunk, but it is no longer inch forward! "Well! Heavens Seventh medium strength, not under me! Thus, this trip is all magic grasp surge!" ...... <

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