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> "Xiao Young, clearly has a winner, how do you throw in the towel?" Although Shaw is not how very anxious, but full of hope for the ripples Court of disciples, but it is extremely Hsiao instantly wrapped repeatedly asked. WWw. qUanBen. COm3 ∴ 35686688 "Yes, Xiao Young, if a guy's junior sister apprentice Maoruo angel could be forgiven, but the guy is obviously a man, how do you throw in the towel?" "Ahem." Xiao extremely dry cough twice attracted the attention of the disciples. "Upon my honor grateful brothers senior sister apprentice, in fact, I was just in the Qiang Cheng, think but a stunning Los Young Wizards, even for God throughout Five monks will not necessarily lose, how could I be his opponent? But just cast a forbidden technique, complications great, it is unable to beat the Los Young. "Although Xiao very mouth of the forbidden technique disciples and not heard, but as long as forbidden word about, and both on the monk's body has a huge damage! "So, then Young rest go, to win the second place, I have a large rose ripples Court's face." Lan said aloud months, the other disciples foes dare refute. However, among the ripples Court still immersed in a cheering, every test of, all of the Court's position has a huge impact, the next time a test is not before the arrival of ripples Court's position can squeeze the entire day Yue mé n Public Court first three! Unlike ripples Court's performance, several Gezhu hastily announced a competition ended, will award to inform you victory disciples Gezhu hands after they first left, where traumatized disciples. Xiao pole is to be a disciple of the congregation ripples Court to deafening cheers away. [This chapter is to provide you with] the direction of the house rushed ripples. Suddenly, Xiao very concept of God a move, found hiding in the distance a monk. I saw his eyes flashing coldness, murderous straight into the direction of where bī Xiao pole come. It is a long time did not meet Li Changsheng! Li Changsheng but first Gezhu very favorite disciple, this time precisely in order to obtain second coming disciples Xiao pole beheaded, but many disciples saw ripples Court together, even Li Changsheng, but also the heart there is fear, there is no direct shot. Xiao Li Changsheng very concept of God discovered the figure, naturally know its their minds. But now is not the time of trouble, boarded a higher chance of heaven is coming, he did not need to order an insignificant guy destroy their plan, of course. Provided that this guy is not suicidal. Follow grateful disciple, Xiao et al pole ripples house back together among all the disciples are face with hi sè. Only shortage of working with Pratyeka bit low. "Oh, it is a pity there is no border into day four heavy, or maybe to get a better ranking." Shortage being shook slightly fat head, sigh a sigh. "You pity? I called a pity! Even in the first round of a competition will be among the brush down,Air Jordan 6 Sale, I do not know how to go back after Gezhu Master reprove me." Pratyeka lament loudly, but in reality with his xì ng grid. It is also very difficult to truly sad. "Indeed, the same world Pathwalker see people Shaw brothers,Air Jordan Store, left split clouds jump. Right chopped Huolie thieves, all the way to reach the second, almost even gave Los stunning turned dry, there was no way we brothers phase than, Who we add up to a 'two' it? "" So I'd think of it, the original Xiao brothers should pull together with us, so it will not be 'two' up. "Pratyeka hear shortage being the case, wiseacre mō the mō chin. "Do not wretched. Has come to the hall, and then a pair of facial expressions carefully lù Master gives you sweeping out mén!" Shortage is to make it look a tight Pratyeka. Then correct the expression, and his disciples into the main hall. A test coming six months have passed from the disciples. Xiao Lian Gezhu power pole from the get their reward - Dan won the day. Dan won the day but day goods Dan yào, although only under the order day product, but extremely difficult refining. However, this Dan yào material itself in heaven touches very much, do not worry about Dan yào sources. Dan won the day to day environment monks make fast recovery injury, and even Tianyuan force the following day order for monks, but also can enhance one to several realm of magic! In heaven, with this power Dan yào few, so heaven there throughout the following day cultivation of the monks, but soon will be able to break through to day environment. World of Kyushu Xiao pole, they know the people will return to heaven Kyushu world, but there are many restrictions. This is Dan won the day for their own little effect, but get the Kyushu world, with Shendan is no different. This is the second test of Hsiao-pole want to get the reason. "Xiao pole, you have now reached the pinnacle of five-day environment, only a single opportunity to be able to break through to day environment sixfold. Heavens sixfold strength will be able to greatly enhance the power of law, if pushed founding spring, can even make you swallow a real spacecraft magic, as long as not possess self-consciousness dúlì spacecraft, but the kind of monks refining imitations, foes can swallow, chōu from which the law, for you our strength There are great benefits. "Xiao Hao already know most do not, as the rules of practice, but Genki was not clear. Hao Xiao pole is fully able to trust, and Xiao Genki while also very familiar, but Genki has gradually waking memories of past lives, once fully recovered, Xiao dominant pole itself does not know or is not present Genki, so some Shaw felt something very telling Genki better. "Swallowed spacecraft?" Xiao very heart of a dynamic. But with the spacecraft heaven refining precious substances, including Reiki ample, if swallowed directly, not only the law which may be absorbed, it is converted through Reiki, greatly enhance their ** than swallowed Xiongshou effect more powerful! Xiao pole body has hún now combines the past and the present body, ròu body strength to the next level. However you want to increase again, but it is very difficult. So obvious that Xiao Hao pole saw a goal to continue to enhance its own! "Yes, but the premise is that you must reach the realm of heavy six-day environment, although you are now in a five-day environment pinnacle, but from a breakthrough sixth level, there is still one last step, you want to take that step, it is possible the next moment then a matter of course, but there may be thousands of years làng charge time, so if you want to fast break,Air Jordan UK, only exit traveled sentiment world. "Hao approach is common when you encounter a problem, all the monks of the law, Xiao very naturally not I do not know. Xiao Hao in the pole and chatting when, mén outside came the shortage is sound. "Xiao senior, senior sister apprentice Lan months ago come to you, say Master summoned." .. <

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