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03.06.2013 10:05
fat face pushed a went antworten

> Go to the post Yamanouchi, here is a bamboo forest in bamboo forest, from time to time with a sarcophagus. Www, QUAnben, CoM4 ∴ ⑧ 0 vi 5 "left of the tenth, the right side of the fifteenth sixteen are empty, no disciple living, and you can just pick one,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, until a formal Meet the Master of the day, they will be closed for incoming mén disciple. "Rangetsu eyes flashed a trace of irony, but then they conceal it. "Thank you, senior sister apprentice lead the way, we know of." Shortage is said smiling, Pratyeka and Xiao very same arch of the hand. "Well, I'll go to serve the Master, if things have come to inform you of the Young." Rangetsu smiled, turned around and left the place. "Xiao brothers, although I and other qualifications in general, but finally hún out of the head! Become days Yue mén formal disciples, after thrive." Shortage being fat face lù a delighted smile, Pratyeka The same is true. "Originally I had thought that the power ripple Gezhu looks amazing, do not seem to have such an absolutely sè Master, not a bad thing." Pratyeka face with hi sè, apparently with the shortage of positive think the same. "I do not so." Xiao pole outburst, but it is attracting both attention. "Ah? Shaw brothers mean ..." "Do two Young did not find?" Xiao looked at the two monks very concept of God down the four weeks. "I am so is the rest of the disciples picked several Gezhu can be said that qualification generalities, but several Gezhu silent, and so brought they put me here, combined with panic brothers who brought us to come look. wanted to come to power ripple Gezhu afraid and do not want to accept me as the Christians. "" What!? "Xiao extreme outburst, two disciples simply shot the lights scared! "I'm afraid I'll wait for the future we should have been living here, never saw power ripple Gezhu chance. 4 ∴ ⑧ 0 vi 5" This sentence was finally forced two monks sè unchanged. Hearts confirmed under very words that Xiao increasingly likely! "That's according to Shaw brothers see, how should I wait?" "Yes, what can be done Shaw brothers?" Xiao recovered very concept of God, and said: "I have just read God glance, there are nearly a thousand monks found , it is better to find a brother ask, they know the situation. "Xiao pole Carter, two Young natural answered. Three went to a room mén before knocked wood mén. "Who?" Mén came within a thicker sound. "The brothers and I wait but new entrants mén disciples, and some do not know the place, you want to ask some brothers." Shortage is being looked most Mianshan. Naturally by a sound. Soon, only to hear "squeak friends" sound, wood mén was pushed. A middle-aged monk, who appeared in front of Xiao pole, looked at Xiao pole three. "Several Young,Classic Coach Bags, did not think you have also entered here, then come on." Middle-aged monk walked back to the sarcophagus among the other three pairs, as the shortage is the one. And went inside. In the sarcophagus among the furnishings extremely simple. In addition to the commonly used stone table stone chuáng, there are a few simple ornaments and futon. "Several Young Sit down." Middle-aged man whispered loudly. "Brother kind, I do not know the words of the previous brothers does he mean?" Pratyeka not in the mood to sit down. Directly asked. "Well, since several Young has come here, that I will no brothers to hide." Middle-aged monk gently shook his head, then said: "I came here was six hundred years ago, had thought able to enter the day Yue mén, even if qualification ordinary, there are still seeking the edge. Unfortunately, extraordinary talent. has not been another Gezhu selected, but is brought here a subject that is hundreds of years. "" does not mean power Lian Gezhu will summoned it? "Pratyeka the moment, could not help but chā words asked. "Oh. The Young want to get too simple, like ours qualification ordinary person, even more effort to practice, is still difficult to climb together, how was Gezhu fancy? Over the past few years, Gezhu from not summoned me and so, it touches other brothers, came out of the church over a number of brothers. "At that moment, middle-aged monk carefully looked out the window, this said:" I heard these brothers, were to perform extremely dangerous task, amazing low survival rate, the brothers are very difficult to go out every time come back alive, even occasionally come back twelve, also suffered heavy losses,Oakley Active Sale, injuries horrible! "middle-aged monk again spits out a secret, direct order Pratyeka et al scared endless! "Well, you can not escape it?" Pratyeka just asked out of this sentence, he felt stupid not. "Who is willing to get out if you can stay here?" Middle-aged monk sighed. "Prohibited everywhere here, unless there is corresponding channel tactics, otherwise we could not out of this bamboo." "What? Would not it be like that here cage general?" Wild lù positive shock tolerance, fat face pushed a went. "Who is not it, several Young is come here, stay right at ease, be able to pick up was a xìng life, then contentment." Middle-aged monk shook his head and said no more. Few people are in no mood to chat, open wood mén, and middle-aged monk leave, return to their place of residence. Pratyeka shortage of positive mood and not high, Xiao pole is not so. Here there are nearly enough monks day environment, rules are also five huā eight mén. Although the qualification mediocre, but at the time of promotion, strength are also good, mostly in the Heavens quadruple. Day sè gradually turn dark, Xiao also very ready to start action. Heavens four who rebuilt the law, not as the rules for Hsiao very little help or not, especially if the number go up, the quality will not be low, nearly a thousand monks once these rules exhaustively swallowed, then it will once again increase the strength to reach Five-day environment pinnacle degree! Midnight, although most of the monks will not rest, but is sit up, but rarely have disciples will come out walking. Xiao pole turned into a green sè shadow dart out. By Xiao and pressed very comparable to the late-day environment sixfold strength of the strong, not to mention that these disciples, even if the power is on ripple Gezhu, nor would fall under the wind. Four weeks was very quiet, Xiao pole body shuttle in darkness, with the days of the force will be a sarcophagus whole wrapped up, dragon footer directly fleeing into it. It seems from the outside, this sarcophagus is not the slightest movement, nature will not cause other disciple's attention. Soon, Xiao pole body again channeling out from among the sarcophagus, rushed into the next sarcophagus. Here the monks qualifications in general, difficult to re-entering the watershed five-day environment, so it is extremely easy to kill Xiao pole, and even does not cause the slightest movement. Xiao whole bamboo poles are intended to kill jiāo weave up, no one found that they have been a big hand, gradually collapsed, linger life gradually gone, completely disappeared in between heaven and earth. .. <

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