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03.06.2013 10:00
all foes destruction antworten

> However, it is extremely Shaw know that this is only temporary ...... sacred of the body to communicate with the world, can indeed unparalleled terror forces broke out. Www, quanBEn, cOMe ^ ** see but compared to his five-day environment really strong, or too much difference. After all, this is an insurmountable gap! Several Maronite certainly do not know this, but also understand that Shaw is not really a very important day environment five dragon strong level, I am afraid this is still not the lords day animals opponent. Several dragon foes rushed to embrace, facing orangutans general day animals attack! But their attack is not enough to look, and should always avoid the day of the beast back, naturally can not help what Shaw extremely busy. "You first retreat, I'll wait would drive past, in front of three hundred miles in the south turn, otherwise we will encounter a lord-level day animals, if weathered this distance, you can return to the LOE into." Xiao pole told a cry,oakley sunglasses store, and once again will be a huge day animals Zhentui! "Or, you be careful!" This time a few dragon did not try to be brave, they saw Xiao pole strength, to Ying Han day animals, presumably security no problem, dragon footer straight out of the field in the direction toward the dragon fled. Saw a few dragons left, Xiao very reassuring move out days before the coffin. One vast evil terror roared out, so that was day beast whom action is slow! Shaw did not let this wire pole chance greet dragon footer straight on, while cào control the day of its coffin suddenly went boom! Forces of terror instantly shattered days beast's head, Xiao extremely quickly narrow stature, fleeing into the day animal body does. Soon, the day of the beast jīng China will be swallowed an empty feeling the changes in the body, Xiao Shu polar sè one. "Those stronger Xiongshou arrival will take some time, maybe I could take to break through to a higher level!" Swallowed a lord-level day animals, Xiao crazy extreme body transformation, has reached the mid-day virtual environment realm! Xiao very positive at the moment have been able to contend with the day animals entering the lords level, coupled with days coffin of terror, naturally Heaven and devour these evil beasts! ...... Now in the deep sea eye among the few head seven claw dragon is a dragon around the center, the law of force jiāo terrorist organization in one. "The patriarch ...... this day beast struck, whether it is a sign of awakening Heaven?" One seven claw Dragon, look to the whole body gold sè zhōngyāng that a dragon. "No, Heaven although not yet awake, but has been able to master the world of trace information that it should be able to feel that I am going to get a thorough understanding of the mysteries of the Pacific in ruins, relics from the shackles of Pacific, this beast can not wait to use the day to delay I'll wait . thorough understanding of this mystery, called Pacific heritage sight, can not slack off! "huge golden dragon sè issued incomparable majesty of the sound, keep your eyes closed again. "Huh? It is time immemorial guy's coffin!" Suddenly, this huge gold sè Dragon opened his eyes, looking into the distance. "The patriarch, in the end how the?,. Aside congregation saw gold sè Dragon Dragon's face ...... not help suspect huò Road." That guy's coffin ...... even a ghost ...... and can not be an ordinary Maronite can control, unless it is ...... dragon blood! "Golden Dragon sè sudden loud, but it is so that the congregation Long surprised!" Sacred dragon blood? "" I did not quiet! "Golden sè dragon nodded." Alas. If it is really dragon descendants alive, might be able to have a positive counterbalance Heaven strength. Now exists with worldly dragon bloodline descendant ancestors get over but the gift of a drop jīng dragon blood only, but is only a drop of blood, but also has incredible forces of terror, enough to fill out a revere! "" But it is very difficult to wake up the blood, after all, is how tyrannical dragon sacred presence, majesty and groaning Road whom have retreated! If the child has a dragon sacred collapse alive, force growth is unimaginable ...... even in one day again and again break the top ten realm, I am afraid are rare. Golden Dragon, then make sè congregation Long suck down air-conditioning, unfortunately, dragon sacred and no child collapse handed down. "Dragon sacred tyrannical here, why would they fall?" One seven claw Dragon, ask Xiangna huge gold sè dragon. Gold sè write it a dragon gently, then said: "This is Pacific Confidential, even I do not know, you still do not ask, or there will be days of misfortune befall! We want to speed things up, otherwise Heaven recovery I'm so not escape unharmed. heaven but five holy law together,Oakley Store, but among the five holy law, the founding saint Ontology heavens and the earth, hundreds of millions of space and space constitute saint, saint dominate the fate of all beings, but control of Heaven Story France a few virtual shadow, so can not really kill revere realm of the strong, but Heaven is a true saint has an entity that is mieshi Great Mill, Destroyer of Great Mill is the end of the holy law entity, once incarnate , all foes destruction! but if the end of a large mill appeared, the world destruction, Heaven must be the end of this force, Universe classified as hún chaotic, five St. reconstituted into the world, so less than the final moment, Heaven will not play This and strength. "" I warned you wait this is not to underestimate the power of Heaven, once Tianwei anger came, the whole world must face ...... doom. "Golden Dragon sè just finished, a seven claw dragon is said: "If Heaven will not be easily utilized Destroyer large mill, it is not strong on Senior deadly threat, and that the patriarch has nothing to fear Heaven?" "You think too simple, between heaven and earth revere strong not three, but five holy law Heaven foes have hit the strong power of Heaven, or who Swire period Xiongmo How are trapped? If one five holy law, the power is even more powerful, it Even I, are not confident that we can take over the majesty of Heaven, so we not much time. "Golden Dragon sè after the finish, again closed Lombok, realized that the entire Pacific remains of the rules at the moment and Xiao pole I do not know the sea dragon eye among all domains, repeatedly kill and devour more than ten days of the beast chieftains after the primary level, Xiao pole dragon footer greatly enhanced, even have felt the late days of the virtual realm. Unfortunately, these days the beast does not rule sentiment, or to enhance the strength Xiao pole will be more more than one speed. Xiao pole felt just then swallow ten chieftains Xiongshou main level, they should be able to break into the virtual environment day late, but unfortunately he has no time, the rear that tyrannical Xiongshou upcoming Xiao pole must first retire the. Dragon footer should be ran,Madison Coach Cheap, direct flights into the sky, the forces of terror sweep huge boulders crushed several pieces of old trees, gold sè scales contains terror defenses, straight toward the direction of channeling LOE go! (To be continued. <

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