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03.06.2013 09:57
repair of the territory antworten

> Three hundred and fiftieth chapters anger! I do not know how long it will be two days coffin Xiao extremely full refining, while the number of rules swallowed a blank at the moment he has repeatedly exceeded, even reaching the Heavens quadruple days imaginary realm Xiao extreme changes are sensing the four weeks, Fifth day environment is an important gap, breaking the former quadruple perhaps relatively simple,Oakley Sunglasses UK, but it is far different from the fifth re-fifth re is a bottleneck because, once the breakthrough, reaching five-day environment in the whole heavens are regarded Past kill Xiao extremely strong party Ipomoea dragon, that one day Xiao extremely strong throughout quintet reach Heavens quadruple moment of the environment, but to rely on their own coffin astrotech day impact, as well as many of the coffin in the transformation rules. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM device: no ads, full text, but you want to break five-day environment, it can be said is extremely difficult. Xiao pole but at the moment the early days of the virtual realm, breaking to metaphase, anaphase and even pinnacle, then re-state than the previous four more difficult, which is Xiao extremely thin gap between the imagined not as the rule of inference, while she herself hiding The mén coffin was suddenly forced open "really is you," I saw an absolute beauty nv son, stand in front of their own, it is that the mystery of the heavens to the battle nv child. But at the moment this name nv sub-surface sè talk too much, eyes straight bī Xiao pole "dare frivolous Pacific war days Warrior of the body, death" Xiao probably not very good to know at the moment, only a shot in advance, as the rules do not suddenly appear in blessing Naruto knife hung above Zhipi mysterious mystery nv nv sub-sub yù but this means a bomb, however gently, that Ming Hung knife even cracked a ròu eye discernible gap that was spacecraft, and is the top grade spacecraft, even mystical nv withstand a bomb random sub Xiao heart suddenly very surprised, body shattered coffin, want to escape to go through. "Damn loach, in front of me still want to escape?" Yù means a catch, surrounded by all the land seemed to be frozen in general, is life and life Xiao pole fixed in place again, that one seems to be able to breakdown the vast power of the whole world Shaw broke out instantly felt very close to death, in this force, under totally l can not afford to resist a trace of the heart "Ang yín -" a dragon yín resounded through the world of sound, the mystery straight nv Son the power of the earthquake hit the open land at the same time four weeks blocked again Decrepitation the open, take Xiao pole, fled in haste toward the distant mysterious nv child this did not catch up, but looked amazing This road gradually dissipate dragon virtual shadow. "It is? Majesty even have retreated sky dragon sacred? Dragon Guardian appears only three times, is this man? How will the dragon guardian? But in my hands after using the opportunity once guard, lest thou also left not twice. Well, look at the face on the sacred dragon, I'll put you on a horse, Well, "the Jedi sènv child Leng Heng, stature gradually disappear. Into the Heavens, Xiao dragon guardian of the power pole was gradually waking up in the coffin when the rein astrotech days already spent a dragon guardian of the force, and this time used once, that is, Xiao extremely well a dragon guardian of the force, once the use of it, we never escape the crisis bottom pressure means. Although Xiao pole now does not know that, but it felt slightly wrong. This body did not own dragon blood, dragon ghost how will appear one after another? But this does not in Shaw's control pole, pole face death every time when Xiao, dragon ghost appear. Pacific mansion once again escaped the scope, Xiao extremely sigh. Suddenly, Xiao jǐng an extremely big heart horror magic gas straight day outside, Xiao pole look around, find it yourself before entering into the Pacific over the mysterious mansion dòngxùe. Hearts surprised when, as the law quickly with not wrap themselves toward the distant fled. Lived about a half hour, and that the child is out of the mysterious nv Pacific mansion. That was Xiao fled the horrors of extreme gas found in the mystical magic where nv child,jordan online cheap, turning to a terrible claws, grasping the direct command over the child, but this mysterious nv yù fingers gently point, that terrible claws have huge vacuum disappear "So are you this guy, it seems to be Heaven repression here, or you can not kill the magic xìng, you can be my friend, or go to see you." Xiao very moment some faint hearts anxiety, count on fingers under his hands, even furious, "Yao Zu, damn it" gently spit out the words, Xiao polarized dragon footer, dart out "Ang yín -" undisguised terror Long Wei Si , Heavens quadruple repair so that was near the Terran monks have retreated,Oakley Squared Outlet, "Qi Bing sovereign, His Holiness found traces of the Dragon, is the day of the virtual environment quadruple days for the repair of the territory is no doubt" Soon, Xiao message that appears very Mo Yan spread to the ears. "The Holiness has been hidden for nearly a year time, finally appeared the moment I am the only person family with Beastkin its two leaders, but I am afraid of the strong immemorial appeared one by one, I have to find time to meet this His Holiness is. "Mo Yan heart secretly thinking, seen mysterious nv sub tyranny, which has been a lingering fear. "Sovereign, who was a top Holiness although strong, but not necessarily sovereign opponent. Now Beastkin all relegated to the South, according to the next look, if I shot Terran monks, must be able to carry Cuikulaxiu trend, in one fell swoop Beastkin destruction "in front of Mo Yan, a middle-aged disability days, eyes flashing hot light. "You withdraw it, without mention of the matter." Mo Yan waved, although these days who have contact mō to Heaven, but in the real strong front, still like cannon fodder, how to see further and higher of Office? Mo Yan and other top strong difference is that no ambition, so mind to successive breakthrough, becoming among the first Terran monks strong. At the moment, in the south Yaozu gathering place territory within a month the wolf clan. "Congratulations, from my family to dominate the entire month wolf demon clan of the" wolf moon sky patriarch moment laughing, ferocious teeth terrifying. "This is the strength of the strong top do? Even tyrannical to this point, and I had days throughout the third realm a huge difference, just is not the same rì breath and now I feel as if gently grip, will be able to days Habitat triple Beastkin direct crush "in front of the month-long wolf is a wolf moon silver sè the burly, covered máo hair thick, supple body to the extreme" Well Ming rì from the beginning, I would convened Qunyao come to worship, against those who died, "May wolf howl patriarch voice heard loud and clear, resounded throughout the month wolf wolf have to see the congregation over the place where the patriarch, the body Yi Chan, were thought to himself patriarch hair * The time is not already arrived. <

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