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03.06.2013 09:35
you mean we snake group antworten

> Text] three hundred and fourteenth chapter status (seeking monthly) three hundred and fourteenth chapter status (seeking monthly), "China's dragon is heresy great saints of the Lord, Christ will come into the world, all the world trials evil, only the master, but the only true God eternal, "" a joke, a joke into China's Dragon when the? obviously is my totem Republic of Korea, according to my history of thousands of years of research, the moon's name on this dragon called 'Korea' "No matter how much online debate is" excited "Lie, rì island but it is not optimistic about this. wWw, quanbeN, cOM "confirmed? use of nuclear weapons is the last time we attack the monster do?" two Prime Fuchu than the mountains Lang walked in, the slightest relaxation high. "The Prime Minister adults, in accordance with the instrument contrast, two biological really looks exactly the same, but this is the last time we head monster body found more than ten times that one can infer from it, this might be our weapons to kill the monster with the same kind , it is likely that the other end of the monster parents, "the Prime Minister Secretary of the moment is respectful to the two reported significant than the mountain Lang inferred situation, but it is to make the latter more and more violent," these are not what I want to hear what I want is The end result you do not understand it? I want to know,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, by virtue of a weapon on the planet, can destroy the monster "two front than the mountains Lang secretary roar, but it is so that the latter could not help but step back. "The Prime Minister adults, you do not have to worry about it. Monster most likely have been sleeping on the moon, only occasionally revived it. Has already seen it three days without sight, and maybe the monster has once again caught in the sleeping. Moreover, we do not know the monster is killed the other end of our little monsters, so adults do not have to worry about the Prime Minister. "secretary could not help but wiped the perspiration from his head, carefully said. Although the secretary did not say so, but the results have been very clear. Earth has a breakdown strength of the monster, simply by virtue of a weapon on the planet can not deal with. Whether rì island is how to react,Air Jordan Play In These 2, Xiao pole appeared to the entire planet is an enormous impact at the moment, China China, Xiao Zhao Xue is giving very call. "I'm sorry, the number you dialed is not in service, please dial later." Hear the phone came across that machine-like voice, Zhao Xue in the hands of angry phone almost fell out "Damn Xiao Qiong, which ran Gala Li went to a retreat. "Meanwhile, behind him came the" door "of the bell sound. Zhao Xue quickly went through the "door" mirror and saw two young men wearing military uniforms. Rushed to the "door" open, opposite two men on the visual one, walked military step, came up. "Hello, you're Miss Zhao Xue, right? Were military people, you should understand the process and we hope you this time to take a trip with us, into the national top secret group, would like to know Xiao Qiong news. "" It is natural, I tidy up, right away. "Zhao Xue nodded and entered the house. After about ten minutes, Zhao Xue came out again, with the two youths entered into a military vehicle, drove toward the capital. National top secret military group sits near the capital, Zhao Xue in two soldiers, led by soon to see the country's top secret group of persons. "Hello, I would like to know what you know Xiao Qiong some cases." A strong man, dressed casually, it is the highest member of the secret group - residual wolves. Zhao Xue how can I not know the country is among the top-secret group of what Warrior? Those are all among the pinnacle Warrior - Warrior top-order will naturally ZhaoXue bit nervous. "Hello, my name is Zhao Xue." Is preparing Yuehua Jian, happened to see the country among the top-secret group photo photos. "Hey, does Xiao Qiong also the national top secret member of the group?" "If that is the case, we also find you use it?" The enchanting behind a red "female" Son, gentle voice, hear this but it is said verbally . "That's strange, it's not top secret group member countries pictured it? Inside how will Xiao Qiong photos?" Zhao Xue carefully staring behind photos, said suspiciously. "What you said Xiao Qiong in the photo? You say is calling?" At the moment only remnant wolf with red "female" Son, several other top-order martial by key is poly over. Zhao Xue lineup is shocked to see the pair, which pointed to a man standing. "That's him, you do not look at me," pretty "scary." Zhao Xue patted "chest" breast, but it is subsequently disabled, another wolf howl sound shocked. "No, I have seen the appearance of Xiao Qiong, how could get exactly the same with the head of the snake?" Xiao Zhao Xue refers to very precisely photograph is not only remnant wolf, and even several other not believe. "No kidding, you mean we snake group, he was killed two years ago." Unanimous make ZhaoXue also some alarmed: "This ... this may be it looks exactly the same ..." "This is not possible, we have seen the appearance of Xiao Qiong predecessors with our snake head too big a difference, there is no similar place if it is the last that you help us Xiao Qiong predecessors, we suspect that in the end you really will not recognize Recognizing Xiao Qiong. "remnant wolf verbally, so people simply shot the lights deputy expression, but it is so well done Miss Zhao Xuetai. "What? I do not know Xiao Qiong? I knew him when you do not know where I can clearly tell you that this is a long Xiao Qiong look like you can not believe it ask 'tiger', he told me the same as seen Xiao Qiong, to see whether this pattern looks "like a huff Zhao Xue grateful nation but has made it top secret group suspected" confusion ", and without the slightest hesitation, a few people immediately linked to the Warrior small famous tiger . The result is a message it is beyond everyone's expectations,Coach Handbags, Zhao Xue did not lie "You see, this is what happens in the end? Xiao Qiong predecessors had appeared when the appearance, but few of us see clearly, absolutely and snakes group does not bear the slightest resemblance but at the moment there are two people who have seen says Xiao Xiao Qiong Qiong seniors with a snake head was exactly the same, this situation ... "residual wolf furrowed eyebrows, looking among the national top-secret group of other Several members. "Here, I'd think that ye forgotten? Xiao Qiong predecessors days of order above is not to say that supernatural realm? Then have the ability to change the appearance of it is not surprising if this is so, it looks older than Xiao Qiong exactly the same with the snake group, that is, two years ago, in our eyes look, of course, also possible the two are not the true face Xiao Qiong predecessors, but this involves a problem that Xiao Qiong predecessors Why change appearance?. " . More to the address <

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