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> Text] three hundred and fifth chapters Dragons Tigers three hundred and fifth chapters Long "Yin" Tigers within two months, Xiao extreme care has been glued shadow, but today, he must go, Xiao find a pole to help take care of the island's Aunt shadow that he is rushed to the beach, swam in the direction towards the Pacific Ocean. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm Today is the world of the "Xiao pole" Li Zhan five days of order strong moments, so did not dare to delay Xiao pole time of order Qiu Long footer, towards the "post" position battle swam . Five days together an order Warrior, each one is the king of giant rì Budo island - day forbearance India - Night Magic mold States - Death Killer 迈卡森瑞士 - Kuaijian Merlin Mexico - San Gwangmu by these few days of order Musha among the top three are all murderous weapons, and they therefore actually very good reputation. After two touches, quite gentlemanly, so reputation is pretty good. "This year, although the 'snake' nearby, but how do you all here?" These few days of order Warrior knows that the five strong gathered, it is indeed possible to "snake" Weisha here, but with " snake "peak days of order Musha strength to pull two scapegoat before dying, it is not the slightest problem. On this point they are very clear Budo giants, but they had to come. "Is this rumor is true for two days?" Holy Gwangmu who is a handsome middle-aged man, covered with gold "sè 'armor, like the legendary holy knight general. "Yes, 'snake' to invite me to wait five, kill" xìng "big hair in cities even slaughter three hundred years, and other rivers of blood if I do not come ..." Night Magic Waters, "dew" out of touch mocking smile. "This 'snake' so it turned out a little crazy days of order Musha disregard the dignity? Even slaughter three hundred years, this is bound to this person to stay in here, or I and other countries Hath peace?" Day forbearance While big plus incitement, Several Musha but obviously not easy to contrast generation, want to let these people with the "snake" the weapons were among the first person to death Competing, these people can not stupid. "Haha, day forbearance say is, and so will 'snake' majesty, it is up to you to lead the charge." Maika Sen smiling at day forbearance, but it is so that the latter frowned. Today rì day forbearance "Monte" live face, wearing a ninja suit, only "open" a pair of eyes out. Nevertheless,Coach Handbags Sale, a few did not make the suspect day forbearance identity, after all-day class Warrior breath can not be wrong. Just a few people chatting when suddenly face "sè" a change. I saw a young volley riding "waves", slowly walked over. Although several days of order Musha are chatting, but at the moment it seems, are all standing in the billowing sea "waves" above, for the use of force, has reached an extreme "You are all in attendance, well, today, if I die, then you will die, "This man is the past Xiao pole, binocular" jīng "light flashes, and pitted complete" open ", the momentum to force people at the moment are all satellites watching this scene, this war will be between The situation in the world, no matter who wins, the world powers have enormous impact in fact, many countries do not want Huaxia Wu who lost, since all countries are aware, China and no ambition, even a one day order Musha peak, most of the time only in self-preservation, and not as days of order Musha has, like other countries, to draw together, attempts to annexation. However, even if the "snake" is the peak day of order Warrior giants, but face the same level of five giant, wants to win is difficult, at this stage, but after days of order represents the highest achievement of Budo, which one day order giant not have its own famous stunt? 'Good' snake 'really refreshing, indeed Budo first five friends gathered here today, but a last resort, you are not even slaughter three hundred years, to make it so popular indignation of the matter, it is only in his death a end "Kuaijian Merlin like a handsome young man, holding the hands of a slender sword, wearing a tuxedo, chic informality. "Ang" Yin "-" "Wailing woo -" Xiao extreme fist with both hands at the moment, the dragon "Yin" Tigers of voices, it is practiced dragon bone fist raised after they never reach the ultimate right hand into a fist, suddenly bursts strike out Xiao Lian pole dragon bone fist, but the world-famous, a skin bones "meat" tyrannical and even death to the extreme killer Maika Sen, facing extreme fist Xiao is also not Yingkang Meanwhile, skin dark night of magic is a step taken, hands "pay" into a cross, stopped in front of Xiao extreme boxing. Among the five-day class Warrior, only one night of magic that can block copper head Tiebi Xiao pole strike, once the bone dragon practicing boxing play, is the other forces of terror who are unable to resist the military might be able to leverage the power of death killer Dangxia Xiao pole attack, but also hurt the whole world, only able to block his magic night Xiao pole edge very few weapons were seen Shaw shot attack magic night, are no longer left hand. Days turned into a knife blade forbearance forbearance in the hands of white light hit, while Maika Sen also followed closely behind. Kuaijian Merlin hands Rapier sword dance debut Road "Flower", St. Gwangmu who is a two-edged sword with both hands the power of terror broke out in a few days when the order Warrior shot, but it is heard a crisp "click" sound. "What?" In the night of magic among the frightened eyes, Xiao pole strength even soaring direct the forces of terror shattered defensive magic night will discount its original bones by key offensive weapons is not thought even once again exceeded Xiao-pole, strength has reached such a degree of terror "bad guy once again exceeded the strength, the five if we do not leave it here, if, after their return home, will be killed on their" door "to go to when you die." Maika Sen's voice made several weapons over by key is Ming Wu, Xiao-pole world already has the strength, and now once again exceeded, they have lost to rì can escape chance to kill the moment if not the very Weisha Hsiao this, it will surely die Xiao rì very few men who are not hesitant Wu generation, once determined, the suddenly no longer shake "The heavens shine - Yao rì three days flow" "Death Nightmare - Dreams The Twelfth Night, "" The Sword Broken Void - Swept lightsaber explosion, "" Light Will - Twilight Trial "four days order is cast out of his life by key military skills, you want to hit Xiao pole. And Xiao polar night in front of the same cast out demons Upanishads, a pair of hand fractures connect again, turning to black "sè" Hydra, Hsiao very tightly wound live day forbearance forbearance hands knife broke out three glaring knife gas, "intercourse" weave in all, Mighty and dreadful death killer Maika Sen infuriating hands in a collision, as if terror high-voltage general, blazing infuriating storm channeling, with Maika Sen that the impact of terror toward the pole drop to Kuaijian Xiao Jianguang Merlin turned round after round of ghost, ghost actually cemented these entities, the friction with the air out of a sonic boom, moving from San Kuang Wu Xiao extremely bombed the hands of five feet emit large sword Light bodied, it actually obscures the light around the light, as if the four weeks completely caught up in the evening, only exists in the hands of big bright sword, the same forces of terror bombers to four pole toward Hsiao forces completely hit was tightly bound Hsiao pole, broke out the forces of terror 'wave' move a few days of order Musha not excitement, Suddenly, a burst of the Dragon "Yin" Voice of Tigers from the four forces zhōngyāng, faintly through out, "I have reached you unimaginable realm, so you, go die "in a few days when the order Warrior shocked, Xiao pole through voice suddenly came out the same time, an tyrannical dragon Qi Jin broke out" Ang "Yin" - - "" Wailing woo - "a gold" sè "ghost dragon with a silver" sè "giant tiger ghost floating in Xiao pole behind, making the very top of the body has a layer of Xiao indestructible gas fresh body care, even if subjected to five days of order Warrior attack force, still several days without collapsing order Musha instantly Qijin burst open, behind the arm of Night Magic is directly Xiao extremely violent tear just uttered the magic night Tonghu, Xiao very moment they flash to its front, hands infuriating Alondra into a robust, directly to the body magic night wear "chest" and overnight magic know at the moment has been certain death, fierce eyes emit light feet again becomes longer, the Xiao pole body tightly wrap wait four days order Musha some action, Xiao Long pole body "Yin" Voice of Tigers once again pull up directly to the shattered body magic night, Wumafenshi "Oh, this guy has been completely internal forces to achieve a breakthrough in the legendary days of order state level is not at the moment we are able to compete, and we rewind" death killer Maika Sen as one day late stage strong, naturally see Hsiao very moment forces change of heart was shocked beyond said boxing day bands appear from within the home, has never been able to reach beyond the realm of day order, it is a legend, a myth, a beyond the ordinary Musha even know the limits of China's human-day class Warrior has reached such a state, how can we not make these Budo giant shock? Day forbearance figure flash at the moment, even suddenly disappear. But his speed may be fast, but it is very much faster Xiao punch hit,OP Art Coach Cheap, a gold "sè" leading ghost appeared in over fist Xiao pole, hitting an empty place next moment, day forbearance figure appeared Xiao pole in front of boxing, but his head had disappeared,Nike Jordan 11 Shoes, seem to have been destroyed by violence directly see this scene, and the remaining three days order Musha which dare to stay, each chose a direction, you want to flee away. But Xiao greatly waved his hand and a gold "sè" dragon infuriating raging out, will Kuaijian Merlin tightly wrapped. Kuaijian Merlin hands Jianguang point debut Road Star virtual shadow, with gold "sè" dragon collision gas giant "waves." Xiao pole figure of a turn, directly caught up holy hands of Long Gwangmu "Yin" Tigers of the sound, the personal and the holy light shine Gwangmu's body, you want to block Xiao pole attack. But obviously, the night demons are unable to block the attacks very moment Shaw, not to mention that the early days of order by the Holy Gwangmu. . . More to the address <

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