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03.06.2013 09:30
We are the town and the!" antworten

They ran to the pond, he saw a dozen blue gray s è uniforms were standing on the edge of the pond, is pointing to say what. Father stepped forward to ask: "a few, are you doing anything?" Led by a bespectacled middle-aged man walked up, pointing to wearing the way: "the eye is blind? Can not see? We are the town and the!" A look up have a look, saw a commercial on his uniform. ". Yan Xiaokai a listen to the tone of voice, immediately the fire went up, you bully came to, "Hey, what are you saying, then people will say no?" Simon Yiu Ming also up pressure, look at with angry eyes, "believe it or not I tell you the truth!" The man with glasses to see two people be fierce tigers general ferocious face, s è micro variable, retreat two step, put on a mouth saying: "what do you want? I am the town and the director Xu Weimou, we are here to law enforcement, we find these ponds contractor responsible person. Without people!" Father: "I am the contractor!" Xu Weimou looked up and down a strict father, then asked: "what's your name?" Father said: "Yan Boen!" Xu Weimou asked: "what is your pond?" Father frank way: "originally is a fish, but lost a big, now changed to raise crab, but did not earn money......" Xu Weimou waved interrupted him: "you don't have to tell me so much,Outlet Oakley Oil Rig, I just ask you,Oakley Sport Sale, you breed these aquatic, not to do business licenses and animal epidemic prevention certificate?" Father: "this......" Xu Weimou voice a tight and asked: "you do not have this and that, as long as the answer or is not on the line?" Father: "this...... We haven't enough time to do!" Xu Weimou is cold to hum a way: "that is operating without a license?" A busy way: "as soon as we do. When I was the fish have no such requirements!" Xu Wei met the expressionless way: "not, you ignorant! The state of individual culture has always been strict requirements. Not for aquaculture. Secretly breeding is illegal." Father had to compensate a smile: "Xu director, we will go as soon as possible!" Xu Weimou cold face: "according to the" Regulations of unlicensed and banned procedures "in article fourteenth,Nike Air Jordan 7 Sale," for operating without a license, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall be banned, confiscated of the illegal income; violate the criminal law, in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law on the crime of illegal business operations, a major liability accident crime, major labor safety accident crime, dangerous goods accident crime or other crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law; not serious enough for criminal punishment, and impose a fine of 20000 yuan; the larger social harm license behavior, serious, impose a fine of 20000 yuan of above 200000 yuan of the following; unlicensed acts harmful to human health, there are significant security risks, threats to public safety, environmental resources, confiscated specifically for engaged in unlicensed tools, equipment, raw materials, products and other property, impose a fine of 50000 yuan and 500000 yuan on the. Now you belong to unlicensed operators act, but larger, resulting in damage to the ecological environment, so you are a fine of one hundred thousand yuan, and seize your pond according to law! This is the punishment decision, three days to the bank payment.

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