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> Two hundred and ninetieth chapters surprise seagoing vessels since close rì island, Xiao-pole wire not mind something. WwW, QunabEN, coM starting feet big body can not cause too violent attacks, Xiao very naturally not stupid enough to attack rì island nation. Something in the ocean, for Shaw, but still not the slightest very problem. Non-wolf king dog is a successful businessman rì island, at the moment he is riding on top of the boat, watching the sea and downs. He is a standard traffickers, but he different from ordinary traffickers, he was selling nv people. Pretty nv countries who, by virtue of the powerful multi-national network of relationships, he was able to Topsy. The ship left ride rì island, but also in order not to cause other people's attention, after all, his enemy too,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, accidentally, it would life was not guaranteed. Boat has a mí fewer people rì island nv,Oakley Polarized Cheap, he had just been severely vent in his possession a lot, though,Jordan Superfly Shoes, is the famous traffickers, but the time to make their own jiān providers will remain in the vessel above the handle, the less nv not own catch come. The giant reverie in less nv wonderful figure, suddenly one pair of eyes appear like lanterns above the sea. Half a huge lead, slightly lù out of the sea, huge eyes look to the businessman. "Na ... Nani" Startled businessman lost sè, body stunned "plop" sound, slumped on the deck, and stumbled toward the ship inside fled. "Come on people come to ..." As a black heart so wealthy businessman, with his warrior nature, no less. "Boss, what happened?" Digital Warrior black man dressed quickly jump over, so one side is yù crowd of tourists flee the open. "Domain name is well-known," "It's ... Here's monster" non-wolf king dog covered xiōng mouth, frightened breathing said. "What? There are monsters? Ultraman that have not seen?" Non-wolf king heard the words of dogs, among the crowd do not know who retorted, making everyone laugh uproar. Not to mention those of ordinary people, even those who did not believe a few weapons. Some individual organisms on Earth, survive a long time, be able to understand some of the human language, and even have a certain ability to think, with a little spirit xìng. But above the earth, but never appeared monster. Although several Musha not believe it, but they still had to listen to the words of the boss. Several weapons were to the sea, but the sea fleet thrown bō Lan although from time to time, but did not find the slightest biological existence. "Ahem, boss, you may be too tired these days, still a lot of break it." Musha said sorry straight non-wolf king dog lying nv people these days all belly, so he told the face with a profound meaning. "Eight Ga, how could I mistaken? Dare you question my eggs several hún words?" Non-wolf king dog slow at the moment finally came over and saw a burst of mocking crowd near the eyes, suddenly furious. "We are not questioning, it is ..." Several Warrior was about to explain, suddenly hull a shake, all passengers are all not help but exclaim, fell to the ground, "how the? How is this going?" Everyone is alarmed between a broadcast over loudspeakers from the ship pass out. "Passengers are advised to pay attention to passengers please note that the current round of attacks by unknown creatures, I hope you immediate access to the boat passengers, tied belts" broadcasting make everyone burst into cries, was about to rush to the ship inside, but is an great strength of this unit came the blow more powerful than before, violently shaking the hull, several passengers are all down on the deck, hull body shaking as fast to roll. "This in the end is how is it?" "Damn" and "Eight Gaye Lu" Men are all passengers curse, but in this case, a huge lead lù out of the sea, the mouth uttered a deafening roar. " Ang yín - "" My God, the great river family name, what is this stuff, "" Damn, how really monster "," Run, want to be dead but also what made you stay, "Men of passengers panic scared at the moment stricken, as if coming late rì general fear, mouth scream, flee Xiao rì island for nothing extreme compassion, had the shadow of death although strong with five related, but ultimately, the island is because rì The planning, so rì island life and death are the only regret is not very Hsiao retaliation country at the moment for a chance to Xiao pole without the slightest hesitation, Alondra contains huge forces of terror and severely beat the huge ship over " H - "huge sound came, ships violently shaking, dozens of passengers were this force shock into the water, Banzhang huge Alondra even directly shot dead several rì island passenger body pendulum, Xiao ship to withstand the polar angle of the body of the dragon in the sea force, want to turn this ship this ship nòng too great, even if subjected to bombardment Xiao pole several times, has not the slightest sign of rupture or even capsize. So just think with extreme violence Xiao, nòng turn steamboat which for now is very difficult Hsiao not really small, although the use of sea power, partially offset by the required effort, but the length of the foot steamboat Xiao pole times, substantial weight to Xiao very present effort, not good overthrown. "Ang yín -" loud burst of lingering Long yín the sound of deep penetration into the seabed suddenly, a few head huge undersea creatures after hearing the news, help solve Xiao pole. This is the three whales, polar Xiao Long yín hear the sound, immediately rush over, violently sideways toward the ship's collision Xiao pole already able to shake this ship, get the help of three whales among , easily overturned ship, all the people on the boat into the sea of ​​course, not only is this the end, Xiao pole a sweep, tremendous power severely hit in the downed ship above water, even those who are familiar with xìng humans, in this great shock under the body can not help but also swallowed a lot of water, absolutely not survive it. Among these passengers, as well as digital, although being submerged in the sea, but was one faint airflow body wrap, even in fast-moving underwater, and fled toward the hidden undersea locations. These are rì island Musha, but Xiao pole since come to the sea, nature will not do to prepare. Dragon is the king of submarine, Qiu Xiao pole of the body of the dragon born of these sea creatures has absolute control of the force, I saw dozens of heads followed Xiao pole sharks, drill into the seabed gap among those who kill these weapons have Neijin Musha body care actions in the water is still rapid, but it is difficult to compare with these aquatic animals. Seawater is among the killer shark horror teeth fast attack speed, there is definitely a nightmare unless it is more than third order of the Warrior, or certainly not in the water to deal with this creature. Unfortunately, the third-order above all of those who control the weapons in the hands of national and sectarian, such as these merchants are absolutely please do not move. Soon, blood stained the waters. <

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