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> Two hundred and eighty seventh chapter Omen World Xiao Li in the access ladder pole above the infinite space in front, I do not know to what direction will pass. WWw. quANBEn. Com device: no ads, full text, but among the world Kyushu World, there are three thousand small world, there is heaven, under the underworld, then the ladder will be sent somewhere very Hsiao, who can not know. But be sure, then the ladder can not reach the underworld or heaven, the two circles are mén have a tyrannical households, repression whole big community simply can not break open into them. The first is the firmament of the heaven mén mén, repression whole heaven, no creature can not secretly hún into which the firmament of the heaven and earth is between the first mén mén households Underworld is the first mén Nether mén, repression throughout offerings domain, creatures want to enter these, only subject to the guidelines of reincarnation mén, likewise, want to enter heaven, must be soaring mén guidelines. Xiao extremely covenant will not know the access ladder to where Xiao pole, but it certainly is certainly not the day offerings two circles, there may be three thousand one small world. Xiao very thoughtful in the time of day among the missing magic, has been sleeping Genki body seems to be some kind of guidelines exudes Xuanqi runes, then pulling the ladder toward the unknown into space to go to. Suddenly, between access ladder stopped at a desert-like place. Here are all four looked loess, far around, and found that it is not even matter, like a prison. Suddenly, the earth vibrate,oakley eyeglasses sale, a giant turtle, slowly floating to the ground, "You have come here." Just look at this shell Hsiao very mysterious place when the shells came a cry for even the dull sound . Xiao pole Lombok a condensate, alarmed. "Who are you?" "I called Genki, you should bring it to my reincarnation, endless years before, I had projected to." Genki voice with an sense of vicissitudes, but Xiao pole brain was crazy turn, endless years prior to this mysterious turtle projected to come into their own, so tyrannical for the repair, how will die here? Obviously Genki know Xiao pole suspect huò, strong voice suddenly jī up. "If it is the damn Skyfire Kirin, how I would be imprisoned and sorrow here Cichou forget how how consumer?" An incomparable voice of resentment among the shells came from,Satchels Coach Sale, so get Xiao pole was aghast. "I am a turtle and how? Unicorn who fell in love with the provisions of the turtle can not? Because I was an ordinary turtle, but she is super animal Skyfire Kirin nv? For that ridiculous glory, even willing to give up the child's birth nv xìng life, which is funny, or sad? "shell exudes among the distant sound bitter. 4 ∴ ⑧ 0 vi 5 "seal of my body, kill me the love, sorrow sorrow how how consumer consumption?" Sound straight Jiuxiao among shells, such as injustice in the talk between heaven and earth. Genki's strength unparalleled terror, if it is indeed an extraordinary blood, maybe have reached an inability to match the height of the legend had appeared among the many secrets behind, but who is also unknowable. "That a space will be able to seal the sand live me? Funny, really funny and so my last vestiges of true spirit dissipated after that you will send me my shells beside reincarnation, he can pass all my strength, My hatred, only reported to the afterlife. true spirit, casual "finish the last one, the Genki decisively destroy the last vestiges of true spirit. Xiao pole did not say anything, these shells directly carry up, thrown into the magic of the day among the missing. That has been sleeping woke Genki is no, this mysterious tortoise shells close, turning to a light, into the mysterious turtle's body being. Xiao very quietly watching it all. "Xiao pole, I know," At that moment, suddenly heard the sound of Hao. "What?" "I know, this is connected with enough force ladder guidelines can be achieved among certain space, rather than headless luàn hit" Hao's voice contains a trace of surprise, but not so extreme Shaw that the power of the guidelines, there must be the exact spatial orientation as well as the ability to break open, this is not simply to be able to complete. "So, you'll look at how to get back Kyushu World, I come refining yào river." Xiao Hao polar research did not hold much hope, random openings, then they enter within days of missing magic begin refining yào River. In the original storage location yào River, usage, shape into force Violet cedar sap, and then endless yào things into them in proportion to reconcile magic, folded yào force. Then reboot infinite aura into them but this is not so very Hsiao end but continue to invest in violet cedar sap, increasing the weight yào river. Xiao violet cedar pole obtained only five, but only enough to refining three yào yào Spirit River weight, so very decided yào Xiao River refinery finished, go back to Eastern mysticism World Chu within the same country, collected again spirit yào. yào river is not so simple refining completed, when the Spirit into them proportionally yào completely after they waited at yào Xiao pole side of the river to mana modulation, until yào River refining success. Fast forward a few months is the time, Xiao pole stuck in this world of sand will be three yào river completely refining success. At the moment three yào river melt together, wide-ho dàng, surging, yào gas soaring. Xiao pole know you can officially start practicing, there is this common three yào River component of the enhanced version yào River backing, Xiao pole can be said no worries. "Ho, there are ways to get out of here yet?" Xiao very question to the Hao, after all, take the ladder rests in their hands. "Ah, yào river have to get?" Hao gold swept away and found a piece of an enhanced version of yào River. "No problem, I used the time to take this rule to guide the ladder, you can let us return to the glorious World just entering the location of the time period, but this time I want to start after the end of retreats throughout these years of Fuxi and access ladder to make I learned a lot, this time I want to impact the realm of treasure days of order, if I am successful impact on your realm will be a great advantage to enhance the "Hao said, very well, have been refining the Pacific magic wreckage after It has been close to Tao Hao treasure-order degree, differing only real rule comprehend it, as well as the continuation of Fuxi border access ladder, he let Hao had insight that can impact the realm of treasure days of order. Once Hao breakthrough, as the owner Hao, Xiao body would also be extremely beneficial to transformation, to achieve a higher level. Xiao pole nodded, then pulled a male ho ho dàng wide river of time out, ladder surfaced in which Shaw also took pole caught ladder, extending into infinite space being. Appears again, surrounded by just entering zhengyang World has become the location, Xiao pole did not hesitate to break open the world of vigor rule barrier toward zhengyang World channeling go outside. The Xiao pole goal is among the demons Kyushu World World. World Omen Omen occupy among the infinite, of which the strongest is a large comfortable Omen Lord, although dignities standings did not ranked in the top ten, but also a former twenty well-known existence. Xiao pole has yào River backing, they naturally will not be afraid of these demons,air jordan outlet, magic raging among the body, and flew directly toward the demons World. World as a whole Kyushu crucifix in general, the middle is the zhōngyāng authentic World, east, oriental mysticism and history and a glorious World World, the Western World and the Western Paradise zhengyang World, which formed a straight line. In zhōngyāng authentic World as the center, the south and south glazed World Indus World, the north and the north of Bald World Omen World. Such authentic Kyushu World World In zhōngyāng the center, forming a cross. World Kyushu is connected to the gap among the boundless sea, Xiao Zheng Yang is now in a very big world, which is the western most end of the World, is now very rushed Xiao Omen World, which is the northern most end of the World. And Hao is the retreat and concentrate on sprint days of order treasure of the realm. The huā nearly seven months, Xiao pole before entering the demons World. Just enter Omen World, layers mí magic light, put Xiao pole wrapped up. Xiao Yao Zu polar body but not the World's Omen Omen naturally just entered, they were attacked. Have ** creatures, even tyrannical power, these demons is not afraid, because they do was make the deranged monk dirty, does not care about the strength of the natural gap. Unfortunately, they encountered Hsiao pole. Xiao pole will simply like Rock of Ages, eternity does not move just entered the demons World, there are several head demons roaring, the invasion of the Yuan Hsiao very soul pole Yuan Xiao Hai But God was like a monster in general, these Omen exhaustively swallowed several heads which obliterated its aggressive atmosphere, leaving only Yuanshi jīng God origin, enhance their soul force. Suddenly, around the magic gas suddenly startled, a huge devil appeared in Shaw very eyes. This first-born devil horns, but it is near a large Omen Lord, the strength is not weaker than the presence of monks among the immortal territory Xiao's body broke out very soon yín lingering voice of the dragon, covered momentum climbing, Alondra waved one burst of energy will appear in the hands of tyrannical action mana bō issued bared sound, and space out the dazzling brilliance of friction suddenly, a huge dragon kingdom appear in the hands of Xiao pole, which Wan dragon roar, the momentum around, go straight into the front of the main Omen Extreme strong addition to outside, no monk could feel the fear that Xiao pole. Because only the strong can damage the Supreme Xiao pole origin, other creatures is absolutely impossible because Hsiao polar origin, is the supreme each hit can not trick the most tyrannical attacks broke out, the body together with the Tao, Heaven and Earth between Reiki inexhaustible <

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