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> Two hundred and seventy four chapters of the second opening day coffin "ancestor what purpose?" Dragon ancestors respectful toward the glorious emptiness, carefully asked. WWw. qUanBen. COm == "ancestor Please be assured that I will let the glory of the Dragon family, according to the above the earth across Kyushu" Xiao pole today rì has been completely restored power, taking advantage of Xuan Road mén dispatched means to deal with the demon glorious World Tianyu when the statue, very secretly sneak into the day Xiao coffin lies. This is like a graveyard, tombstones stand in a seat which, engraved, are ancient mén senior monk Xuan Tao's name. Ching Yuen Road in large faction among such mén, still there are so a yīn gas soaring position, imagine how weird. In these tombstones zhōngyāng, was induced in day Xiao coffin very location. Without the slightest hesitation, Shaw went up very straight. At that moment, an evil breath pavement from the pole, At the same time, Xiao polar sea of ​​knowledge among the coffins another mouth-day ghost turned violent shaking up, a Unit of evil overflow Xiao pole body around, and impinge upon the evil entangled one. It is this confluence of evil is life and life wrapped Xiao pole, it sent up a sense of space. Here four weeks dark, Xiao Seeing the not very familiar with the pace toward the front step to go, I do not know what mystery. The first day to get the coffin, but also encountered this dark environments. But then, very experienced but Xiao carrion, the body suffered unknown attacks, see the dark, very early improves jǐng Xiao Ti, toward the front door. But this knowledge among the sea of ​​days coffin has been exudes evil, darkness is also some movement toward Xiao pole, but no hands Xiao pole, evil all the things they put everything lunged minced Meanwhile, again in front of a bright, appeared a mén households. This is not life and death, two mén, perhaps one day Xiao very own ghost coffin reasons, this appears only a dead mén Xiao pole just close to death mén it wide open. Slowly step into it, appears in the very foot of Shaw, is a stone road. This series was a few blocks Rock Road Rock Road, in the stone road below is a billowing blanket of darkness, yīn Sen terror, a Unit of rich evil, from afar, they make very scared endless Xiao Shi Tao accessible, seemingly unrelated , and jiāo weave in everything orderly. But here, Xiao very concept of God can not be viewed around the scene, did not mind probe. Just thinking when Xiao pole, only one out of the nearby carrion from above out of the Rock Road, facing Xiao pole towards me. These carrion are all wearing long máo, one is black máo carrion, one is white máo carrion, but it is one kind of gray máo carrion, only these three. However, these are all carrion endureth seven heavy peak strength, a very present and Xiao actually exactly the same realm, these carrion not supernatural,Air Jordan After Game UK, but with speed and force rushed Xiao pole. Xiao extremely depressed state if, at the moment fear has broken through to forever ** weight, these are all seen before endureth seven heavy carrion, Xiao pole that he should be bet on. Although these carrion and Xiao very considerable strength, but I am afraid that the true strength of Xiao pole forever Kokonoe can kill the monks, so these carrion for him not the slightest threat. Body into a giant dragon, the same can not be here very Hsiao Royal Air flight, had to rely on the tail swept away, suddenly a large group of carrion swept into the bottom of the blanket of darkness. From afar, Stone Road, a total of nine, each one has its coffin Rock Road terminal, but neither of these coffins same number, Xiao pole look around and found that the number of coffins cope with one to nine. Xiao pole dead time of entry mén moment is gone trail, at the foot end of this slate, with five coffins. Xiao Shi Tao to many very moment where the Round Rock Road as the center, slowly spinning. Xiao pole look around, suddenly emerged in the hearts of the word: JiuGongTu these coffins corresponds to the number of positive JiuGongTu, stand on top of the stone. JiuGongTu divided into dry Palace, Cancun, Burgundy Palace, shock Palace, the Palace, the Sunda Palace, palace, Kun Palace, against the palace nine equal parts, and corresponds to the appropriate location. Legend JiuGongTu comes from Luoshu, Luoshu certainly not a book, but a shell on top of patterns. This pattern are all composed by dots, representing East and West, southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest of nine plus zhōngyāng orientation, nine azimuth position every three constitute a straight line, no matter how calculated sum of these dots on the line and are fifteen, which is Luoshu is the origin of nine palaces. Luoshu legend turtle surfaced, the back of the pattern is great to see, then realize JiuGongTu, but legends are two versions, one said Ma Fu saw the body of the river map patterns, and turtle back Luoshu pattern, realize gossip. Another argument is that Yu was the turtle back Luoshu, cure floods, out of Kyushu, which is the prototype of nine palaces. Now Xiao pole in front of the coffin that will correspond to the number of Jiu Gong, Xiao pole know, it must be rotated in the Rock Road to the corresponding number JiuGongTu Rock Road above the coffin, a chance to break this mí bureau. But in front of the very large quantity of carrion, but do not know how mysterious, how to break open in front of everything. JiuGongTu among dry, Hom,Poppy Collection Coach Cheap, Gen, Zhen Yang Palace is four, Sunda, from, Kun, against the genus four yīn Palace, plus a total of nine palaces in the palace, in front of black máo carrion, will be four yīn Palace being generated, white máo carrion, must be generated among the four yīn palace, the remaining ash máo carrion, can only be in the palace among. Xiao very moment there is no way but to violence, forced culling in front of carrion. Seven of these forever carrion, and perhaps on the outside is never a strong presence, but it is not vulnerable to extreme Shaw. Jiao claw waving violently between these carrion will be in pole under attack Xiao, Xiao extremely thorough in his death corpse base depth, strength suddenly broke out, as withering in general, will give all the infinite group of bombers to kill Carrion about over half an hour, the entire Rock Road carrion among all been cleaned, At the same time, those carrion body gradually converge to one, forming a forty-five carrion, carrion this forty-five unusually large, covered máo bushy hair, mouth and even issued a shrill cry of terror but at the moment, is suddenly erected around the coffin up foes coffin was opened,Jordan UK sale, which was empty. "I see." Xiao very heart of a dynamic. See this scene, Xiao pole instantly understood that forty-five carrion is among the sleeping bodies of the coffin, his simply enter the number corresponding to the coffin into carrion, so it can break this large array of . However, the strength of these carrion extremely tyrannical, and fast, one of the only mouth roaring sound, long claws waving, lunged toward Xiao pole. Perhaps an insight into the previously Xiao pole strength, which forty-five carrion ** and strength, even on pole pairs are no less than this carrion Xiao Xiao pole did not know he ** how tyrannical. A claw over the carrion body, I saw a glaring fire produced a white sè mark appears on carrion body, and broken roots of máo hair. But just so, Xiao pole attack, even carrion body are difficult to break open. And this is in no way inferior carrion Xiao pole power pole hands claws beat Xiao scales above, bared the strident voices, Xiao pole is to be tyrannical power which shares a few steps Zhentui nothing new to say To obtain day coffin, Xiao very naturally cease to remain a long time river hand in the air, coming across an ancient dragon footer short, as if ceratopsian general, slowly emerged from the river of time among the dragons this no trace of the body of the Spirit xìng, like has always die, but an unimaginable supreme majesty, but it is deterrence Quartet, shattering <

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