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> Two hundred and sixtieth chapters pig iron back iron back red red teeth tooth blade demon king pig is the general one under the seat, with the absolute weight forever eight strong strength in the entire history and a glorious World blade demon king among men are rare adversary. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm Yaozu with all the same, although this pig iron back red tooth repair is already a spiritual environment, without something to eat, but still like to eat,oakley sunglasses store, as it is now, it is with a hoof stepping on a giant tree, grazing above nuts. "Pig brother, a long time gone, you've got more and more handsome." Red in tooth pig iron back this time to eat, a small green Jiao appears in front of their own, although it is several baizhang length, but the phase than on their own, it's still only be regarded as small. But he was not found close to the Green Kau, it is inconceivable "Who are you? Laozhu I feel like I have not seen you, but you ll be very honest." Red teeth pig iron back for less than the strength of their very wary than Shaw great, but there has never been Beastkin praise their appearance, but the first one that Xiao pole, naturally red teeth pig iron back close to a lot. "Pig Brother, you are not even I forgot? Qigu I'm your aunt cousin eight concubines brother's neighbor's friend's nephew good brother ah," a large circle call, the pig iron back teeth are red around the halo, although as a spiritual environment Beastkin, this red teeth pig iron back RSCG already open, but the pigs xìng days just do not want to move the brain, pig iron back red teeth Shaw heard a series of very title, the final only the last "good brothers" in the name to remember. "It was a good brother, no wonder you know my name, I called pig fierce" red teeth pig iron back length eight baizhang, height about five baizhang. And Xiao pole but also add up the whole body length is five baizhang, naturally there is no comparable xìng. Shaw has very few rì pig staring, and know that this is not too pig brain slip, especially to find a breakthrough point, did not think of its name so there xìng. "Pig fierce daimyo I not know? I called Cang Jiao, this time to have a good deal to introduce to your brother." Pig iron back red hear Xiao pole teeth, then suddenly focused attention. Cang Jiao Do you know already is a minor, but it is understood the meaning of Xiao pole, it is a big benefit. "Old brother, so the two of us alone, iron, and there are a good thing how can we not think of my brother?" Red teeth pig iron back and Xiao pole directly on fraternizing up, and a pig called brother,oakley outlet store, Xiao very first time. "Ahem, pig brother, these rì I found near human traces ..." "What?" Hear Xiao pole, then this red teeth pig iron suddenly roared back up. "Human damn brother, you just put the human traces revealed, it is definitely a great merit a king for humans is extremely hated us, it's first a child is killed by humans so you just say the location of humanity, the king absolute not ill-treat you "to hear news of mankind, this pig angry roar up directly, but it almost sounds too and butcher. Pig iron back teeth heard the voice of Xiao red pole, did not think the blade is also mysterious demon king door disciple kill his children, it seems that this time his plan would be a lot easier to be successful. "Pig Brother do not know, this time to endure five humans mostly heavy realm, even many immortal followed throughout the strong, if not I see opportunities to escape fast, maybe to become dry pig Jiao Dude,Coach Handbags Sale, I know Yaozu, only you are the strongest, all I was looking for you to think of a way. "hear Xiao pole, then this red teeth pig iron back again a lot of pride, no way, Who pig Brother's strength is stronger than it previously has a super human being is also called the wise gentlemen do? Oh, no, called Zhuge, but gentlemen Zhuge red teeth for pig iron back all the same, anyway, it was thought. "Old brother, do not worry about this point and it was wrapped in Laozhu me, and I'll take you to see the king, and that several human again strong in front of the king is vulnerable, the recipe can make him belch fart "red teeth pig iron back full swing patted fat chest, the name of package vote road. Blade length nearly demon king little knowledge, a huge outrageous afar, as if blocking the entire sky demon king is a general Blade huge mantis, mantis, but only the extraordinary momentum, just a glimpse, would find it difficult to breathing, which was actually a host Beastkin "pig fierce Meet the King" pig iron back red tooth blade demon king has just approached the body, they shouted loudly, as if the butcher general "pig fierce, what happened to you?" Blade giant mantis head demon king turned over, it is very nerve-wracking, but Shaw, who do not have in the past, far Hou on the line here. "Qi Bing king, this is my one Damon and Pythias, called Cang Jiao this time is that it found traces of mankind, especially to report it king know." Red teeth pig iron back is not too stupid, will his relationship with Xiao said very little iron, once king cheer up, that their big advantage is there, but the pig iron back red teeth remarks, which is a blade demon king Xiao are prepared very lost heart. "You're Cang Jiao, and tell me that you found human in any place." Blade demon king is definitely has a great hatred for human discourse between the slightest excitement and anger in the tone of the blade into the demon king was the perfect embodiment. "Qi Bing King, where I do not know what can only go with the king, but the human being immortal territory no less than ten have a strong, so the king a man go, still not safe ... "Xiao explained very carefully, but to become a party to the demon king, and certainly not stupid. "Well I'll go to your nearest eight demon king, this time to kill all these guys" blade head demon king crimson circle, intended to kill brutal "Cang Jiao you go with me eight demon king, pigs fierce, you to gather more spiritual environment Yaozu, I want to catch these human "Although Xiao very mysterious door with those elders, no grudges, but since it dozens of monks are those elders protection, then no wonder him. Xiao very eyes a cold, then wrap the blade foot section of a demon king, altitude and flew toward the back of the red teeth pig iron is Pidianpidian ran out against the sky uttered a sound of rapid - kill the pig. Eight demon king is this near eight immortal demon clan territory, are the party of the king, and trained human attacks. Blade hear the demon king, eight demon king obligatory nature, directly on the promise blade demon king's request. Xiao pole under the leadership of several huge guy together towards the direction where the monk Xuan door rush. . . 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