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03.06.2013 09:19
Zheng Peilin hate to gnash one's teeth antworten

"Zheng Peilin," as Zheng Peilin helpless, she almost burst into tears, a voice from above. Zheng Peilin looked up and have a look, found that Yan Xiaokai's figure appeared again in the present, not angry her cold hum. Yan Xiaokai lounged asked: "do go back?" Heard he this tone, Zheng Peilin hate to gnash one's teeth, angry way: "don't return!" Yan small way: "OK, you sit there, but you can't blame me for not reminding you, not only have the snake in the grass, and blood-sucking leech in the water,Air Jordan Store, the surrounding hills I heard that there is a man-eating wild boar public!" Zheng Peilin is not scared, busy call way: "I back, I return!" Yan small way: "that you still don't come!" Zheng Peilin consciously wanted to stand up, but a struggle, weak legs and make her drooping down to sit on the ground, could not help but hiss scolds: "Yan Xiaokai, you bastard, if I can own up, still need to call you?" "Call my mom?" Yan Xiaokai scratching their heads, interesting question: "at that distance, my mom could hear!" "Yan xiaokai!" Zheng Peilin y ī n heavy drinking a sentence, "you take liberties with my words, to see how your mother!" Yan Xiaokai laughed, "Zheng Peilin, you want to tell me so deep drink, I can really matter to you!" Zheng Peilin: "you......" Yan small play a way: "call me brother, I go back to you!" Zheng Peilin wants to do not want to return to his sentence: "to die!" Yan way: "don't call is small, do not let me go!" Yan Xiaokai said, should also carry a hoe away. Zheng Peilin is urgent, "Yan Xiaokai, you come back to me!" Yan Xiaokai stopped, looked back and said: "you call me brother!" Zheng Peilin stubborn said: "I did not call!" Yan small way: "that you live happily!" Zheng Peilin ': "I don't call you brother, I, I didn't have a name." Yan Xiaokai: "well?" Zheng Peilin whispered: "I, I am up to say...... Thank you. Said the sound thanks, Zheng Peilin had been feeling very frustrating, because even a girl was killed first kiss, then touch the chest, also for this man to say thank you. Just to think, and think that if he did not save yourself up from the pond, perhaps he really died. So in the end, she said. Although Yan Xiaokai has good hard with her, but also not too be insatiable, because to her x ì ng lattice, can let her thank you have been very not easy say with oneself, is anxious to eat hot tofu, training of this kind of thing, one step at a time, so he threw his hoe catch a grass, go down. To her, he bent down and said: "see you later, also be not, hurry up!" Zheng Peilin was cold to hum a, really want a side kick kick him into the pond, but finally reached to him, arduous climb to her shoulders. Yan Xiaokai back to her,oakley sunglasses, and the Dian Dian, which was carrying her hard to climb. The pond slope is very steep, two people a few times are almost from the top down, Yan Xiaokai must hold the next to the grass, can not help on the back of Zheng Peilin,Jordan New School Shoes, so Zheng Peilin can only make light tightly and hold Yan Xiaokai. He felt >

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