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03.06.2013 09:14
set up a typical Mike Jeefferson style antworten

Simon Yiu Ming to look at this is not smart enough to learn bald, not Kung Fu was hung two panda eyes of middle-aged men, say with smile: "this but I am brother, I like to stand here and here." Yan Xiaokai's brother? Du Datong be rather baffling, Yan honest has a son and a daughter, defeated Yan Xiaokai where's brother? Immediately drink and asked: "who are you?" Simon Yiu Ming with the thick smell of B tone: "I am handsome tall, stately and handsome young casual and elegant bearing gold fabulous mighty invincible, in the first lonely master invulnerability stand upon one's pantofles jade face husband benevolent invincible fearless King Kong is not bad brilliant chivalrous extraordinary, from ancient to modern times have no equal in this world is so cool and handsome honest conversation elegant graceful bearing appearance match Pan Anzhisheng Kong Mingyong Liu Chao Guan Yu Qiao more than Luban the supreme holy supreme earthshaking, the first big hero hero swordsman great master, beloved hana-mi-cherry blossom see car plant, called a pear pressure Begonia, handsome dregs, captured the hearts of millions of young girls, older women in popular thousands, nicknamed the world to be equal to anything jade face small Bailong, avatar handsome and wisdom, chivalrous and Renyi combines good youth Simon Yiu ming!" Du Datong scowled: "you here with unreasonable demands, give me stand aside!" Simon Yiu Ming way: "I am not with unreasonable demands, I come to you and speak the truth!" Du Datong sneer at a way: "speak the truth? Do you want to tell me something!" Simon Yiu Ming and half received shoulder, one cap, a finger, set up a typical Mike Jeefferson style, and then suddenly bounce, a fist hit Du Datong's face, "is this!" Du Datong is a blow to the eye, pain makes him immediately covered his eyes and cried out, "ah ~ ~ ~" screaming non-stop, Simon Yiu Ming another blow over, hit his other eye. Du Datong felt a black eyes, Venus disorder risk, and man is planted in the ground screaming. Simon Yiu Ming was not a good man, so it will because he played dead my pass, raised his legs kicked to him. Then,Air Jordan SC 1 UK, with a kick, kicking, to a standard greeting disabled. Over reaction in the next voice exclaimed, when coming, Du Datong has beaten only by his life. Simon Yiu Ming can no matter who, as long as it is washed up, he will talk with each other about the truth, by nature is a local specialty here. This fellow force value, not only more than now Yan Xiaokai, ten more than its master J ng officer school, so to speak the truth in this way, people really speak but he. Du Datong bring so many people there, for a total of a total of dozens of people, but in addition to the dozens of J its ng observation,oakley outlet store, the rest of the basic is a good-for-nothing, a pillow with an embroidered case. See the mayor attack,Oakley Store, those slaves than j its ng Cha up faster, exclaimed, curses, hand, and began to help the earth Du datong. Simon Yiu Ming remember what Yan Xiaokai just said, not with their nonsense, the direct reason with them, so a, then down a. A class J ng sees its observation, finally can't again, have rushed to yell. See the j ng to observe its attack >

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