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Green snake demon king antworten

> "You, refining the body seven heavy snake!" Toad king saw Xiao pole, heart shocked to be added. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM Xiao pole just shot burst open his own tongue, the sense of matchless strength even in his own power after using supernatural powers above! A Seventh Wicked refining the body, could be so horrible! No, not seven refining the body weight, the body has to break through to refining eight heavy! Do refining the body can fight Yaesu peerless refining the body Kokonoe demon king? Think of it, toad king touches smiled. Because, it is very clear. Kokonoe refining refining the body and the body is more than eightfold increase in strength on it, as well as physical fitness, bone, endurance, defense, etc., even if very moment Shaw has a more powerful force than their own, but there is no way to beat the more bands themselves, their can still beat and kill each other! "Humph! Refining the body, but is a little Wicked Yaesu it, really think you broke refining the body can fight the demon king Kokonoe masterpiece? Death I will tell you that your idea is how ignorant, ridiculous!" toad king sneer, as the lever for the general population tongued, very straight towards Xiao shè away! Xiao pole did not dodge, but let the king toad tongue impinges on his body on top of a huge burst of sound and glaring sparkle! "You're with me now is not a small gap between the slightest, you'll hurt me and pay with their lives!" Xiao pole sneer, tail toad king illness shè will come directly tied tongues, one hundred of the giant elephant force violent eruption, the tail spine broke out unimaginable matchless power, will toad king great body, what pull, straight pole location Xiao flying. Toad king's tongue traction force was a thrill of horror, straight to their bodies are brought up, involuntarily flew Xiao polar front. Looked in the water was to shake seven halo eight prime toad king himself flying straight, Xiao mouth very ghost of a smile. That long red tail will loosen the tongue, body strength entirely focused on the tail! "Collapse King!" Xiao polar tails Pacific giant elephant head with hundreds of the force, will draw water from a harsh sound, severely hitting the toad king's body on top of the second great Shiyu Zhang body completely thrown fly out! "This, this, this ..." two hiding in the side of refining the body weight of swordfish eight generals, see Xiao pole will be an unrivaled masterpiece Wicked invincible as torn as the ball, and suddenly my heart was shocked! This completely subverts their perception! When and refining the body Yaesu Wicked Kokonoe refining the body can be a masterpiece demon king played naked? When and refining the body Yaesu Wicked able to dominate the refining body Kokonoe invincible demon king's life? If it happened in front of, not to mention two generals, any one jīng strange realm of the Wicked will not believe, because it is impossible! "What? How is this possible? There are no less than you actually completely refining the body invincible demon king Kokonoe peerless strength?" Toad Wang Xiao feeling very strength, can not believe that a re-refining body eight Wicked even in various body areas are not weaker than the real Kokonoe refining the body, or even tyrannical many! "It's impossible, I was refining the body Kokonoe peerless demon king of beasts worship! Are you a little refining body Yaesu evil, ants in general guy, how could beat me? I want to completely kill you!" Toad king at the moment, has been completely madness, regardless of their shares spilled blood of the mouth, frantically rushed Xiao pole! "Useless to you, you with me so the gap is large, however resist, can not escape the fate of being killed me!" Xiao very eyes, such as electricity, whole body strength climbing, one derived from the Swire Xiongshou smell emanating from his body, as if the real ancient invincible Xiongshou, come into the world! "Supernatural power law, blessing my body! Go to hell!" Toad Wang Meng jump into the sky, a pair of giant toad with a cracked palm sea power in general, severely beat to Xiao pole. "Everything is in vain, but if you kill a dog carcass!" Xiao very same drink soon burst, one hundred of the Pacific giant elephant broke into force from its body, as if an ancient angry beast, direct bombardment to the toad king! "Thundered Long ..." Like comet hit rì general, violent forces in two monster madness raging whole body, even around its sides are completely pulled out of the water, on the strength of terrorist bombers Josse! "Click, click ..." toad king's body broken bones do not know how many roots, a huge body seems offline kites in general, is an matchless terror Juli brought up a few miles away direct flights only Underwater falls above the ground. "Ahem ..." toad king of his mouth several pieces of offal, organs within the body are being matchless strength Xiao pole completely shattered, eyes exudes pernicious extremely light. "Jie Jie ... Ahem ... they must ... they must be happy too early, supreme supreme ... big monster would take revenge for me, will you thoroughly ..." If not finished, gold toad king's eyes had completely disappeared SG, his death on the spot. Xiao pole standing in the sea, the body stays on, even when subjected to nearly eighty Pacific toad king giant elephant force, can not make a point Xiao pole back! "Supreme big demon? Toad king would not say it is the realm of the supernatural diabolism big demon, right?" Xiao very heart doubts, look to hide in the side already sluggish swordfish generals. Xiao Qing Jian generals saw very eyes, suddenly woke up: "No ... supreme big demon? Oh, right, herring generals had said that there was a supreme supernatural demon rein in big toad king and emperor with fish , you want to dominate the entire submarine waters! "" Oh? diabolism realm of the supernatural big demon? "Xiao very secretly thinking, supernatural realm can be called a demon, supernatural realm of refining the body below just jīng strange evil only, foot a difference of one foot level. Just noticed water Hsiao very ape king and the king battle toad water ape king when the flame was very Hsiao also understand that this flame is himself unable to resist vertical,Air Jordan 3 UK, only die one way, can be thought of supernatural realm and refining Body realm much difference, even Xiao polar realm of being invincible in refining the body, it is difficult to resist the supernatural realm that the preaching of a big demon flame! "Seen supreme demon king!" Green and brown sword sword generals generals Xiao pole swim to him, and, as one, both thanks to the next! "Is what these two great Italian?" Xiao pole saw two eight heavy refining body will move to a strong, quite puzzled. "Green snake demon king, our water toad king ape battle with the king was killed, is now refining the body without the blessing of our seventh, only to be annexed several other major powers, kill." Xiao Qing Jian king see very puzzled, quickly explained. "Yes, if there is no demon king shelter, I'm afraid I'll wait to escape death. Fortunately we only change my life scared out of a matchless overlord, to kill the demon king toad peerless king, king of the water ape avenge Please also green snake demon king bless us,Oakley Squared Online, boarded invincible demon king throne! "brown sword generals also worship road. Heard two generals said, Xiao very suddenly understand. No peerless demon king blessing forces will soon be several other parties Beastkin strength annexation, as they will be this major refining the body eight senior Wicked, I am afraid will be beheaded and exhausted, one does not leave, they are also looking to their strength, know that they have absolute power to shelter them, will worship their king. "Ah, I know, rì from now on, I called - pole dragon demon king." Xiao very little thought for a moment, can not be called Xiao polar demon king, right? Better still very long, snake final form in mythology is the dragon! "Meet Supreme pole dragon demon king!" Two generals heard this exultation, suddenly bowed, nodded repeatedly. "Report of the demon king, the king ape predecessor water palace has a secret room, storage water ape king collection of treasures,Jordan 13 Shoes, non-demon king can not enter, I That brings you to go and see the demon king." Green sword generals worshiped After Xiao pole, immediately report it, you want to curry favor with the new host of the demon king, after all, in Yaozu, the strength that position! Still five p.m. also a whole more, you seek the collection, recommended, very grateful! <

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