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03.06.2013 09:09
see you this odd appearance antworten

How did Lin Weike the final result? No one to ask, because his fate is one can imagine, defiance and affray, affray, abetting illegal punishment, how also get sentenced in 34567. The fragrant garden villa, Hu Shubao and Zheng Peilin two people are living in the boring watching TV, while some desultorily chatting. Hu Supo way: "ah, you said Palin, small he took my stockings doing?" Zheng Peilin cry, "Ben Shu Bao, men to women's stockings, you can do?" Hu Shubao hung his head without a sound. Zheng Peilin asked curiously: "don't you ever seen a bed of war? Even if not seen, should also be seen feeling s è novels?" Hu Shubao's face was red whispered: "I have seen, but they are not said to the woman through? Just ask me to get small is new!" Zheng Peilin asked: "do you think he could take what?" Hu Shubao shook his head, "I don't know." Zheng Peilin paused and said: "I ask, you want him to take your stockings doing?" Hu Shubao's face is more red, his distress: "I do not want to ah, I do not want to give his, but he asked me to, I just have a new bag, I, I, i......" Zheng Peilin didn't scold a way: "he asked you to give him his, he will ask you to underwear? You give her?" Hu Shubao flush up to one's ears, speechless, good half ring just in a low, muffled voice come out a sentence,Coach Online Outlet, "you don't think I didn't see, you are not also give him? But also through the." Zheng Peilin. Are two women make when flushed,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, Yan Xiaokai three people back. Zheng Peilin asked to his face: "say, you three go?" Yan small face not red, gas is not out of the way: "nothing, just walk out!" Bi Yuntao also calm way: "to, go around the circle." Simon Yiu Ming is nodded. Zheng Peilin y ī n Yang and evil Road: "see you this odd appearance, affirmation is to do anything out of the way to go." Yan Xiaokai a surprised way: "this is you see it?" Zheng Peilin said: "hum, and you live so long, I do not know you, a tail, I will know that you are going to pull the what is what!" Yan Xiaokai washed her thumbs up. Zheng Peilin white his one eye: "little bootlick, I don't eat you a, say, our stockings?" Yan small way: "throw!" Zheng Peilin asked: "why throw?" Yan small way: "had been used, natural to throw!" Zheng Peilin is asking questions, "what place?" Yan Xiaokai looked a little hedgehog and say: "you don't want to know!" Zheng Peilin stubborn way: "I want to know!" Yan Xiaokai pretended to be helpless sighed: "well, you want to know, I will tell you......" Hu Shubao smell speech frightened,New Arrivals Coach Online, fearing that he was to tell what people have no place to put the face, way: "we don't want to know, don't want to know. Small, I'm hungry. We went to eat!" Yan Xiaokai threw a left hand car keys, ", we go to eat!" After the car Buick car business out of the fragrant garden villa, >

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