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head of the battle there are antworten

> Two hundred and eighteenth chapter deputy head of contention throughout the day reign is extremely broad, Xiao very moment of time is spent, only to find Tao Feng. wwW! qUANbeN! coM Tao Feng four are all to be a seat pavilion package, and there is a large array guardian, day reign disciples wanted boarded Tao Feng, must come down to earth walk, otherwise would certainly be seeking Dobong the large array block, not enter them. Xiao pole landed down directly toward Tao Feng rush. Feng Tao, the Tao Lu Yue was standing before the peak, guarding this tall mountain into nine cases, and Lu Yue return from supernatural five per territory, broke through the magical powers of virtuality Kokonoe pinnacle of life and death, but too dangerous territory, Without careful response, probably deranged, and instantly his death the past few years, he checked the original stun his disciples Xiao pole, I did not expect it not only is a breakthrough, is to reach the realm of supernatural Seventh death, his revenge hopeless, it is instructed to keep their indignation at this rì Tao before the peak, as long as they complete this task, you can get reward sect began elixir, after the Master's help, the impact of supernatural Seventh territory nor is not life and death possible. "Well Xiao pole, you wait, I'll prove it to you, the poor monk born of these spoiled rich kids than you even want to work hard, but also to a strong" Lu Yue was secretly vowed room, his eyes suddenly a sudden. I saw at the front, Xiao pole figure suddenly appeared "it was Lu Yue Young, long time no see." Cut out of the magic bit more easygoing tone Xiao pole, does not seem the kind of compelling momentum. "Well, what are you doing?" Lu Yue Xiao pole for the sudden appearance was very surprised, he had been asked to, and Xiao pole should enter the beginning and the firstborn among the immortals, there have been eight years, and no one thought would appear in the here. "Oh, I think boarded Tao Feng, looking under the Master." Xiao pole did not expect to encounter Lu Yue here, do not want to do with their pointless dispute, want to find elusive fairy confirm Genki position. "I was ordered but orders of the head, where the guards. Except participate deputy head of the bit contention Shishu, or can not find it on the road peak." Xiao Lu Yue did not give an excellent face sè, not prepared Xiao pole put into it. Hearing this, Xiao pole is a move in mind, then said: "Young read that right, I was deputy head of the bit to attend the fight, and I just had the strength to break the magical Kokonoe." Xiao very slight momentum a place, an atmosphere of terror will be handed pressure in the Lu Yue's heart, making it the hearts of a dying embers "This is ... how is this possible? even took the elixir daily Sike, nor can there be so fast practice speed "Lu Yue heart almost crazy, he really did not think that he did not rì not every night practicing, even still can not compare with Xiao pole" Lu Yue Young, I'll take one step ahead. "Xiao pole without Lu Yue cackle with this effort, while it distracted the moment, Xiao pole turned into a white shadow, rush toward the top of the peak demand channel. In monastic peak, at the moment a few monks are fighting tyranny, and both are supernatural Kokonoe too strong on the territory of the super peak "Han Young, assignee of" a one day reign robe handsome man, holding a two-edged paper fan,Nike Air Jordan, smiling in front of the audience who disciple said. Disciple who was defeated is Antan heard, this man arch of the hand, turned and left the high platform. "This is indeed known as Yue Changsheng closest spiritual environment of the monks, magic deep anomaly, supernatural powers is extremely adept on the supernatural powers of the monks Kokonoe within ten strokes can also share the outcome, but deputy head of contention The biggest surprise of the place. "" Words can not say, the other door were also handed out a few of the disciples, with the realm of almost invincible monks, which Yue Changsheng brothers are able to win head of the place is also unknown . "" Look, head of the pro-disciple Moon Water Fairy there is a winner. "Several elders talking about, or disciples, towards the peak seen in the direction of another. I saw a white moon in the water fairy, hands Yin Jian If You Long Wan, beautiful face encroaching Goddess Temple, Road Halo lovers, in front of one of its female xìng monks forced back again and again,jordan online cheap, no trace fight back. Until the supernatural too much on the territory of the female xìng monks forced down a stone, or has no chance to fight back. "Moon Water Fairy Xuanmen Avenue for very profound insight, the whole day reign second-generation disciple of insight on the mysterious road can be said that the first person in this sub-head battle of the war, is also the most likely candidate to win the a. "" Yes, deputy head of the battle can be said that talent, it is jīng color. "" long time no see such a powerful deputy head of the battle, the battle for as long as previous one strength of the metamorphosis of the disciples, we can say that will surely become deputy head, without the slightest suspense, but this time the deputy head of the battle there are several dark horse, that may not be a fierce competition. "Several monks talking about, look to the Tao Feng other two directions. In which a stone on top of a rugged countenance monk, covered with muscles protrudes from the robes of the sleeves rolled up, mighty. Even among the same order of monks, is also a very few can Dangxia his fists. "Brother Li Heng Sure enough force infinity, is Young lost." The monk in Dao Heng Li feijian bombers over the body in no fruit, the decisive throw in the towel, but also for other repair Shiti a reminder, this bit monk called Li Heng ** defense really unusual. Also a stone bench, a white sè shadow, like streamer general, flashing endless, opposite the monks will attack foes away, while the body if the ghosts, no monks in the opposite react when, as storm-like attack fall, will be directly opposite the monks stun "the next Los heavens, assignee of." White Shadow turned into an icy surface sè man deadpan road. This four simply pack a stone on top of the location, the monks approached the challenge was defeated foes, hardly worth it at the bottom of the supernatural enemy foes waiting to play when the monks, two humble man but was chatting up. "Zhao brothers, brother and sister division that several very imposing ah,Oakley M FRAME Sale, do not prepare brothers shot?" One a white youth, looking out across the robes trimmed in Phnom Penh valiant man, ghost of a smile. "The Young nor shot do not? Disciple more than, let them look at the four locations preemptive right." This man has been closed eyes, seemed to convalesce. "Or Zhao brothers to the thoughtful, do not know how many people were able to block the Zhao brothers within the supernatural it? '" The Young really kidding, Young one person alone, the next has no grasp of victory. "They talk about it between laughter, was actually no way to stage Suigetsu fairy, who on the eyes. . More to the address <

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