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When Yan Xiaokai and Bi Yuntao were busy digging tree head. Its ng J, Dean Fan Jian also not idle, he accompanied the Education Bureau to inspect the leadership around the campus. Towards midday,Coach Bags Store, the Secretary of education Zhang Minghui's phone rang, have a look the caller, face s è slight change, hurriedly stepped aside to answer, but when talking, he said most is "um" and "ah" "know." "I know" "I will do better". After hanging up the phone, Zhang Minghui's face is full of doubt and perplexity,Oakley Store, eyes have been built around the body. After visiting a pedestrian, have to lunch time. To the college canteen with working meal, Zhang Minghui deliberately backward a few steps, and then gave a little cry, "old fan." Fan Jian promised a sound, came to his side, "Zhang bureau." Zhang Minghui smiled and said: "old fan ah, you can hide from deep enough!" Fan Jian confused, "Zhang Bureau,Oakley Sunglasses Store, what do you say? I don't understand. Zhang Hui said: "we know time is not short, but I didn't know you are leaf the mayor's relatives!" Leaves the mayor? Ye Xiaorong? Fan Jian be rather baffling, me and her relatives? I even if no one told her! Zhang Minghui affectionately patted the shoulder Fan Jian, "old fan, you don't pretend." Fan Jian dumbfounding, heart says, I'd like to install ah, but I even pack up? Zhang Hui said: "old fan, you have a son named Fan Jue, is it right??" Fan Jian nodded, "on!" Zhang Minghui asks again: "you son just normal college graduate is?" Fan Jian nodded again. Zhang Minghui again: "waiting for work is?" Fan Jian nods again. Zhang Hui said: "this is not just leaves, the mayor personally call me, say that you are his relatives, and you are old school, old Party member, your children work on this issue, as far as possible to give care." Fan Jian this just suddenly see Zhang Minghui asked this question on that point, but he still confused, "this, this......" Zhang Hui said: "old fan ah, actually this thing, you don't have to go to the leaf mayor, we are so familiar, your son to bureau of education work, you just to say hello to me, I don't give you up?" Fan Jianzhi well a way: "I, i......" Zhang Minghui smiled again patted him on the shoulder, "next Monday, you let the fan feel ready for his personal files, to the Education Bureau to find me, I have a look what he is professional, to give him a counterpart departments." Fan Jian some exciting way: "Zhang Bureau, I really thank you!" Zhang Minghui shook his head: "old fan, you shouldn't thank me, should thank ye mayor. I followed her to work for so long, it was the first time to see her work to others!" Fan Jian nodded, forced my numerous doubts: "good, good, I have to thank, thank." Zhang Minghui smiled, "come, let's go eat!" Eaten after a meal, will be a leader away, fan set is driving home, want to tell him the good news that has a half months baby son. Only when the car on the way, his head was suddenly wake up, because until this time, he remembered that Yan Xiaokai sent him.

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