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03.06.2013 09:00
temper rose up like this antworten

The site out of the new rules, must be a registered user click to read, can count on, hope everybody can easily register a. Anyway...... Registration is free. ------------------- Simon Yiu Ming hear that came the busy tone, startled look, this just think of yourself now should,Oakley Oil Rig Sale, should not rush people roar, rushed back again. After playing several times, the phone is switched on again. A call, he hurried way: "Yan Xiaokai, you hold on, you listen to me." Yan Xiaokai's voice without a little feelings: "listen to you say can, to apologize to me." This, Simon Yiu Ming want to turn off the phone, but he dare? He dare not! This is the only life-saving straw, if missed,Coach Handbags Sale, it can only wait for death, as a warning for the future, he had to bite the bullet, way: "I'm sorry!" This attitude, obviously can not satisfy Yan Xiaokai, so he said: "be honest!" Simon Yiu Ming a spunk upwelling, facing the cuff and kick in front of the air hard, this mind intestinal: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't rush you to roar! Are you satisfied?" Yan small way: "brother to listen again!" Sorry. So required, Simon Yiu Ming finally unbearable, again shouted: "surname Yan, you have not finished, I tell you, you can't" footage. But limited my patience......" The results, one can imagine, his words haven't say that finish, the phone came the busy tone. Spent half the day after, he again only callback, only this time, the phone came a mechanical female voice: "sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off, please redial later!" This, Simon Yiu Ming soft tan tan, his temper, his temper is bigger than him. Anxious to hang around for a while, again had to call Zheng Peilin, do good words let she advised Yan Xiaokai boot. Zheng Peilin was originally didn't want to talk to him, but I heard him in the humble the phone, a little C ā O and principles are not, the heart knows he met things may not in general, the Yan small motorcade is coming back: "Hey, Simon let you boot!" Yan Xiaokai light way: "too lazy to talk to him." Zheng Peilin looked puzzled and asked: "he exactly what happened?" Yan Xiaokai deadpan way: "no matter what he encountered, it has nothing to do with me, are you full?" Zheng Peilin said: "I haven't eaten!" Yan Xiaokai didn't say: "to eat a meal, you want to eat a day?" Zheng Peilin said: "you tube!" Yan Xiaokai nodded and stood up and said: "my uncle, don't tube, I didn't attend! Mmm, go, let's go back to the dormitory landlords." Bi Yuntao was a little surprised at Yan Xiaokai, there was a girl how many days ah, temper rose up like this! "That what...... I promised to monitor adults to be with him and a blackboard, so this noon I accompany you, you or a play!" Bi Yuntao said, this is close to his ear and whispered: "dude, not I say you, the young couple, fight bed,Nike Jordan 13 Shoes, bed end and, you guys, let people how? They will not die. Women sometimes >

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