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03.06.2013 08:55
Zheng Peilin and yell antworten

Eleven thirty. Zheng Peilin's Land Rover car back. When the big bags of her carrying buy back into the hospital, was surprised to discover that Yan Xiaokai was still the Venus rosewood logs before drink with a handle. His hair was soaked with sweat, like just washed hair not clean water, sweat drops pattered down, clothes were soaked, cheap T-shirt two dots partly hidden and partly visible. Go look on his face, Zheng Peilin is not surprised, because he has pant like a bull, his face pale,oakley eyeglasses sale, quickly threw the bag up, pulling off his way: "what are you doing? Don't want?" Yan Xiaokai kept gasping, "no, no, I will exercise!" Zheng Peilin said: "have you so hard activities, give me back to the house quickly." Yan Xiaokai nodded, but he did not have the strength to practice. After two people into the house, Zheng Peilin got into the kitchen things, Yan Xiaokai also followed to go in. Zheng Peilin turned around and asked: "what are you doing?" Yan small way: "have a look what I can do for you." "There is nothing you could do!" Said Zheng Peilin, picked up a big paper bag and threw him out: "body smelly, smoke dead, to take a shower!" Yan Xiaokai opened the bag have a look, found that there are two sets of new clothes, brand vaguely familiar, have a look carefully, this is not the Bi Yuntao have the Spring Festival to show new clothes brand left what slave? Yan Xiaokai was a little surprised to ask: "is this for me?" Zheng Peilin didn't say: "you see this clothes like I can wear?" Yan Xiaokai scratching their heads and embarrassed to say: "this...... How to face?" Zheng Peilin immediately grabbed the bag, up at the trash can,Outlet Oakley Active, again: "hypocritical a try?" Yan Xiaokai was startled, the woman that the wind is the rain, he was pretending to be polite to him, she still seriously? I grabbed the bag, out of the kitchen. Zheng Peilin in the back shouted: "to sit down and rest before I go to take a shower!" Yan Xiaokai looked puzzled and asked: "why?" Zheng Peilin and yell, "you have no brains? Just take a shower are likely to catch a cold sweat on this common sense do not know?" Yan small happy heat call up, because that woman's tone though ugly, but it is not difficult to see that she is really concerned about you,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, so don't be mouth, a walk to the hall sat down on the sofa, after looking at the news for a while, this just took clothes to go to the bathroom. The bath and take their clothes are washed out, to find that Zheng Peilin has already made a table vegetables, sitting there waiting for you! Already he is hungry, immediately sit down, pick up the chopsticks to eat. Zheng Peilin is brushing a hand, "it" with his chopsticks chopsticks rack, "wait a minute, before eating, I have something to say to you." Yan Xiaokai had no choice but to lay down the chopsticks, "Miss Zheng, please!" Zheng Peilin stooped down and did not speak, just picked up a plastic bag from under the table, put it on the table to the front of Yan Xiaokai. Open the Yan Xiaokai looked puzzled, not scared, because there are two large stacks of pink s è big ticket thick, bundles of feet have twenty >

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