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03.06.2013 08:42
Sharp claws and fangs antworten

> "Turtle god I looked, Bling Trinidad Dragon swim! Tortoise Lord I a mouth, Rays lofty heaven and earth tremble! Tortoise Lord I waved, beautiful naked any time I look!" Genki called astonishing speed, the same tide amulet of life and death, had to have supernatural powers Genki Seven forces, repair and Xiao very pretty. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM but so far still have not seen very Hsiao Genki shot, when asked to Genki, and even its own forces are not clear now. Xiongshou middle distance outside world very far enough to have thousands of miles. Today in Genki speed, also spent nearly eight hour was rushed. Xiongshou middle world environment is harsh, fog inherent aura very much,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, but what is more violent, intense! However, in this environment, the growth of the plant more than periphery. The plants here are very tall,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, very even seen rows Xiao hundreds of feet of grass, far better than Shaw's body but also very tall. Various high Baizhang endless trees, apparently to avoid being among herbivorous Xiongshou to a biological devoured. These plants are extremely tenacious vitality of the generation, than the perimeter of the plant world Xiongshou even tough lot. Xiongshou World Middle supernatural creatures minimum is five heavy guy, I believe that if it can rule the entire Xiao Xiongshou very middle, bring out Xiongshou world after all Beastkin Kyushu earth enough to have a certain impact. Supernatural realm monks fairly common in humans, after all, human enlightenment xìng best, and to make and most likely supernatural creatures, known as the God blessing is not without reason. But relatively speaking, Beastkin is more difficult. Want an ordinary creature opening Euro RSCG, is extremely difficult in this respect, non-odd big chance those who can not. Be Wicked, the realm of refining the body but also through nine, achievement party demon king, could truly step into supernatural realm. Xiongshou same realm is more and more common Beastkin kill order, and among Xiongshou enough to kill the king of beasts among Beastkin animal! If this Xiongshou Xiao pole to dominate the middle, then the entire Beastkin enough to cause a big impact. And if in an attack Beastkin family, I am afraid you can make disciples of their race among the supernatural foes killed, making this family lacks the strength, potential all cut off. Of course, this requires careful planning, after all, a spiritual environment strong enough to worth thousands of supernatural powers exist. Xiao pole to do now is all Xiongshou racial domination, although its cultivation is not high, but he has all the evil beasts are incomparable advantage, that is wisdom. King of beasts own identity is sufficient to ensure that they will not become public enemy Xiongshou world, you can easily integrate into the world, far more than the evil beasts in their own wisdom, rein Xiongshou whole world is not impossible. Completed under certain rules in certain target, which is extremely Xiao plan. He is now rein Xiongshou periphery, and even inside the middle Xiongshou will not care. When our own strength is sufficient, and then swept Xiongshou middle, and inner core region Xiongshou as Xiongshou not notice him, this is no biological difference between intelligence and wisdom. As long as no threat to their own interests, these guys would not be without wisdom Xiao-pole shot, because they are simply will not understand what you are doing extremely Shaw. Xiao ride in extreme thinking in Genki shells over time, a tyrannical concept of God swept over. Xiao pole just moments, they perceive it. This is one of the strong Xiongshou middle of the top, kill their sable king. Above its site, Xiao simply can not escape each other very concept of God. Supernatural creatures once they reach eight heavy swallow days of the environment, their concept of God will be skyrocketing, Humphreys has a tendency to swallow days, tyrannical incomparable. Sable Wang although not wisdom, but did not interfere with their concept of God's cast shè. Although found Xiao pole, but the king can not be directly applied Sable concept of God to attack. But Xiao pole also know that according to the speed of the king Sable, arrived here simply would not take long. Xiao extremely goal now obviously, kill and devour more supernatural eight heavy Xiongshou. At the time of killing centipede Xiongshou Xiao very learned one million days they began Reiki goods, as long as Xiao pole and then struck the same realm of seven evil beasts, then relying on knowledge of several ten million days domestic product began to be able to push their own life and the power of supernatural realm Yaesu swallow days. "Rub, I felt a powerful concept of God has always been shrouded in us, no matter how I ran all the same, I do not know what the guy spotted turtle is God to me, is very unlucky." Genki shook his head, mouth curse Lie Lie road. "Really fancy you, you see, is the Lord has come." Xiao pole in front of the tyrannical felt that the source of the idea of ​​God, the king had the speed according to Sable also need some time to catch up, but Genki and Sable did not feel the breath of the king, the king happened to dare to come with the sable directions meet, and was soon met each other. "Giggle giggle -" came the voice of a series of short, this is not beauty in smiles tenderly, but Sable king Nuxiao voice. Sable Wang Yan Zi whole body, the body enough to have eighty five feet tall, once up and running, it will turn into a virtual shadow, fast and extremely. Sharp claws and fangs flashing coldness, an atmosphere of terror completely extroverted, I am afraid that even now has eight heavy peak Xiongshou supernatural, but also in Sable king trembled under the powerful momentum, did not play strength. Atmosphere of terror Hsiao very direct pressure on the heart and Genki, converging the two characters - surrender! This is the king of beasts peculiar momentum, suppress all evil beasts! But obviously, Xiao pole and Genki not be affected material. "Yaya you a Pei Pei, also want the turtle god surrender, Soke you this whole body looks, but also with?" Genki mouth Diao do not know where did you get the branches, sāo packet channel. Sable Wang although not wisdom, but it does not mean it does not come out to listen to the tone of Genki. Sè covered with purple hairs stood stud, exposing sharp fangs,jordan online cheap, extremely hideous! "Giggle -" a shrill roar of sound, sable king limbs force, and jump straight into the sky. Foot of the earth to be a powerful force directly shattered, broken Hoi Road, deep hole, spreading to the very far in the direction. "Cut, how could you climb with the same speed as you can catch the turtle god on me, I might as well had been drowned in saliva." Genki chunky turtle foot one step, and instantly he crossed the little knowledge is far away, staggered Sable king stature. It is so bold as to speak also on Sable body has relied on the king, perhaps recklessly Genki not Sable king opponent, but a single word of escape, sable king but not with the Genki this gifted guy compared. Genki sāo package shook head, facing Akira brain behind Sable king said: "Do not think that will give you some brilliant fireworks, give you flood inundation, tell you the truth, as long as sāo package, immediately is finished." Genki mouth spit out a slender twigs, mouth proudly said. Turtle in the Xiao Xuan but felt very magic fluctuations, was about to remind Genki, but found that if the earth turning to mud in general, instantly Genki short legs tightly hoop, did not move. It really is: as long as sāo package, immediately finished. <

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