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03.06.2013 08:41
or is a powerful presence antworten

Update: 22--4 "now I magic ape three fully extend the changes, even if it is not used in the field of power, enough to face the blade emperor strong, and once all my strength all out, I can barely sword and your strong a war?" While rapid blinking, secretly peak mind thinking, for their own strength to have a more clear positioning. Only those tough to peak metamorphosis killer, is a fatal weakness. The five line Shentuo bead defense force strong, just need a massive five series power supply, the peak can only support more than ten seconds. The field is also a time limit, as far as the devil ape three changes,Jordan 5 Shoes, can make the peak strength of qualitative growth, but also has a great limitation. But, even so, the peak to explode, strength is also very amazing, in blade emperor strong the ranks, enough prideful! But, once the five power peak in vivo to blade emperor level,Oakley Monster Dog Online, his strength is will once again have a terrible growth, even against the sword of honour the strong are not impossible. The peak at the moment only weak some is the soul force, although and general blade emperor strong comparable, but the recovery is requires a lot of time, can only choose the passive defense. "Ho ho ho" feeling behind a sharp energy once again approaching, four head of ice and snow bear is simply to frightened, they had the strongest blow proud, didn't hurt each other, just slightly caused some trouble. Such terrible things, how can they not surprised? Of course, they now is no time to think about it, and his head was full of how to get rid of the trouble of peak. "Roar" suddenly, leading the ice bears a growl, seemed to be saying something, and the remaining three snow bear is one Leng first, then neat roaring sound, seem to agree. But after obtaining the approval, the four head ice bear eyes suddenly gleam one silk crafty ray of light. "Whew! Xu! Xu! Xu!" Four ice bear in this decision, he began Qi Qi will be the body's own water psychic force out of the body, so that the rampage, used to accelerate, even the soul force, also be cast out, and not against to the peak, but to accelerate its speed. Sure enough, in this way, they gradually and peak distance, toward the front on a snow mountain ran, there seemed to have their escape peak way, or is a powerful presence, enough to push back the peak. Peak to see them doing so, is also one Leng, immediately eyes flashed a resolute, five psychic suddenly within the body of a concussion, also began to rage up, used to accelerate,Coach Poppy Collection Clearance, Campbell and four ice bear similar speed, and bite each other, not easily let go. Although the peak known each other desperately to go to the mountains, necessarily have to rely on, but now he is be in high and vigorous spirits, faint with a touch of pride emotions breeding. "Hum! Psychic perception I so powerful, in front of the mountain looks somewhat different, but not too tough to work properly dint motion, is obviously not the sword emperor level fierce beast, want to flee to avoid me? I'd like to see.

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