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03.06.2013 08:39
summon the power of continuous antworten

> "What? You actually killed the son?!" Heard two other Dragon monster pole Xiao said, are the heart was shocked, then turning to rage! Because they know, if not extremely son Xiao revenge killing, even back to the Sea Dragon, the only mortal, there is no trace to stay alive! Just two days coffin was a Dragon monster ghost quell, sometimes not break open, the other is the emperor grips with the cold, but can not spare empty, the only remaining one is also very hit Shaw into pieces! Creepy millennium habitat forever, once hurt, will swarm around the world of Reiki,Outlet Coach Bags, crazy repair suffered trauma! And now, although there are very Hsiao throughout the force forever,Air Jordan 7, but not forever border gas transport, it was impossible to really kill a presence throughout forever! "Cold God, I am not endure throughout Millennium Creepy, no air transport plus body, can not completely kill the Sea Dragon strong. Www! QUaNBEN! COM I block another one for you, Dragon, you come to sell, directly kill only half-dead sea dragon Creepy. "Xiao very concept of God is poured into the cold knowledge of God into the sea in order to communicate the concept of God, the body is leap into the sky, toward the cold war another Dragon Emperor attack go to. Heaven catholic, although Shaw has not weaker than the strength of a very real endureth throughout Millennium Creepy, but not reach their own practice, so do not lower the air transport world, gave Xiao pole. No air transport, however, also kill a guard with gas transported throughout the body forever exist, because most will think of the cold Xiao Di. Cold Emperor Wen Crescent This is a condensate, the body wire without hesitation, gave its grips Dragon monster, towards the meat was Xiao was very dashing hit another monster flew Jun sword hands purple lightning storm channeling, Razer dance,Coach Sunglasses Sale, tyrannical matchless. "Qin Lan, I do not know what you intended, why should help me, but you say you are not forever territory Yaozu, is ridiculous." Emperor tone icy cold, the sound is extremely appealing. "I am not Qin Lan, in fact, I named Xiao pole. Had suffered a shark in the sea I attack you one refers to the rescue, the next grateful that this helping hand extended, is entirely in order to repay when rì saving grace." Xiao pole lie, in fact, if he had not rolled in Bagua map, their participation will not matter how far escaped long ago I do not know. Emperor Wen of this cold, then remember when rì are two Sea Dragon kill the snake when they encounter the piece, but That hundred years, powerless piece for a snake to grow no less than thousands of years old strange monster? It is really hard to believe. But now there is no time to think about this time, the cold hand Wojian Emperor, covered tightly Aura Guardian live slim figure, elegant white, into a white light, that nearly half dead sea Cuanxiang Dragon. Dragon Emperor with the cold war saw the beast to avoid cold emperor himself, suddenly Puhou loudly: "Cold Dili, where to run!" Tail with extremely violent force, as if to punch through undersea three lofty, Hong Xiang cold Emperor . "Boom -" huge sound came direct impact of terror shook the sea near stop, force large enough to imagine. But it is extremely Xiao Jiao lifted a paw, directly blocking the Dragon monster attacks! "Qin Lan! Evil act, dare betray me Extreme Dragon family, I want you now to grab **, accept the sanctions!" Baizhang dragon footer Puhou cry, covered riots sky spiritual power, preventing the water riots, Reiki Kuangyong, with all the power of tearing bombardment to Xiao pole. Another headed dragon monster, at the moment it broke free days coffin of repression, headed toward the cold emperor. "Cold Emperor, you were to kill my spirit throughout the existence of the Dragon clan, not afraid of the anger of our ancestors come!" Headed dragon beast roar heard, the body was about to Hong Xiang cold Emperor! "Box -" a day baizhang coffin again above the sea, severely impact the sea dragon Dragon baizhang footer on top of its body boom straight back again and again! Just at this moment, the cold hands of Purple Emperor Jun lightning sword filled, as called out at the end rì Thunder enough to have baizhang thick, wrapped in purple Jun Jian body above Zhipi not yet recovered from the half-dead Dragon monster! "Bang bang bang -" huge thunder lightning, straight bombers into the boundless deep within, or even straight into the sea, from the sea-floor are blasted round after round of cracks, the forces of terror once again spewing out of the sea with a little knowledge is a straight high! Dragon monster's body being in stock and thunder under completely devoid order to fly, completely disappear! "Cold Emperor, Qin Lan! Ye are seeking death! Thorough court death!" Sea Dragon eyes blood red headed straight yù crack out! Come up with a red dragon fin sè immortality, straight into the mouth. At the same time, the other one is also extremely Dragon beast and Xiao war to a. Xiao pole and another Dragon with the beast is baizhang tall, flesh crashing in together, without the slightest hesitation fear! Powerful sound dull sound came again and again, surrounded by the aura upsets a mess! Both days the coffin, or the power of the kingdom, are extremely mana. If the body itself is extremely Xiao thirty-six variability of blood cells, always spewing out a lot of energy, Xiao extreme degree abroad can hardly summon the power of continuous and day coffin! Nevertheless, Shaw also did a very physical strength should not be underestimated! Directly with the Dragon family tyrannical constitution collision in together, without the slightest retreat weak, faint or even suppressed the other Dragon beast stature! Kau but Dragon is the real potential of the animal, while Xiao pole, it is sacred dragon's blood! Although it calls Kau footer forever but entering the territory, but did not weaker than those I do not know how many years of practicing environmental Creepy forever, and this is sacred blood of terror! Xiao pole grips with another monster Dragon Emperor obviously also at war with the cold spiritual power is exhausted, when dealing with extremely Shaw could not summon a supernatural aura attack. Therefore, it is slowly being extremely suppressed Xiao, defeat is but a matter of sooner or later. Just at this time, led by a Dragon monster momentum suddenly rose, I gradually became covered with cold emperor Xiao power pole, covered with incomparable atmosphere of terror, as if a monster Xiongmo completely revived general! "You all go to hell! I've dose Duopo refining the soul of Dan, will exceed the number of short-term power levels, and you dare to kill my family members, especially Qin Lan you actually kill our son, gave me Go to hell! "Dragon headed monster at the moment the state has fallen into madness, covered with muscles surge, like thick blood vessels QiuZhi thick python in general, since physical violence, the look of terror incomparable! Cold at the moment is close to the Emperor Hsiao-pole, in the hands of the sword purple lightning storm Jun channeling, split the sea Duanlang general, Zhan Xiang Xiao pole grips with the Dragon monster! Obviously, cold emperor already seen, this is only the first millennium alone a sea dragon Creepy kill, together with Xiao pole, then led a centralized beheaded Dragon monster! (New week, seeking recommendations, seeking collection, seeking a reward!) <

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