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03.06.2013 08:31
walk in the void in the middle antworten

The sunny weather in June, now, it is very clear, cloudless. Cold star city castellan mansion, peak a outfit, close the eye and sit cross-legged, do not stop eating five world power mass, five psychic majestic stop a moment to be swallowed into his body, then the five lines of Shentuo bead little absorption. In, started brewing up five wins bead again. Though the peak has no need for understanding five wins bead,air jordan sale, but five wins bead is after the Kniss Laky family rise the most favorable weapons, it is natural to some hoarding a lot. "Karaok....." wisps of almost five lines contain substantial madly surging, is the peak absorption into the body, the peak is like a black hole, stop eating five psychic powers, there seemed to be no end to the general. This state continued, a radius of twenty meters area, every five line power flow and change, are shining in the peak of the heart, the peak with closed eyes and sit, as laosengruding, not to turn a hair. The wind elegant, fire rage, thunder sharp, soil water thick, soft cotton, it seems many secret five series power contains in which, just is ambiguous, so that the peak can not see clearly the essence of who they are. Although many secrets of peak to realize five power, but after all is five wins beads taking, understanding is not deep enough, now he wants to do is realize five psychic profound. Feeling five psychic powers, especially to profound sentiment, although the peak psychic perception, extremely powerful, but it is not a short duration of time. Suddenly, the peak stood up, holding a sword, thick soil, face a clear smile. "Wind of Hylocereus undatus!" "Call!" Peak right arm suddenly thrown, thick soil sword immediately hand is like a cut like pale green s è Guanghua, suddenly in front of a blossoming flowers bloom, very beautiful, but power is equally alarming, a sharp breath for cutting things about it. "Fire burst!" "Rumble....." thick Turkish sword again come, is a great roar of sound, like a raging fire, burning the wilderness, suddenly jumped up the fire spirit halo rings, reflection peak like fire in the general authority and powerful gods. "Thunder kill!" "Whew!" Suddenly, I saw the thick soil sword sword suddenly a turn, turn into a sharp thunder general lighting, walk in the void in the middle, with a dignified overbearing scent,Coach Bags Sale, and kill. "The thick soil!" "Peng!" A moment later, thick soil sword peak again changed hands, every gesture and motions become stable as a mountain, sending out a massiness and breath,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK, and the thick soil sword complement each other, power multiplication, which looks very fierce extraordinary. "Water for!" Thick soil sword peak once again changed hands, like turned off the reel waves in general, never stop flapping, contains a stretch of permanent. After a long time, it only moves in a peak again, calm mountain foot above the surface of the water, no sad face, no joy. "Well, these days every R ì penance, for five psychic sentiment also make a spurt of progress in progress, I have a >

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