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03.06.2013 08:25
arrows in the outbreak of the moment antworten

[text]------------ "blood dragon shattered sword!" Suddenly, Lavoisier field bursts up a dazzling J ī ng mount, seem to is a weird like snake sword, the countless blood dragon ghost come out, in which blood dragon virtual shadows was born out of a peerless sword, sword body such as dragon and snake - like walking, body such as fire, Lavoisier was in his hands, a broken air, suddenly a terrible and horrible track is to the international, more terrible is, the blood dragon ghost in this row, all integrated into the dashed all like a sword. Then, this sword is like snake walk, suddenly swept to Dahdaleh. Lapis s è energy in the flooded the area, seems to be a powder, is that blood dragon shattered sword suddenly lit, came the explosion opened,Oakley For Cheap, exudes a GOLDION like energy, also straight to Dahdaleh. Lavoisier at this moment, display he make the strongest blow to invincible strong as a saint, is the general violence, terror. Moreover, he was well prepared, is Dahdaleh in the body hidden in the field of seed, directly in the fault in locked Dahdaleh in great shape, which even have no chance to escape, is wrapped in. If not because of their own strength is limited, can only play a sanctuary high order peak strength, Lavoisier this sword power can just jumped more than doubled. Can the Rao is such, is enough to make the world s è. Moreover, there are areas of the horror buffs, Lavoisier this trick was horrific. "Endless sky bow, arrows to fall r! Broken!" At this moment, the sound of a sad voice suddenly reverberated in the field, and Brett's figure is revealed,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK, he now wore a like linen general mottle cloak, mantle flow with an ancient atmosphere, it seems extraordinary. Of course,Purses Coach Outlet, the most noteworthy is his hands, the hands of Brett now has a bronze s è big arch, the big bow around an extremely ferocious ferocious beast, apparently, is he in the endless sky bow. No two polar Tiangong, each has a head, the two weird open one's bloody mouth, tusks protruding, bit string. In this bowstring, now a arrows have been pulled to the full moon day. The arrows above, contains a bubble even breath, seemed to be the sun in the sky is sh è fall in general. Chi! The arrows in the atmosphere is most intense when, suddenly burst sh è out, emitting a bright bright light, the arrows point, even there are strong R ì patterns fall. At the top of inches, R ì Shenjian glory, completely broke! Don't stop handling terrorist atmosphere, seems to be the whole world all the general. And this fall R ì arrows in the outbreak of the moment, the arrows point is firmly locked said, don't give him a chance to escape. "Powder y ù God needle!" At the same time, slender that some y ī n soft voice sounded, figure appeared in the Lavoisier field, his pink s è robes suddenly sends out a share of Y ù looking >

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