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a martial art within antworten

> Xiao very dark moment in mysterious channel, an extremely mysterious will of shares into Xiao pole soul, you want to be imposed shackles. Tyrannical concept of God grind move under direct these shares will utter destruction! "Huh? What is this place?" Xiao pole minds, suddenly sounded a voice. "Hao? Are you awake?" Xiao heard this sound very familiar voice, suddenly my heart a move. "Haha, yes, I had advanced to the product of the spacecraft. Hey, you have a lot to enhance the strength, even already have such a power, it seems that this time there were many things ah." Hao smiled. Xiao pole put all his experience, with the will to directly tell a ho. "Turned out to be true, it really is a supernatural gift of your rules of debris resulting from, but your days coffin and who Genki I'd find time to experience." Xiao Hao digested very poured will, explained. "Summons evil beasts, but with the ability to open space for the mysterious magic, break open Xiongshou world and the world of Kyushu barrier to one hundred people in the xìng life as a sacrifice to be able to successfully summon you just break the shackles of that idea, but blessing in your soul among Ban Act, making the person you call must obey the commands, but you broke after the fall do not worry, once Summoned rì full seven days, you will be world rules, again World Xiongshou back into, but generally finished Xiongshou humans call after Xiongshou will kill or completely enslaved, so it is difficult to summon back Xiongshou Xiongshou basic world of. "" You God has not weaker meta Seventh supernatural death throughout the monks, so will be able to burst the shackles somewhere, but in Kyushu World among many strong. if not careful, it is likely to lose xìng life, although I now break into the spacecraft in goods, but also difficult to protect you thoroughly, after all, the human world is full of talents, but Beastkin practice more than ten times the speed. "Xiao Hao warned some very human world But the world is more dangerous than the evil beasts more. Xiao pole should be a cry, a sudden flash of white light in front, eyes suddenly changed. An extremely strong aura of shares,Oakley Sport Sunglasses, in the surrounding space being released into the atmosphere enlivened. A breath between, there is a lot of Reiki is swallowed belly into jīng pure magic. Kyushu in the world of Reiki is so strong, even compared with the boundless sea, but also dense several times, no wonder the human being talented, practicing much faster than Beastkin. Xiao very heart secretly thinking toward afar. I saw a few hundred feet of the towers, under the command of an old man, exudes a mysterious extremely light. Towers revolves in the air, suddenly turning up, trying to shift the body has six feet sucked huge black bear which direct repression! "Hey, that was a Dao?" Hao see here, alarmed aloud. "Dao?" For the magic order goods, Xiao pole only know the law-order one kind. "Yes, Tao is beyond the instruments of magic. Adder adder is divided into low-grade, medium-grade instruments, grade instruments and France rank treasure. Dao Dao also has low-grade, medium-grade Dao, Dao grade and Tao-order treasure! Even a low-grade Dao, the power nor the law-order treasure can be compared, a difference of a whole other order, even greater than the difference between heaven and earth. Dao but only really strong to be able to refine Lingjing to come out, extremely powerful. "heard Hao said, Xiao came very suddenly interested. "Strong spiritual environment, whether that is more than supernatural realm of the strong?" Hao heard this in mind Xiao extremely replied: "Yes, that is beyond the supernatural spirit throughout the territory of the realm. Kokonoe too much on the supernatural powers once the breakthrough of the environment, it will into the realm of spiritual environment. "" spiritual environment of strong, fully cāo control among the world's aura, and in the body, resulting in a spirit awakened the spirit was awakened resonate directly with the world, summoning a lot of spiritual power over the body blessing , making himself one by one and has broken landslide sea, take photo star power. "" Eighteen heavy spiritual environment, the former Nine is also known as forever territory, territory after Kokonoe is immortal legend if it reaches the peak of spiritual environment, do not the highest level of habitat destruction, you can life and days together, ready to sway force when some loss of spiritual power, the world will instantly between the aura of magic fill their vacancies, equivalent to have inexhaustible source of magic, you can arbitrary sway. "" eternal forever, forever once into the realm of human life will grow millennium, Beastkin will increase wanzai life element. entered the territory of the strong forever blessed by heaven and earth, there are thousands of air transport plus body, hardly death unless there is a high gas transported through its calculation of the strong, or the line of Guards things, otherwise difficult to have killed themselves in Ecuador, while a martial art as long as there is a strong environmental budding forever , there are thousands of opportunities to flourish, so endureth throughout the strong also known as the Millennium Creepy human being is called eternal outstanding personality. "" eternal forever and forever immortal. immortal human environment, growth in years to life again, Yao Zu is one hundred thousand years. immortal but there is strong throughout the years air transport plus body, as long as there is a martial art within the territory of the strong immortal, then this will become a martial art top of much of the force, Megatron party, of course, is extremely difficult to break through the border immortal, no big chance air transport, there is no hope, but you but sacred dragon blood, still have a great opportunity. " Xiao Hao is very explains a lot, then let Xiao suddenly very learned more practice road. While saying so much, but exchange of ideas very quickly, but spent a fillip moment Bale. At the moment, the old man outside after the suppression of the black bear Xiongshou,Outlet Oakley Sport, not breathing. The number of road huge figure, it violent shocks of the past. "Worthy is Dao. Might really extraordinary, even life and life will be a fierce beast are suppressed, but to channel Xuanzhen your mana, this road is only pushed for once? Giggle giggle, watching how people resist this road Xuanzhen The remaining four Xiongshou it? "black woman Meiyanrusi, white Oubi gently pendulum, three huge enough to have fifty Wuzhang Xiongshou, then in the direction towards the road Xuanzhen, horizontal fury. "Huh?" Black woman found a large array of stand among the Xiao pole, alarmed aloud. "How would a smaller Xiongshou? Could it be a sacrifice summon enough strength summon a weak guy?" Side of the day Kui, see the event has been scheduled,Coach Satchels Online, suddenly assured: "The junior sister apprentice, the semi-finished products do not ignore it , there are three Xiongshou already enough for us to kill the mysterious sect month, did not think Master has given so much power streamer mirror, but consumes five hundred men xìng life, will be able to summon powerful Chu Zhedeng Xiongshou, it would not dominate the World mysticism refers rì could wait? "day Kui looked down on the side of a large array of hundreds of woman's body, did not care, facing the black woman ingratiating smile. <

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